T-176: The life whisperer


copyright © Colin Andrews 1995

This is one of the more recent journeys taken with Crop Circle diagrams created by Colin Andrews. For complete work to date, see Crop Circle page.

JANU:     Today’s pattern, T-1-7-6, represents emergence into the fine art of communication. Let us attune now to this pattern and pass through it.

This glyph represents the illusion of duality and the reality of oneness and the art of communication, one manifestation of life to another through their common source, their oneness. Communication between elements of life without this reference is an open door to miscommunication, for the truth of the communication is not intimately known to both parties, both elements, for the source of the knowing is within the True Nature.

This reality is more comfortable to accept with elements of life that appear as your own. Not so easy with other species from other worlds, and elements of your Earth reality that are of different species. One must become as a ‘life whisperer’ for good communication that is truthful and considerate. What is a ‘life whisperer’ then but one who listens and embraces the truth of another in the face of superficial deception? Those who attempt to deceive are not listening for truth but for opportunity to benefit themselves. ‘Life whispering’ speaks of gentleness in communication that can be heard.

‘Life whispering’ is a good title for this glyph. And this means all of life, for the greatest listener of all is life itself. Even listening to the wind, our brother, and its nuances is communication. When you listen to the sounds of an animal, do you hear its message, the reason for the sound? So, you see, it’s not the mechanics of the voice of a creature, it’s its motivation for expressing it. Patterns and rhythms, intensities. So by way of the understanding of this glyph, become more of a ‘life whisperer.’

June 25, 2013                                          Copyright © 2013 by Joshua Ross