Distribution of consciousness

JANU: Conscious union, our brother, suggests a perception that one consciousness is separate from another, the human from the True Nature. A limited point of view. The oneness of this reality indicates something different. What we are talking about here is the distribution of awareness throughout the being, which in truth is the True Nature. What you are seeking here is a modification of the distribution of consciousness throughout the being, of which the veil plays a role although a limited one. Human history is rife with those who have sought some form of this, but limited by human identity and convention.

Let us encourage this true union of consciousness. The one who has said that ‘there is only you’ was quite correct, but the ‘you’ referred to is much more complete, larger than the human identity and distribution of consciousness. Identity expansion is a difficult concept for many but it is part of the path of awakening. The human perspective is a valid one but can be expanded greatly to include subtler realities of the incarnate life.

Perceiving matter as energy subject to many changes expands the consciousness of the material life into many possibilities. Energy is not solid, but has properties, parameters of existence, you see. When the consciousness engages this truth, possibilities exist for re-creation or restoration. The physical body, our brother, is subject to this as well. But this calls upon a wisdom to manage the larger life and this calls upon experience which your True Nature has in abundance. Namaste.
Jan. 3, 2018 B                                                                                 Copyright © 2018 by Joshua Ross

This is a series exploring further aspects of awakening into the larger life. These are my experiences but it is hoped that these will inspire you to take your own journeys of awakening and exploration. Awakening into the Larger Life-Set 7 contains all prior attunements in this series.