The Science of Life: The art of survival

JANU:   The Science of Life is an examination and understanding of its dynamics and method, if you will, for life always includes reason, layers of purpose, and countless interactions and outcomes, demonstrating meaning. The understanding for today includes the art of survival, not limited to a concern for the self but for your neighbor, your species, your world, and other worlds as well. Understanding survival leads to an understanding of connection with and service to the countless nuances of life, both immediate and obscure.

And, at times, one’s survival is transferred to the survival of another, and this is how life survives, our brother: the constant dance of give and take, that life survives, in many forms, in many realities. And the tradition of wisdom continues, and life evolves through the realization of its potential, and through this is created new life, new pathways. You ask if there is an end to this, or a culmination, a completion. There is not, our brother. It has always been and always will be, for life exists in and out of time/space, and if more energy is needed, more is created, from what you would call ‘nothing.’

The art of survival, or continuation, or evolution, or realization is part of the science of life, and the more you understand of these dynamics, the more your life realizes its potential, for your life is one with this science of life. This brings understanding to the purpose and reason for service being an integral part of life, always. It is part of the art of survival. As you serve life, life serves you and becomes richer for it. So, the instinct to survive takes on deeper meaning and purpose, as you understand the relationship between individual survival and the continuation of all of life.

Jan. 20, 2014                  Copyright © 2014 by Joshua Ross