T-184: The triune nature of life


T184 copyright © Colin Andrews 1995

JANU:   Today’s designation T-184, of three concentric circles, brings to mind the understanding that the [p2p type=”slug” value=”t-181-the-triune-nature-of-human-consciousness”]triune [/p2p]aspect of this applies to much of life: the triune nature of humanity; past, present and future; the balancing and focusing nature of a pyramid, as above, so below; and creation—father, mother, child; conscious mind, sub-conscious mind, and super-conscious mind. The list goes on and on.

What this glyph represents is the nature of life in this universe. And we are part of this as well, our brother. When planning a change in your life, examine its triune nature: what has been in this direction, what exists at the present, and its potential, not only around you but within you as well. The theme here is balance, equal potential opportunity and the process and power of loving this into your experience.

The circles represent the cycles of existence. The spaces between them represent the layers of life. The three layers represent co-existence, which comes from True Oneness and the One Life. The triune nature of one’s life is the key to balance. Balance is the key to peace. And True Peace is the key to the power of Oneness. Namaste.

June 10, 2014                                         Copyright © 2014 by Joshua Ross