Awakening Oct. 2014


Inspiring human consciousness into a larger life

JANU: For the most part, this endeavor is an exposure to, an inspiration to, open the mind to new possibilities for human experience, in a life that already offers them, taking advantage of the freedom that life offers for a rich and peaceful life.
You ask, “What does it take for humanity to accomplish this?” It takes courage and commitment to what is felt in the heart, longed for in the mind and soul, and confidence to achieve these. Why stay with what makes you unhappy, fearful, and angry? Where is the profit in that and the diseases and struggles that ensue? Your bodies are capable of, and designed for, excellent health for your entire sojourn. Your emotional body is designed for peaceful pursuit, strong commitment, and creative genius to embrace life with sensitivity and compassion and service. Your mind has the heritage of all of life, all understanding, and vision to see solutions and possibilities beyond the mundane.

The human vehicles were built for these, but when one loses consciousness of these, their life reverts to disharmony, disillusion, and self-destructive conduct, attitudes, feelings, and thoughts, because the path away from awakening and enlightenment is destructive and the systems of life deteriorate. So why remain in a model for living that does not work? A brief look around you and the conditions of humanity around the world bear testimony that proves this point.
Awakened and enlightened humans become generous, loving. They volunteer to help others achieve their victories. They apply their natural power and gifts for the benefit of others, and their understanding of themselves and each other grows. And these understandings become reflected to those who are understood, that they can see the truth of their circumstance and their true potential.

So, as we explore life to expand the consciousness of humanity beyond the mundane and self-destructive, keeping this in mind, that also includes the exploration of humanity and what it can be, what it was built to be. The destiny of humanity is not self-annihilation. It is a courageous, beautiful, and powerful component of life, adding to its mystery and wonder, free for the rest of life to benefit from. Lead your life in such a manner that others truly benefit from it, and that is your legacy. Namaste.
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Conditioning the environment of human consciousness

JANU: Yes, greetings. We are Janu speaking, returning once more to our current adventure: The awakening of humanity into a larger life. Proceeding then at this time, we shall embrace the reality of this with the conditioning of the so-called atmosphere within which human consciousness resides.

Beginning with the reality that humanity is loved by life and accepted as part of its family. The coldness of isolation and separation consciousness is left behind with the embrace and warmth and love that are life’s nature, the freedom to be, co-creating with life, and a destiny of mutual support, and the true power of peace. This enriched atmosphere of life is available to all by desiring it, even if only for a moment.

Humanity experiments with choice, not always being aware of the choices that are possible. These journeys are designed to help with this, to help humanity choose more wisely and enrich their lives. The freedom to be is a strong foundation to understanding the larger life. Human society is a very noisy environment to awaken from. One can penetrate this noise with a quiet moment of insight and reflection, without going through the catharsis of ‘hitting bottom,’ so to speak, to let go of the noise, and experience the truth within and the eternal presence of the True Nature. The noise of society is not more powerful than True Peace. It is only louder, and the result of choices conditioned by others, so-called ‘social consciousness.’ Live in peace and the richness of life is yours. Namaste.
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Harmonizing the rhythms and cadences of the bodies

JANU: Let us not forget that life has a rhythm and cadence appropriate to each expression of life. The awakening of humanity into the larger life has a cadence and a rhythm that is part of the make up of human consciousness as it chooses. The systems of the body, of the auric field, of the emotional and mental bodies, and other subtle bodies work best when there is a natural balance between them all. Even the True Nature is flexible in this way and adjusts itself to the nature of the incarnation and the changing consciousness of the individual.

What we serve this evening is the balancing of these rhythms that are in flux but in harmony with each other. And when this occurs, insights are more readily experienced and understood, and creativity becomes richer. This balance is not micro-managed, if you will, by the human consciousness, but is influenced by it. This is where the power of True Peace comes in. The natural balance of these rhythms is innate when undisturbed by a disturbed consciousness.

So, this evening we encourage the harmonious rhythms of the being, that cadence of life serving the flow of insights and understanding and True Peace.
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Courage in harmony with life

JANU: We are summoning then at this time the courage that is needed for humanity to embrace the larger life. What is the source, then, of this kind of courage? Being witness to some element of a better life that is relatable. So many triggers to this exist: an insight from a truth within as to your true nature, and that the possibilities of life—a better life—is your heritage by virtue of your existence. Faith and belief are strong elements in the beginning of this. And then the small miracles in life that you finally recognize for what they are, and you realize that life is alive, and well, and present, and not only are you loved by it, but you are one with it.

