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This site invites you to make your own journeys into the light of understanding. I will share with you information that has come to me through what I call ‘attunements’ or journeys. An attunement is a conscious connection with the True Nature and, through that, to other energies and entities. Much as one would tune a radio to the required station, one attunes one’s consciousness to any part of life. The activity results in an inner journey, unrestricted by time or space. Janu is the name given for an interface between my human consciousness and my “higher self” or True Nature, and was created by my True Nature.

In the course of my journeys, I have come to call this awareness of the Larger Life and the totality of beingness ‘awakening.’ This is a process and unique to everyone; however, there are elements similar for all of us. Awakening-a series, Awakening II – Associations and Collaborations,and Awakening into the Larger Life are recent collections of these attunements that have assisted me in understanding what awakening is, what its elements are, and how to go about living it every day. Most recent posts will have to do with this concept.

This presentation should be seen as an invitation for the reader to take his/her own journey. Do not take this as the only Truth; attune to the subject at hand and take your very own journey to discover your Truth. Only in this way can we all grow and awaken to the fullness of our potential.



New Journeys are my most recent attunements, posted every day or so, as inspiration to readers.


GaiaPersonal Attunements are attunements done in response to questions presented by individuals, dealing with their own personal lives. It is hoped that these may be of use to others. The reader is always advised to refer all health concerns to a licensed healthcare provider.


Awakening to Larger Life

Awakening to the Larger Life links to journeys occurring within a particular month that all related to the concept that we are more than just the human body which we are currently experiencing. It also links to journeys about the nature of the Flow of Life.


Heart in water


Peace and Awakening are all attunements having to do with the idea of True Peace and what that means. Current events frequently come up in my journeys, and those dealing with War and Peace are linked to this page.


Golden AumJourneys in Consciousness deal with awakening the consciousness to the Truth of Life. These have included explorations of coming Earth changes, a New Paradigm for approaching life, Love, Peace, the destiny of humanity, developing the Light Body, understanding your True Being, and other aspects of enlightenment. A number of pages also link from this page, providing information on the process, benefits, and nature of awakening to all that you are.


Cat's Eye Nebula

Journeys “out of this world” involve contact with entities or concepts beyond this physical planet. These may be current, as part of the planet’s legacy, or dealing with understanding Earth and the Solar System as a whole, and includes what might be called extraterrestrials and their craft. Note that Crop Circles have their own page.


Sunset with halo

Journeys Through Time recognize that time is a limited concept and that, on some levels, there is no time. It is still useful to consider some journeys within the context of our current time; these deal with civilizations that existed on planet Earth long before our recorded history, as well as with our civilization as it may become.


stream in the woods

Miscellaneous Journeys permits the reader access to groupings of journeys that do not fit neatly into a particular category, or deal with more general topics of interest, core ideals, if you will. Others have to do with service or health issues.


Milk Hill Crop Circle

Crop Circles should be seen as a portal or key to journey into or through in order to engage the multi-dimensional reality and gain the understanding represented, moving from seeing these glyphs as exact representations of meaning to the more intimate and personal relationship of consciousness journeying.



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