T-173: The natural human


copyright © Colin Andrews 1995

This is one of the more recent journeys taken with Crop Circle diagrams created by Colin Andrews. For complete work to date, see Crop Circle page.

JANU:    The cardinal points of life are symbolized here and the center of this reality is displayed by the center circle.  This symbolism to be taken individually, although its counterpart is in all of nature, but the journey of importance at this time is your identity and reality as a natural being, relating to life and all of its manifestations. The human being walks the Earth as does the incarnate being, and through this glyph, if you will, your experience becomes one with the Earth and all of nature. The circular segments are your windows, configurations to touch nature, to reach out. The spaces between them, from nature’s perspective, are the windows into your reality, your consciousness, your being.

So, nature perceives you as a universal being sharing life through co-existent journeys. In this way, you are the Earth and the Earth is you. Nature is you. It is a good time to know each other. That is the purpose of this glyph: co-existing paths through life by way of its nature. The natural human expresses the natural you. And through this intimacy, one understands and experiences that the life around them is in no way a separate reality. This is the path of return, our brother, to cosmic consciousness, universal being, and unlimited life.

A worthy addition to this series, imaged and created by those who are growing as well. Many of these depictions of the human journey are not just the future, our brother, but a revelation of the path traveled yet not understood. These are great opportunities to enhance awakening and realize the human journey. Awakening through interaction with and contribution to all of life. You are what you explore, our brother, and it is you. Open further to the truth of this.

Feb. 12, 2013                                          Copyright © 2013 by Joshua Ross