Even though you cherish your physical existence, you love these possibilities even more and would not even let survival in the physical stop you. Letting go of everything, every attachment, gains you all of that and more. No longer a prisoner of desire, but the freedom to be what you choose. And the reward of your courage is the example you are to others, that they find theirs.

Humanity is not just one person, but the collective of all. And your inspiration and your courage are part of that collective, and humanity awakens to the larger life and, in doing this, sees the wisdom of growing together consciously. Moving in the direction of True Peace, humanity becomes healthier, stronger, with greater clarity of common vision, which includes everyone’s.

This kind of courage is demonstrated here and there amongst humanity every day, by reaching out to an individual or others to make a difference. When one serves another selflessly, they are on the path into the larger life. Courage in harmony with life liberates.
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Entangled in the web of human consciousness

JANU: There is still much resistance to this direction of awakening, for human consciousness for many is still mired, so to speak, in its fragile existence of isolation. Let us pursue, then, the alternative.

It can be confusing to many that humanity still chooses a life of suffering and relative darkness when their nature is inclined towards a life that is free. The rules and regulations and so-called laws of civilized society attempt to limit those who fear a loss of survival, poverty, and suffering, caught in the web of their own creation, as a spider trapped in the web of its making, convinced that this web guarantees their survival. It does not.

The journey out of the web, so to speak, begins with the realization that the web exists only because they created it and maintain it, and in time that the web, which has been their world for so long, is only a small and fragile existence in the truth of the larger life. Trapped in one’s own creation seems impossible to break out of, but one does not have to break out completely to appreciate moments of freedom and realize, in time, that those moments can describe a new way of living. Such moments can seem as serendipity, uncontrollable, and from an unknown source, but these are the small miracles of the larger life that trickle down into life in the web.

We have found, our brother, through experience, that appreciating, being grateful for these moments of flow, these small miracles from the larger life are a natural way of living, far more so than the web of social consciousness. These small miracles are not only for what some might call the ‘big’ moments in life, but occur for the smallest as well. The pattern is the same. The joy they bring is the same. And the peace they bring to the struggle to survive is the same. These are moments of interface, if you will, with the larger life. In the midst of a life of relative darkness, they are always positive, informative, uplifting, and bring a symmetry to a life of struggle. Unfulfilled dreams and, for some, depression, substance abuse are an attempt at escape from a life filled with hopelessness and despair. Expect these miracles of life, our brother, as you do. Enjoy them, as you do. Encourage others to do the same. Namaste.
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The hem of the garment

JANU: The seed thoughts, in addition to our own, are sprinkled, if you will, around the Earth, finding root in the consciousness of many. Through insight and dreams and the behavior of others where these seed thoughts have found root, a growing suspicion or sense that something different, something new, something quietly miraculous seems to be occurring, not knowing yet what but appreciated nonetheless. These moments, these windows of experience seem to lead to more and more, and eventually their perspective, their vision of life evolves.

This journey of awakening is not separate from the incarnate life, but enhances it, fulfills it, enriches it. Many have spoken of the inner and outer life. In one perspective, this is true. But from the larger understanding and experience, one realizes there is only one life with many nuances and layers and movements. When one begins to experience this journey of awakening, the deeper it becomes, the conviction increases to continue. The past experience remains, but the relationship with it is profoundly changed. One grows into a consciousness that owns all of its experiences and places them in a healthier relationship with their total being, free to remember and review, consider, re-experience, but no longer owned by them. Becoming the master of all that you are.

As one evolves in this direction, their being changes color and hue. With these colors in motion, changing, clearing and more fluid, their countenance speaks truly of their consciousness. They will discover in due course that their proximity to others stimulates their own freedom. This is the ‘hem of the garment’ referred to of the Master of Masters, as scripture suggests. Not only do your actions, your comments, your wisdom, your understanding lift another, but by being near them they are lifted. Their awakening is enhanced. A wonderful journey to behold. And all of this is rooted and flavored with peace, True Peace, the true power of peace.

So embrace the larger life, peacefully, resolute, and in ownership of who you are and who you are becoming. Namaste.
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Conscious integration of your being

JANU: We are calling to the Forces of Light bringing the truth of life to humanity. These Forces represent many who have achieved significant enlightenment and, as we shall put it, are ‘life conscious.’ Some may call this ‘cosmic consciousness.’ Whatever their attention is upon, they are conscious of.

