T-180: the path to a fuller life


copyright © Colin Andrews 1995

Another recent journey using glyph patterns of Colin Andrews. For all journeys to date, see Crop Circle page.

JANU:    What we see here is the human consciousness becoming, multi-tasking if you will, simultaneously probing into multiple realities of life, retaining a ‘long handle,’ if you will, to anchor one’s self in their current incarnation. These many paths of communication and connection with life are anchored in the True Nature, the consciousness, and the identity. Now, the interesting aspect of this is: as these paths of exploration are established and maintained, you become no longer an isolated individual identity only, but a partner with life. And these many connections with life are partnering with you in a way that is new to your incarnate experience. However, the multi-tasking reality here is that your identity, which is yours, is still maintained with its integrity, but your consciousness is engaged so intimately with other elements of life that you are no longer limited to who you thought you were as an incarnate individual.

Now, these paths of communication with more of life will engage others who have accomplished this, and more, and you will communicate with life, not with words so much but with direct knowing, experiencing other’s experience and understanding will blossom more than words can allow. You understand more of life, what it is, what it can be, and what it has been. You are moving in the direction of “universal consciousness,” realizing the root nature of life and its intimacy with all of its creations and manifestations and realities and potential. The life that is this universe of yours—of ours,  so to speak—has known many others and is in communication with these, as you will begin to appreciate and become.

Vast distances and time will no longer be a restriction or limitation to the range and the extent of your life awareness. How can your maturity and wisdom and love of life not grow from this? You ask, “When will this take place?” Entirely and completely up to each one. It is all by choice, our brother, desire and commitment and openness to a changing perspective, not only of life, but of one’s self.

Dec. 17, 2013                                                          Copyright © 2013 by Joshua Ross