The Flow of Life

These journeys all relate to the flow of life as humanity awakens to this larger life. A new one is added, from November 2015. There have been many journeys posted in 2014 related to this. Three in particular are referenced here.

The flow of life
The flow of life 2
Overflow and the flow of life
The meaning of the flow of life   NEW!

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The meaning of the flow of life

JANU: For this morning’s journey, let us discover the meaning of the flow of life. Flow meaning movement, change, evolution, interaction, currents, that include all of creation, all realities. How does one make sense of such dynamics and constant creation? To begin with, make sense of the moments of your day, the flows that occur and what they produce. For make no mistake, the flow of life is producing more life constantly, extending the nature of reality, preparing the foundation, if you will, for life to continue.

You ask, “Why does life continue at all?” From the human perspective, that is called survival, a built in pattern of desire compelling the realization of potential. The existence of universes is not all that is at stake. Life is investing in itself, in all realities. Why do you take your next breath? Basic reality, you see. Many fear so-called death, wanting one more day to experience life, not realizing that their life continues beyond death. Even memories continue on, to serve the flow of your existence. So-called ‘past life’ memories are basically life memories.

You ask if the flow of life has a destination? The destination is to be. And the flow is not a fixed or static reality. It is constantly changing. The nature of life is to evolve, to change, to create, to explore all it can be. Each person has, in their nature, an element of this.

What is the nature of boredom, our brother, but a lack of change? Your colloquial phrase “Been there, done that” speaks of this. How much change, what direction, what form is not preordained, but comes from the changing interest and desires, capabilities, inspirations of each one’s experience. So, you see, there is flow within flow within flow, co-existing, interacting, creating, expressing. Be grateful for change. Adapt to it. Embrace it. Become richer for it. And move on. Namaste.

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The flow of life

JANU: We are holding the focus for this morning’s journey, that being the dissemination of what some would call ‘the will of God.’ More appropriately called, in the larger venue of life, the ‘flow of life.’ What is the flow of life, then, but a movement of change? Most collective life realizes its potential and every part of human existence is part of that flow, that evolution, that realization.

Now, holding the focus for the flow of life does not mean controlling it or managing it, but being in harmony with it, understanding its true being, its true power, its nature. The flow of life is a constant, but rich with countless nuances, for the flow of life is expressed in every reality. A universal constant for virtually all universes, with some exceptions, for life has a cadence, a rhythm, a pulsing, an ebb and flow. But there is always change, always life in motion. The ebbs and flows are natural occurrences, allowing for redistribution, balancing, expression of potentials left behind, in a manner of speaking. So even the flow of life, our brother, is very dynamic. You ask, “What about the flow of life in the individual being?” The patterns exist there as well. As opportunities come and go, decisions and commitments are changed, completed, making way for new ones.

The flow of life is inherent. The flow of life is owned by no one. It is part of every experience, to be benefited from and contributed to by living in harmony with it. A life in harmony with the flow of life is advantaged. Doors of opportunity seem to appear from nowhere and open. Obstacles, unbeckoned to life’s movements, soften and, in some cases, disappear. Helping others freely beckons opportunity and a rewarding joy in giving and, at times, enjoying the fruits in the lives of others. Caring for animals is a strong part of their finding peace in living. Nature responds universally to human assistance.

Your contributions to the flow of life move downstream, so to speak, and enrich where they may. Others wonder at the miracles bestowed on them, not realizing that they found them on the flow of life from the contributions of others. The flow of life is life in motion. And without change this does not exist. So, when you contemplate your existence, allow the sensing of the flow of life in and around you, and its influence of change and opportunity. Namaste.
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The Flow of Life 2

JANU: Flowing consciousness with life has so many benefits and one can move along the flow of life at any pace they choose, even sampling opportunities to measure what they offer. And the flow of life is a continuous reality, meaning engaging it anywhere, as you might call ‘timeline,’ only it’s ‘process line.’ It’s an open and closed loop at the same time–an arc of life. And, yes, even more than one engagement at the same time, simultaneous engagements.

Counterparts to the flow of life exist within your being. The nature of the flow is change, as we have said before. The One Life re-creating itself, infinitely. Not linear, you see, but simultaneous composite of reality, as are we all. The flow of life is not a separate thing, but describes you. It is your nature.

Where, then, does the so-called terrorist or individual of similar disposition fit into the flow of life? This has to do with fighting change in their own consciousness and circumstance of living. Resenting the path, yet, in their way, continuing it into the future. Seemingly stuck in the midst of flow, but this too is an illusion. Changes will come, instantaneously or over long process, but they will come. For without change there is no life. Life is always in motion.

One can be sensitive to flow, recognizing, embracing, benefiting from it in many ways. Even prepare for it, becoming a master of manifesting change. Not to force change on others, which would violate integrity and sovereignty. One can be aware of a life in motion, enjoying the moment yet allowing the next, which is different. Including your sense of identity. Your current sojourn is not your whole life. A small portion of it, a moment. Allow it to be the moment it is and not a ‘forever reality’ of rejecting change. Be at peace with life as it is, for it allows everything.
Consider this carefully and the inner knowing will come. Thank you, our brother, and namaste.
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Overflow and the flow of life

JANU: We are continuing the flow of understanding for the awakening of humanity. May we proceed at this time in the direction of what could be called “overflow.” In any communication there can be this condition.

“What is overflow, then?” you ask. It is that which moves in the flow above and beyond the ‘attentional’ capacity of the receiver of information. So the points to be made, the understandings to be garnered are limited to some degree in their depth, in their scope. But make no mistake, our brother. The flow that was missed took place, and can be captured once again. So, as you consider each understanding that is grasped, be aware that there is more and your growing openness and ability to attune and capacity to understand can be richer indeed. So, in your preparations, realize that there is more occurring to be understood. And, of course, that applies to every insight, every movement of life, every change.

Overflow is part of the nature of life, to ensure benefit. So when you are attuning to a reality for understanding, place no limitation on the experience through expectation or current understanding. For all understandings of this sort are limited. This is why we revisit so many times the focus for understanding. The seeds of life are vast in number, for they do more than just perpetuate a species, but are food for life around, as the acorns of the tree feed much of life. They can access them but continue the species of tree as well. So it is with these seeds of understanding, these moments of insight. Life overflows the request so that your new understandings pass through you for the curiosity, the interest, of others to benefit.

It is the way of life, our brother. Overflow with a purpose. There is always more occurring than you’re aware of. Part of the beauty of life and its richness. Let your life be this way as well. Namaste.
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