T-183: An intimate embrace of the future


copyright © Colin Andrews 1995

Another recent journey using glyph patterns of Colin Andrews. For all journeys to date, see Crop Circle page.

JANU:    As this pattern suggests, there is a diminishing need for the curtailing of resonance with what lies before humanity. This glyph is designed to encourage humanity to shake loose of patterns of limitation, withdrawal, isolation, circling the wagons if you will. There will be a tendency in the future, as humanity expands its reach beyond the Earth, to perceive the unknown, the future, with trepidation. Humanity has repeated this pattern in the past, with a larger purpose of regrouping, if you will, identifying its own strengths and weaknesses, but seldom identifying its patterns of perception and the foundations for them.

This glyph represents a return to the testing time, if you will, and the future will always provide this opportunity to re-examine, for when embracing the future, our brother, one must always ask the question, “Embracing with what? From where? Why?” The more humanity awakens, the more these questions will be understood in advance and revealed during the experience, for revelation occurs, not just for humanity but for life itself. Embracing this pattern in this new way, approaching [p2p type=”slug” value=”as-a-grain-of-sand”]oneness[/p2p], one experiences its meaning, eliminating fear of the unknown from the future of another part of life, but embracing as your own and, yes, being embraced as part of life.

Apr. 5, 2014                                                           Copyright © 2014 by Joshua Ross