2001 Circle at Milk Hill and the Hall of Records

milk hill 2001

Photograph by Andrew Burgess

This journey was taken shortly after this crop circle appeared. We weren’t on the web until now, but thought it might be of interest to others.

JANU:   We are looking into the Hall of Records that has portrayed the emergence of mankind into an epoch of understanding and command of the forces of nature creating, then, a dialogue with that which is to come. This archive of knowing speaks to, or addresses, that which pertains to a construct of life called “human destiny.”  What we see in store for humanity, based on these findings, includes the national struggles now in force culminating in a destiny of nations that will resemble the architecture as described by the Milk Hill crop circle of recent exposure.

The Hall of Records will be opened, and is opening, on the date specified by the seer Edgar Cayce. This Milk Hill crop circle links the prophecy to the action and brings understanding to the destinies described in that archive. The three layers or archives are arranged in such a manner as to bring about the progression of the Order of Saints as envisioned by Melchizedek. This will culminate in a grand finale of sorts for the current conflagration that befalls the Earth in this human struggle for identity and purpose. This will be swept away in the times to come, for clarity of purpose will overwhelm petty struggles and they will be seen as of no profit to the hearts of those so awakened. This will bring about an order of life for your world that will speak well of its movement towards the organizations of other worlds. Momentous times, dear one, that deserve attention and careful thought and insight.

October 15, 2001 A                                                Copyright © 2014 by Joshua Ross