T-178: Perceiving all creation multi-dimensionally


copyright © Colin Andrews 1995

Another recent journey using glyph patterns of Colin Andrews. For all journeys to date, see Crop Circle page.

JANU:    As with many of these glyphs, the circles, whether filled in or not, represent consciousness but not limited to human consciousness. Consciousness exists everywhere, you see. We would have you understand that with this glyph the understanding has to do with consciousness connections. The lined circle on the left represents a shell or layer, if you will, of consciousness connected with the one on the right, which is one that is more complete. However, make no mistake. The shell is another structure or form of consciousness. The circle on the left is consciousness that does not track itself with others directly but through finer realities.

So, overall, what does this glyph represent? It is a microcosm representation of the complexity of relationships, forms and structures, types of connection, and yet the evolutionary process of the elements of universal consciousness, connections with others, follow forms, protocols, evolution and change. And they come and go, by will and desire, as they change as well.

Multi-dimensionally speaking, this glyph would appear as a vast network of connections, forms, and structure, and relationship of conscious life everywhere. This is not limited to the present, our brother, but is a pathway to the past and the future. One must get used to conscious relationships through the reality of time, but beyond time as well, unless one considers the multi-dimensional reality of time itself.

What we have here is a composite of not just communication but source as well, surpassing the perception of individual consciousnesses. So the oneness reality of life is expressed through a complex structure or network of relationships, born of the one life. This also means that the opportunity is there for all of life, all of consciousnesses, to be resource for each other and become more complete through interconnected diversity. Individuality and oneness seem, to most, a contradiction in terms but, as you can see, they are one reality. Once human consciousness moves beyond the fear for survival, it will realize that its oneness with the rest of life is its guarantee of survival. Where is the fear then, our brother, called for?

So, you see, this glyph in its two-dimensional form speaks far more to a much larger reality that touches all of life. Too easy to let its initial appearance limit the understanding. As one learns to embrace these patterns, in a fuller way, the ability is applicable to everything you encounter and observe in life. All of life, all creation, can be observed and known multi-dimensionally. Any physical creation is never purely physical. That is the lesson of this glyph, and its opportunity: to see life through all of its layers of reality.

Sept. 16, 2013                         Copyright © 2013 by Joshua Ross