Awakening Nov. 2014


Understanding the path of awakening

JANU: For this morning’s journey, let us acknowledge the assembly of the many who serve humanity’s awakening, a tradition not unique to the Earth nor just begun. A tradition as the natural part of life formed by, initiated by the beginnings of the human journey which was before there were any manifested humanity. The tradition of awakening is this morning’s focus and journey, and humanity has always been awakening. This is a fluid reality, with many changes as a result of the natural progress of human consciousness and choices made.

Awakening, then, is the natural process of the expression of life coming into its potential, blossoming, and enriching itself through the many experiences, processes of those who participate in this journey. Awakening progresses, advances on the foundation being built. There are shifts in momentum, direction, inclusions, and departure from traditions of living, that bring new horizons into focus, that enrich the path of awakening.

Once again you ask, “What is awakening, then, that is so all important?” It is life becoming conscious of and owning all it can be. Ponder, if you will, the purpose, the initiation of any life at all. Why does existence exist? Does it have a beginning and an end? The answer, of course, our brother, is ‘No.’ The finite mind is a stranger to timelessness, infinity, limitlessness, for the finite mind is inhabiting time and space and the only thing that approaches eternity, in its ken if you will, is Life itself. So awakening, our brother, has always been and always will be, as long as there is life of any form or reality.

Becoming aware or conscious of a little more of life at each opportunity taken is ‘awakening.’ And along with that comes understanding and affinity and oneness for every moment and every expression of life. Realizing the most you can be, which is life itself and all it can be, is a journey worth taking, our brother. For what do you have without it but confusion, chaos, and darkness, ignorance and self-destruction? Life is not designed to destroy itself. It has the patience of eternity, for it is not limited to time/space, but time/space co-exists with it. It is made of it.

Awakening relieves the stress of confusion, uncertainty, doubt, and suspicion of motives and purpose of others. For with awakening, life becomes clearer and understood and this includes the self. How can you find peace within yourself, knowing nothing of who you are? Now, the peace is already in your nature. Being conscious of who you are allows it to manifest, which opens the door further to more understanding. Namaste.
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The awakening of humanity, as always, begins today

JANU: We are anticipating that this flow of life into human consciousness will bring about an awakening that supports the human desire for a better and more peaceful life, healthier and happier families, children that meet their challenges and succeed, and that wisdom is achievable and grows. We are not here to guarantee survival in the body, eliminate suffering, provide answers to every challenge. The people will accomplish these things as they awaken. What we accomplish is the pointing of a way to a path of understanding to be journeyed and chosen for the gaining of these things, and many more.

The art of listening to the messages of life, whether within you or around you, is part of this path. The inner peace and simplicity of thought to master oneself and all of one’s faculties is worthy of much pursuit and consideration. The art and finesse of helping others, not living their life for them but sharing your life with them as you listen, is an art, our brother. The awakening of humanity can be supported in many ways, and every one of them is a learning experience of mastery, peaceful simplicity, and deep love for life that honors it. Even patience on this path, our brother, is an art and brings a richness to life.

To list the advantages and rewards of awakening is beyond comprehension. Every aspect of living can be enhanced or created anew. Awakening is more than a word for a concept. It is a way of life to be lived. Humanity’s future is grand indeed, and, as always, it begins today. Namaste.
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Awakening pockets of human consciousness

JANU: We are Janu speaking in this manner of bringing Light. Refining this arrangement we have enhances our purpose greatly. Moving in this direction then, reaching into pockets of understanding within the human consciousness, small miracles of awakening can be encouraged. The tone or tenor of this depends a lot upon the psyche of the individual for, even as we encourage and inspire groups, it is the individual that brings about fundamental change. These pockets of human consciousness of which we speak come and go, dart about if you will, usually not settling through prolonged development.

There is a ‘stickiness’ that occurs between these pockets causing them to combine in some ways, supporting the collective human consciousness, leading to a synergistic effect evolving the collective human consciousness. This ‘stickiness’ is caused by an unconscious bond of ideal, desire, that exists within the human psyche transcending individual pettiness. The thoughts begin to turn to the life and needs of others, with curiosity as to their understanding and degree of awareness. Why not, then, grow in your awakening by pondering the needs of others and allowing life to flow through you to help meet them?
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Many assist humanity to awaken

JANU: For this morning’s journey, may we embrace the next phase of this series. The next phase describes the arrival of many who have aligned themselves with, to serve, the awakening of humanity. This does not suggest that those who contribute are local to the Earth. Some are, some are not. There are cultures, our brother, on other worlds and in other realms that are attuned to this process, and not just of the Earth. They are growing masters at this. It’s as if the Earth is cradled in a womb of love and encouragement, nourished by the reality of those who have achieved this.

The condition of human consciousness is by no means unique and the Family of Life of awakening beings is conscious of those who reach for awakening. It seems to many that the Earth is alone in its struggles. It is not. Humanity finds itself in challenges of its own choosing and, to a degree, is free to do so. Humanity thinks, as a result, that the struggles of other worlds, other species, are of no concern to them. In the larger truth of life, this is not true. Whatever you reach for in your life is never done alone.

So much of life transpires and develops and is created, of which most of humanity has no knowledge, limited by a parochial point of view. Awakening changes this, our brother, and never stops changing this. As your sciences explore life, and the universe, and realities, and energy, do so as well, with your mind, your consciousness, with your desire to understand. And discover, here and there, your relationship with everything. What better way to spend your time than learning and, through the understanding, uplift another no matter their position in life?

