A codex showing common origins with other species

DNA crop circle

Sparsholt, Hampshire
Aug. 15, 2002
photograph by Steve Alexander

Another crop circle journey taken shortly after its appearance. A departure from the series based upon the diagrams of Colin Andrews, but of import nonetheless.

JANU:   We shall curtail speculation on this glyph by announcing that it has become one of several to indicate the passing of the ET or extra-terrestrial experience into the human dynamic of life. For, what then are ETs but our brothers in life? Codex in the disk shall be revealed which enumerates the complex pattern of life with divergent views by its travelers.

BROTHERHOOD OF THE ONE LIGHT:      Challenging though these may be at this time to understand, to grasp and employ, we shall suit this inquiry with some detail as to its understanding. This image, fostered by a growing interest through speculation of encounters with another species, if you will, brought this image into manifestation.

Its congruence with the human journey is understood by way of the map of life of the disk. The disk is a globe designed to capture the essential nature of the structure of the human journey, the human nature, and its many correlations to a root pattern from which other life forms or species spring from. Therefore, the human and ET of this image have common ground. To understand this correlation, this root, one must look beyond appearance and more into the parallel paths of destiny, evolution, and the appreciation of life. To understand the ET experience, or reality, is to understand your own. This offering is that opportunity.

The DNA code of your recent discovery is a pattern of life that has behind it, at its root, that which this disk describes. It is this root, then, that must be discerned. And there is a mathematical equivalent that can form a bridge of understanding. Your DNA code can be, and is perceived by many from dimensional perspectives as this root. One perspective is the human body of your world. Another is this ET, and there are many others. One must grasp this Codex more spatially and can be a lens of perception. When viewed from any perspective would reveal the likeness of many other species. This Codex is a gift to develop that ability. Viewed as a collective reality, your DNA from one perspective reveals the human structure as well as other body patterns. From another perspective, one can see in reverse through the lens into the causal pattern. Once achieved, a change in perspective will reveal this being.

A challenge to grow in universal understanding and opportunity to realize the truth of your own existence.

Sept. 8, 2003 B                             Copyright © 2014 by Joshua Ross