T-181: The triune nature of human consciousness


copyright © Colin Andrews 1995

Another recent journey using glyph patterns of Colin Andrews. For all journeys to date, see Crop Circle page.

JANU:   Let us begin then by saying that the triune nature of this configuration speaks to the triune nature of human consciousness and its matching patterns on many worlds. Humanity’s journey into the stars, so to speak, is heralded by this primary configuration of human consciousness and will be the foundation for its future relationships with other worlds. This relationship will be strengthened not just by connection with another world but through connection with those that are visiting this one.

The human journey, which is what these crop circles are about, has long been forecast and known, for its potential is built into the elementary patterns of human consciousness. So long, though, humanity has considered itself, been aware of only its existence. This glyph represents a connection, that has always been, with more of life in the universe. We see, then at this time, that humanity’s vision for these possibilities and innate desire for exploration and understanding are being enhanced by this fundamental configuration, which is due to express itself more fully in the coming decades. Humanity will no longer wait for science to provide transportation to the stars, but will explore the stars by right of this fundamental configuration and the blossoming consciousness and confidence to engage.

Many of these understandings humanity has opened to and explored and made part of their consciousness are not unique to the Earth, you see, but exist in different forms on many worlds. This common heritage will open the door for humanity seeing itself as part of this larger family, whether aware of it or not. For many truths in life exist, our brother, not limited to awareness. There is so much of life to be explored and engaged and experienced. This is coming, our brother, and this is part of the reason why.

Feb. 9, 2014                                           Copyright © 2014 by Joshua Ross