Another string of pearls  

JANU: Yes, the ‘pearl of great price’ which we’ve touched on before is the truth of who you are. So little understood by so many, or even aware of. Given different names. It is the freedom to embrace all of life, and yes, even your incarnate life, but without fear or doubt or confusion. With your attention on any part of life, it is revealed continuously. The irritant in the oyster is encapsulated with manifestation of creativity. So it is in the life, our brother. The irritants of living in this sojourn are encapsulated with experience, understanding, wisdom, patience, confidence, commitment. These pearls of experience and their creation can be understood in this way. There is beauty here, long lasting, no two the same.

This string of pearls from each sojourn is the treasured legacy that is part of your True Nature. Nothing is lost, our brother, for we are one in all things. Namaste.
Jan. 10, 2018 B                                                               Copyright © 2018 by Joshua Ross

This is a series exploring further aspects of awakening into the larger life. These are my experiences but it is hoped that these will inspire you to take your own journeys of awakening and exploration. Awakening into the Larger Life-Set 8 contains all prior attunements in this series.