Now, this is a grand step for human consciousness but it is a natural outcome to awakening. The early benefit of this consciousness is perceiving the life of another. Understand that your being is a composite of, a co-existence of incarnate reality and many subtle realities, some call ‘bodies,’ and the awakening of humanity is an integration of the elements of your existence in harmony with each other.Typically, the human mind while incarnate focuses well upon one part of its existence or its environment, other elements being there but peripherally. Becoming conscious as, awakened to, your True Nature, simultaneous consciousness becomes a reality, perceiving the panorama of life and its elements simultaneously, allowing for a balanced perspective of your overall individual functionality of life composites, from your own being, True Nature, to that of another, even worlds, our brother. Seemingly impossible to the current rational mind without losing identity and integrity.

When we speak of ‘a larger life’ that is exactly what we mean. In time, the need for physical food will diminish, sustaining the body through conscious manifestation, understanding the bodies’ needs and functions, globally and individually, through direct communication and perception. Contact with another life form from another world will be far less mysterious and fearsome for you will know them and understand. A very endearing quality, to be understood by another and not judged or condemned or manipulated. The awakening of humanity is significant and allows so much to be realized in humanity’s future.

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Patience and the path of awakening

JANU: For this evening’s journey, let us focus upon the reality that there comes a time in each one’s life to ponder meaning and purpose for their existence, and the profound nature of life itself, deity notwithstanding. These moments are best addressed with a sense of the integrity of existing at all, a passion for the truth at the heart of each inquiry and each realization, and to help others find their truth of understanding: ‘Who and what are you? ‘What is your true nature?’ ‘And what does one awaken to?’ ‘These inquiries are seemingly unknown and where do the answers lie and is it possible to know?’

The path of awakening, our brother, includes clarity in countless areas of interest and inquiry. As you awaken, what seemed to be a secret is no longer a secret. But the truth, a reality of these revelations, has many layers of depth. So the journey of awakening continues but your life has become richer and helping others becomes more effective and gentle. These many moments of inquiry are not to disturb you or frustrate you but to encourage you to realize that there is a larger life.

Then the issue of patience arises, as one desires instantaneous answers. But taking the time to process what has been gained and apply it to life for experience and wisdom allows the flow of awakening to occur in a natural and healthy way. Impatience causes one to miss important moments and opportunities to qualify for greater understanding, for with understanding, our brother, comes responsibility, which includes when to speak and when not to, depending upon the moment. But loving another, our brother, is always called for. And loving yourself is part of that, you see.

Awakening is a rich path of discovery, realization, consciousness waking, wisdom, and a love for life. Be at peace on your journey, with a grateful heart and patience. Namaste.
Oct. 15, 2014 B Copyright © 2014 by Joshua Ross



Overcoming pettiness

JANU: As humanity awakens, countless new experiences are in store. Not only with the universe that the Earth is a part of, but with the universe of reality that is the True Nature of each one in the human collective. Humanity will experience, through discovery, the richness of life, finally embracing something larger than social consciousness and its more limited world of perception. This growing, larger view of life and humanity’s part in it tends to leave pettiness behind in exchange for grand ideas, dreams of a better life. By ‘better’ we mean richer and freer of conflict and mayhem. Instead of viewing a stranger with suspicion and a guarded perception, one moves toward an intimacy of knowing the True Nature of that person and what you have in common.

What we are finding in these journeys is a potential for richness of experience far greater than pettiness and self-interest. There are many worlds experiencing a wide range of these types of awakenings, and we say ‘type’ because each journey in each world or culture begins from their collective and individual perceptions of life, which can be quite different. For some, it is a path of forgiveness, of letting go of fear and limitation. For some it is a path of cooperation, coming together. For some it is a path of co-creation, in the midst of extremes in environment and deprivation. There are worlds that are relatively humorless and heavy-hearted, and this is where their path begins. For some, it is a lack of faith in themselves and in each other and, in particular, in life itself. For some, it is the movement into the future where their present is filled with the past and inflexible.

So you see, our brother, experiencing life in many worlds has its own challenges, and their path of awakening is quite varied. So humanity of the Earth is not alone in this, but in time will experience the path of awakening for many others and they will experience that of the Earth. As we have said before, life is coming together as it must, evolving the overall tone of existence, life being a vast collective of everything. Pettiness continues by way of a misinterpreted justification. Letting go of these is the path to freedom. Doing this leaves an imprint in the consciousness of the True Nature.

Yes, of course, pettiness is a relative term, but the pattern is the same, no matter the scale. And it exists in every moment of your day, in one way or another. Taking a larger view puts the pettiness in perspective, and it’s finally understood and the freedom to choose returns. Part of the path of awakening, our brother, into the larger life. Namaste.

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Humanity is not alone on its path of awakening

JANU: Humanity’s journey into the larger life is not unique in the universe, but with variations. Most who are in this stage of awakening, their perception focuses upon their journey as isolated and individual, not part of a larger movement of life beyond the Earth.For today’s journey let us review, overview the reality of humanity being part of a larger movement of life through new thresholds of discovery and achievement and transformation of their beings.

