Connection to your True Nature

JANU: This evening’s journey serves the purpose of bringing into clearer view some of the anomalies of living that seem random at best. Very little of your life is ordained, which is why so many experiences seem random at best, without hierarchical patterns. That is the magic of life, the beauty of it, that it constructs itself, and your constructions are life unfolding. So the guidance you seek in your decision-making and understanding are in many ways your own constructs. By ‘you’ we mean the total you, the True Nature, which includes your incarnating systems.

When you look outside of yourself for answers, the results can be quite confusing, which observations to accept as answers that are viable, that are useful. But when you seek within, you employ all that you are, including the external observations. As a co-creator, you attract what you are focused on. When you have what seem to be large questions about yourself and the universe, the physical life so to speak, the understanding is more complete, with many layers, with employing your True Nature. The more you do this, the more conscious the connection and the flow becomes stronger. Remember, what your attention is upon you attract into your life. With your attention on your True Nature, even for a moment, more of you is active in your life.

Insights are a natural part of existence and being. Expect them. Trust the understanding they bring and wisdom ensues. Namaste, our brother.

March 5, 2015 B                                                       Copyright © 2015 by Joshua Ross

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