The science of life and living

JANU: We are heralding the accomplishments of the human families, for your commitment in diligence to build families and traditions and homes and take care of each other and improve the lives of their children. Industry and governments rise and fall, but the families continue. The primary strength of a culture is not its technology or edifices or governments or religions. It is its love for each other, and all that that means. Their generosity for each other, to each other, will extend to strangers, if you will.

What we see from this perspective is a culture that will grow from within, revealing your capabilities, faculties that lend themselves to exploring other worlds and realities, the so-called ‘mysteries of life’ that lie beyond science and physical technology. For humanity is far more than that, yet the technology seems to be the primary power, if you will, paving the way to the future. It is not. There are worlds that have made great strides in the development of natural abilities. And technology, although still needed, is needed less and less.

So-called ‘discoveries’ achieved by science can be achieved more fully with deep insight. Hammering together pieces of materials into shapes and forms has its rewards, but the science of that development, the evolution of innate faculties, empowers the people as they grow to own their true life heritage. This trend in human exploration will be a major thrust forward in time to come. Not abandoning so-called science of the day, but giving it new direction: to assist in this, not the master of their lives.

The science of life and living and being is a worthy path. The wars continue, the conflict, the mayhem. Science is part of that as well. The solution is with the people and awakening. Namaste.

Nov. 19, 2014                                        Copyright © 2014 by Joshua Ross