The consciousness of sentient beings has an impact upon the movement of life in other realities, including your physicality, time/space if you will. When we, and you, speak of ‘oneness’ and ‘connectedness’ it is far more than just words, our brother. It is a dynamic and constant reality, with definite properties. Humanity is connected to all of life, including other worlds and species and beings, and it is as real as humanity assigns reality to its own existence. Awakening changes this, for it includes being more conscious of the connection with other life realities. When the attention is focused and more clear, one can explore and appreciate the movement of life anywhere.

The insights humanity values on any subject do not always originate with humanity, you see. When the common perceptions of human existence are left behind in the moment of inspiration and insight, connections are made. And consciousnesses connect on any subject. Part of the source of ‘genius,’ miraculous moments of insight, come from the field of consciousness created by living and engaging life. This need not be only a spontaneous experience, but one that comes from a focused and awakening mind that is unrestricted with limited perceptions as to possibilities. In a sense, we all live in a sea of life, and the currents caused by the movement of any consciousness can be sensed and understood.

Humanity is not alone in its awakening, and never was. That’s only its perception, for it is the path it has chosen and is now lifting that path into the Light. Those who fear the unknown and the loss of their illusions of power and control will not stop the awakening, for the awakening is far larger and in harmony with the flow of life. Know this to be true, our brother, in your commitments to the awakening of humanity. Namaste.
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JANU: Unencumbered as we may be with the conflicts and limitations of humanity, we still see them quite clearly: their origins, their role in society, and their potential resolution. Our endeavor is to assist humanity in gaining such clarity so that these conditions no longer obstruct the view or constrain the resolution of these. For humanity is not the only world or species or collective of life that we observe and understand: the choices that are made, the journeys along the path of awakening, and their larger impact on life, whether human or not. We have come to see and know the depth or despair and the passion of freedom and the evolution of love along the way.

Humanity is loved greatly, whether humanity loves itself or not. The question arises: What does it take to love oneself? It takes a beginning, our brother, a moment, a consideration as to the possibility, and opening the consciousness and the experience of living to that unlimited adventure of being. As one applies this experience to their relationships with others, and explores loving them no matter what, love grows in the consciousness, in the heart, and in the understanding.

What is love? What is this thing so many are desperate for? It is to be part of something larger, grander, natural, and given freely, that brings peace and joy and the sense that, no matter what you have done, or said, or thought, you are a beautiful part of life. This reality, our brother, lives in your True Nature and, through that, all of the life you explore. You were loved into existence and your continued presence is testimony to that continuing love, you see. Everything else that seems unloving is a product of limitations of application to each other, to your selves.

So what is the solution then? Love life, each other, and yourself more and more each day. Allow this to be. One need not create what already exists. Open your hearts and your minds to the beauty of your own existence and, as you recognize this as a reality, it is easier to see this in others. Clear your vision and perceptions of who you are and what you can become. Loving one’s self seems an impossible hurdle to many to overcome. This is accomplished in but a moment, and it grows from there. Decide to love yourself, and then allow it to be your reality. Your individual existence is not the source of this; it is the application of this. You have always been a loved part of the whole of life. This does not mean you ignore your environment, your relationships, your circumstances, but you engage these with new perceptions, new understanding, and new freedom to be the master of your existence, your choices, your behavior, with a giving nature and profound patience and understanding.

Yes, this is a key element in awakening, our brother, self-love and gratitude that you exist to experience. Namaste, our brother.
Oct. 19, 2014 Copyright © 2014 by Joshua Ross



Moving from disease to well-being

JANU: For this morning’s journey, let us make use of humanity’s attention, which is upon the disease ‘Ebola.’ Should we say ‘the virus Ebola’? For it is not a disease of itself, but the condition it produces in the body is. There will be a time when, and has been a time when, the equilibrium, the balance, the health and well-being of the individual offers no place for a virus to take hold, becomes an environment that a virus cannot survive in. The condition we speak of speaks of an awakened and conscious being in harmony with life, in harmony within its being.

At this time, humanity sees a world that bombards it with diseases, maladies of all sorts, and new ones arriving again and again. What it doesn’t see is a natural ability to be free of such intrusions to the point where it knows no other modality for living and does not consider this sort of alternative to its current state. The total human being is designed, by nature, to have integrity throughout its existence, for the purpose of serving consciousness raising through experience.

