The Science of Life: life processes

JANU:    [p2p type=”slug” value=”the-science-of-life-the-art-of-survival”]The Science of Life[/p2p] as a journey of understanding brings forth into the awareness, the consciousness, many things, including the past memories—and not just of this journey or sojourn—to be explored, understood, and resolved, and make their contribution to moving forward.

The term “science of life” suggests an examination of how life functions and the process of its existence. What we shall examine today is not ‘essential nature’ but is how it processes its many elements of reality. Now, the primary concern of human beings is being human, but there is much more. Your science is beginning to understand the nature and process of the creation of worlds, their endurance, and their demise.

But what of worlds that are not physical, or limited to that, are more energetic or ethereal if you will, and the beings that associate with these? Their experiences are quite different, but it is still life process, moving in the direction away from the recycling of ‘beginning and ending’ into the path of changing into variations on various themes, self-determination of transformations, the ‘art of becoming’ if you will.

And then there are those who exist or process life in more than one reality at a time, including those who associate with these worlds. Simultaneous multiple existence. Life streams that move in life this way enjoy, if you will, multiple experiences and interactions, simultaneously. They see life altogether differently than humanity does. Their thoughts and processes are not shaped by a sense of time and space and those limitations. Its processes are vaster and more encompassing. When one is conscious in this way, physical existence is a very small part of reality. The concept of lifetimes is left behind, for there is only life and it is eternal, renewing, with endless possibilities.

May 9, 2014                                                   Copyright © 2014 by Joshua Ross