People in poverty marvel at the achievements of a few. The difference, our brother, is what they are aware of, what they own within themselves, their commitments and their passions. There are people in your world that by some standards are deprived and in poverty, but they are rich beyond those with wealth. They have chosen differently the investment of their consciousness. Difficult for someone with wealth to understand, much less value. This does not suggest that there are not those with wealth who share in that richness of consciousness. But the wealth, our brother, is no guarantee of it, and in many cases insulates them.

So this morning we realize that humanity is held in high regard for what it can be, what it has achieved, and its desire to awaken. Namaste.
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Awakening and the Family of Life

JANU: Yes, greetings. We are Janu speaking, continuing then this evening our journeys into humanity’s awakening. Let it be seen then that the nurturing of humanity during this process serves to quicken the true theme of human life into a coalescing of the human drama as it matures and finds depth. A rewarding revelation, that opens the profound door into purpose and destiny, is that there exists a true Family of Life. The human family, made of relations, friends, and acquaintances, and of strangers, is held dear and of great worth. Extend this understanding to a true family that is older than time and is a brotherhood of wisdom, love, and compassion, and commitment. What fear can withstand the truth of this? What confusion could not be resolved? What destiny and purpose could not be supported?
As humanity awakens, it will realize that it has always been a part of the Family of Life, but unaware of it. Many have benefited in one way or another and these have been called ‘miracles.’ A family is not there to live your life for you or make your decisions, but to help you see, to offer strength when challenged, to inspire you to claim your truth and the power that lives within you. Every moment of every day, you are not alone and your prayers are heard and responded to in the best way.
Allowing True Peace to live within you as a way of life allows this process of awakening to move forward. And it builds on itself, as achieved. Find peace in the truth of who you are, and life is the richer for it, and everyone benefits. Namaste.
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The Family of Life

JANU: This communication is to say ‘Thank you’ to those who assist humanity. Most prefer to work unannounced, unrecognized. Others accept recognition indirectly, for good reason. Yes, our brother, even those who are more aware and that are sensitive to some of those who serve humanity, who seem to always be those who serve but are not seen by the ones being served. What is unmistakable here is that the Family of Life, of which humanity is a part, is a vast reality. Yes, it is true gratitude is not required, or requested, or needed by those who serve. But it is always valued and, as we have said before, cherished. Not because it is received, which it is, but because it is given, which is a blessing for the one in gratitude.
So, this evening’s journey is a recognition of an experience of the presence of the Family of Life and what that means. Even though privacy is an illusion, individual integrity is not, for your integrity contributes to life and strengthens it with diversity. We would have you know at this time that the Family of Life is rich with tradition, and freedom, uniqueness, wisdom, and patience, and love.
So, as you grow in your awareness of the sense of family, connection, and mutual benefit, be sensitive to opportunities to pass it on. Guided, of course, from within the moment and the truth of your nature. Namaste.
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JANU: We are serving as we may that which belongs to a group of specialists. What we speak of here is a pronouncement from the Angelic Host, or Reality, if you prefer, that the awakening of humanity also includes a conscious relationship with the Angelic Hierarchy, so often overlooked in the investigation and attuning to Spirit. These beings of this part of life are ancient as well. And they are closely intertwined with the affairs of humanity and are quite sensitive to the challenges of living the incarnate life.
You’ve heard much of Archangel Michael in your literature and communications. There are other great ones as well. The hierarchy of angels is vast indeed, with many layers of authority and ability. Their association is with the hierarchy of the realms and are, indeed, loved and cherished. There is profound communication at all times between the angels and the others of spirit, honoring each other’s call to serve.
There is great intelligence in their domain, and wisdom. They are a very real presence in the affairs of humanity. They are not time/space but can be, although briefly. Their reality is far more complex than is imagined. And the Brotherhoods of Light work closely with them, inspiring the awakening of humanity.
There are other realms as well, unknown to humanity, that are ancient, vibrant, and active. The angels are not limited, in their service to life, to humanity alone. So let us attune to, in these journeys, the presence and message and service of the angels.
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An awakening tribe in Guinea

JANU: We are saluting this morning the efforts of those who belong to a tribe in Guinea who have a tradition in their culture of reaching for the Truth in life. We would honor this by encouraging them not only to gain new understanding, but to process it into their lives, demonstrating its truth.
This tribe is becoming a leader in the movement of the awakening of humanity. The power is in the people, regardless of their station in life. This tribe has incorporated many truths into their lives, their culture, recognizing, as other cultures have, the collective wisdom of their elderly and they are venerated. They are experimenting with vegetarianism but it is in its early stages. This is not held as a social banner to be waved about, but an attempt to understand and experience better health. They have taken to learning some of these truths through their young children and encourage their fruitful lines to reveal the gifts they brought with them.
The awakening of humanity is occurring everywhere. Even though their lives are basic by some standards, they are enriching themselves and gaining wisdom as they enjoy their own kind of peace. They are left alone by those who do not understand them. But they are easy to understand, from an awakened point of view.
So let us give thanks on this day of Thanksgiving for the struggles that are made by humanity to awaken and bring about a better life. Namaste.
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