The power and source of insights

JANU: We are pursuing at this time the agreement that sponsored links to the insights into the awakening on humanity must prevail. These long-term agreements precipitate opportunities for success. Success rate is not the issue, but achievement is. The journeys of your friend in last evening’s meeting led to the encouragement, and are a measure of the success we speak of. This sort of awakening is demonstrated through momentary insights which are the True Nature’s response to the timing of the awakening of humanity.

Insights are a powerful tool for the awakening of humanity, created by its own True Nature. The unspoken inquiries each may have into their own nature and the nature of life are building. Part of the changes, our brother. Namaste.
Jan. 22, 2018                                                                                  Copyright © 2018 by Joshua Ross

This is a series exploring further aspects of awakening into the larger life. These are my experiences but it is hoped that these will inspire you to take your own journeys of awakening and exploration. Awakening into the Larger Life-Set 9 contains all prior attunements in this series.