So you see, this current human condition is a natural way to control over-population, including the animal world. It is certainly one way but not the enlightened way. Procreation willy-nilly, if you will, is not enlightened participation in life, but is nature’s way of proliferation to maintain population in the presence of so much disease and premature demise.

The immune system of the physical body is not as well equipped or refined in its current state as it could be. There are elements of the immune system that are suppressed, and you might say atrophied, due to the bombardment of loud intrusions into this system. It will blossom or flower once more with a lessening of such intrusions due to awakening into a balanced and harmonious state of being and relationship with the environment. It needs a rest from this, you see.

There is much to learn, to discover, about well-being or the lack of it, we might say. The human being is a complete system, not just a physical body. A system with imbalances and weakened because of them. For most, ill health has become accepted as the norm. Leaving the body by way of illness has become the accepted norm. None of these are normal, our brother, only common. Humanity needs a new model, a new perception of being well and strong and clear and aware and conscious always, that one might move beyond just survival and fulfill their destiny and promise, potential.

Observe the world of humanity, our brother. Is there not room for improvement? The evidence is everywhere. The human condition at this time is not normal; the results of which speak volumes to the need for change. Awaken into a well life and move beyond survival into a bright future, rich with experience, wisdom, and contribution.
Oct. 20, 2014 Copyright © 2014 by Joshua Ross



Understanding awakening

JANU: Our journey this morning includes the dynamic range of the reality of awakening of consciousness. Universally speaking, this attribute of life begins with self-awareness. And as the self is surviving in a variety of realities and circumstance, parameters of existence if you will, self-awareness is stimulated by the interactions.

Now, of course the reality of awakening in consciousness varies greatly, depending upon the manifestation, whether physical or not. Becoming more aware of self and the nature of the existence is never just an individual experience, because each being is an interactive experience for others. So what you realize here is that your experience with awakening is shared by many, demonstrating the dynamics of life and its oneness in the midst of diversity, and its diversity in the midst of oneness.

Awakening is real, our brother, a fundamental element of life on the path of realization. In their own way, even worlds awaken, for they have a consciousness after their own nature and they survive a lot longer than humanity does. Humanity has a sense of, a perception of life being animated. A limited view. You ask, “Can a rock awaken?” Not as humanity does, but the molecular and atomic energy of its nature are imprintable and radiate various energies. So it records and expresses at the same time, and responds to external forces when there is energy built up within. So awakening, our brother, is not limited to humanity or other beings exclusively.

Awakening is life in motion, exploring interactions, potential, creativity, and the constant, ever-changing modification of life. Awakening is universal, not just as the observer of life, but a co-creator. But for humanity’s path at this time, it is becoming aware of the nature of its existence and the family of life.

Broaden, then, your perception of the nature and purpose of awakening and the scope of its reality.
Oct. 21, 2014 Copyright © 2014 by Joshua Ross



Life lessons

JANU: We are pursuing diligently the awakening of humanity into the larger life. Now, to many this seems as a unique and special activity. Not completely, for awakening is unfolding throughout life. But to less awakened humanity, it is a concept not embraced as reality or possible to achieve, left as some distant thing for some distant time. For some, it is as a precipice. Once you fall off the edge, from their point of view, you fall into the unknown, never to return to their current state, the only life they’re familiar with.

The current challenges of living that seem to plague life are accepted as normal, as virtually unavoidable conditions of living to be met with struggle and uncertain outcome. Awakening gives insight into the current existence and the so-called limitations and struggles and uncertain outcomes. It is more a blending of life, an adding to, enrichment, expansion, inclusive, and rewarding. Instead of life just happening, one becomes a player in life in new ways with a growing sense of empowerment. Not to abuse the privilege of life, but to enhance it. Not to escape it, but to master it. Not to take advantage of and manipulate, but to serve it and the enrichment of others, the empowerment of others, the freedom of others.

Consider then for a moment the future of humanity with more and more people free to manifest the truth of who they are with all the resources of life itself. The individual achievement and empowerment is not a solo journey, so to speak, but one of intimacy, of greater depth, with the truth of life, of existence, of your connection with everything. Notice the small instances throughout your day of the flow of life enhancing your achievements; your functionality; your insights into yourself and others; doors of opportunity opening and your becoming aware of them; your thoughts, your emotions, and your body more at peace, balanced, with insights to support this; seeing lessons in nature that are new to your experience; understanding how life functions; and a growing patience with life as it is but ever changing and in motion.

There will always be superior ways of living, not all at once, but it is a process, for assimilation takes time. Responding to the content of your day is superior to reacting to it. A powerful distinction. Namaste.
Oct. 23, 2014 Copyright © 2014 by Joshua Ross