Awakening June 2015

These are attunements that address different aspects of the awakening process. While it could be said that awakening is the subject of all my journeys, these particularly related to each other.

Understanding time and space
What is your life vision and focus?
Perpetuation of life

The process of awakening

JANU: Understand that this process of awakening, although global in principle, individually is a unique path, subject to the will of the individual, the desires of the True Nature, the conditions of living, and capabilities. Degrees of awakening, called process, are expressed in many forms. Mass awakening on a large scale is not advisable. The human experience needs time to adjust, to grow into this larger life. So, embracing the awakening of humanity must be tempered with profound patience and understanding.

That which awaits humanity as it awakens is a larger life experience that enhances everything and is not based upon being incarnate or not. Certainly, it enhances the physical journey. There are other journeys as well, you see. Each one is a spirit being as well, while incarnate, and always has been. So the larger life experience and consciousness is not limited to discarnate beings.

Humanity’s destiny is today and tomorrow and the next, as each becomes today, this moment. What you choose to be aware of, and to own, and to express, lives in the moment and it evolves as it is chosen in the life. Allow yourself unlimited mind capability and love for life, in harmony with life.

Look not to the lives of others for what you can be, for they are still looking as well. Stand in the larger truth of who you are. Your own life pattern is your path. Namaste, our brother.

June 10, 2015                                                                         Copyright © 2015 by Joshua Ross


Understanding time and space

JANU: The period of time needed to begin any change, to accomplish a change in perception, can seem like an eternity or instantaneous. Time is that fluid, you see. The instantaneous experience has no doubt on the subject and limiting perceptions are let go of. The more long term perception of change, or that required for change individually, includes at times lack of confidence, unwillingness to let go, and a certain lack of vision as to what is being embraced.

Patterning your achievements after the experience of those around you requires much sorting out as to what’s for you and what isn’t. Your human curiosity can bridge the void between the two and move the needle, so to speak, in each direction. One might say that taking longer to achieve a change allows for assimilation of the elements of that change. And this is true, especially where timing of events is involved. However, understand this, that the more rapid experience includes insight, direct knowing, and complex revelation already within your larger being, drawing upon understandings you have already achieved, blending to become one with a new perception. How many times must the wheel be re-invented, you see? But the choice belongs with the one journeying through life.

So, examine your expectations of open-minded achievement and time becomes less relevant to the process. Most of who you are is beyond time/space. Explore your perception of time and distance and new understandings are available. Namaste.

June 10, 2015 B                                                                     Copyright © 2015 by Joshua Ross


What is your life vision and focus?

JANU: We are assembling that needed for a resolution to the growing need for a focus for human consciousness to support the process of awakening. “What focus might that be?” you ask. It is for survival, and not just physical survival, but the survival of the human journey. Yes, we understand that your spiritual being is eternal. But the investment in the human journey by so many and those not even incarnate, regulates the thought into a focus of what is at stake. Not all experiments in incarnate species have survived.

There is such a great deal for humanity to achieve that affects the larger life. There is innate in human consciousness a desire for community, uplifting friends and neighbors, the downtrodden, the feeble, the elderly, and children. In many respects, the human journey is made up of all of these and, in time, those of other worlds as well. The will to survive, the desire to serve, and the desire to preserve that which enriches life are elements of that focus and awakening serves all of this.

The larger inner and outer life is rich indeed. Why live in poverty? And this has nothing to do with financial wealth or possessions or power. It has everything to do with who you truly are and what that means. A worthy question: what is your focus for your life and what does it include? Namaste.

June 11, 2015                                                         Copyright © 2015 by Joshua Ross



Perpetuation of life

JANU: We are exploring the larger life to larger understanding. For this morning’s journey, let us explore the perpetuating nature of life.

It is one thing to understand that life is self-perpetuating. Another thing to understand that life is perpetuated. Now, perpetuation is not defined as anything remaining the same forever. It is that the movement of reality, of life, is continuous. This continuous nature of life has many layers of reality, for the parameters of existence for every reality contain different elements of perpetuation. These elements are combined, in fact, into a larger reality of perpetuating existence. So even in this understanding there’s a movement of life, the perpetuation of life, in many different ways. Yet there is a common ground that these are all a part of, the essential nature of Life itself, regulated—and it is regulated—by what we have called the ‘Body of Life.’

How does one understand regulation on this level that we speak of, when the human condition, the human mind, is patterned with a sense that they are uncontrolled and can choose whatever they want to include in their experience? All life realities exist within a framework of life that maintains its integrity, not at the cost of change and re-creation and exploration, but the integrity that allows all of this. Such it is with the Body of Life. Thinking and perceiving only in patterns of structure and form and organization, primarily physical and energetic, limits the understanding. There is life within life within life within life within life, on and on.

The Body of Life is the source of this, but there is truth even beyond this. It is useful to be aware that life is larger than your mind can comprehend. The beauty of this is that exploration, discovery, and understanding is unlimited. This is why an open mind, an open heart, an open consciousness, is always wise. Even when focussed upon the smallest of detail in your day, there are always solutions, always answers, always opportunities, always capability of creating and re-creating. Why anchor your thoughts to the circumstances and not the solutions? Namaste.

June 14, 2015                                                                         Copyright © 2015 by Joshua Ross