About Us

The reality of life is that there are many levels to our existence, not just this third dimensional one. We can tap into the other aspects of life, widening the scope of our awareness and knowledge. We can use this awareness to assist us in creating a better existence in the physical. While there are many ways to do this, I do it through a process I call attunement, which allows me to maintain my own integrity and consciousness while still accessing the greater parts of life. While I was inspired by Edgar Cayce, it was important for me to develop a conscious connection, rather than engaging in ‘trance’ channeling.
An attunement, for me, involves a process similar to meditation. However, I do not deny any aspect of my beingness; rather, I integrate them all into a greater whole, connected to all of life. Through this process, I have realized the existence of the Family of Life and, in particular, an essence known to me as Janu. Through contact with Janu, I have gained greater insight into many aspects of life, for myself as well as others. We frequently refer to these attunement processes as journeys.
Information I have received on a few of the many topics we have explored is presented here. I do not ask you to accept it as the only Truth. I do ask that you take it into your own heart and discern its meaning for you. The journeys are not about me alone; they are about us. I encourage you to look at them in this way, as an inspiration to take your own journeys into the Light. It takes all of us to discover the truth of life.

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