Crop Circles

Milk Hill Crop CircleThere has been a great deal of interest in crop circles that have appeared in fields all across the planet. The various designs have been well documented and researched, from a variety of perspectives. At the request of a number of friends, I began a series of attunements investigating the meaning or purpose behind the circles. I utilized the patterns published by Colin Andrews in C.P.R.I Crop Circles Pattern Catalogue, Volume 3. The use of T and a number, within my attunements, refer to his designations. For further information on his research, please visit his website.  All designs are used here with his permission.

Janu began to use the term “glyph” to refer to “crop circles” in June 1999, with glyph T-22. The reader should understand that the terms refer to the same artifact; however, “glyph” is a more inclusive, universal category referring to the patterns made and presented in many different forms and media, long before the current crop circles. A crop circle is one means of presentation for a pattern, a glyph.  Just as different groups of entities have had responsibility for creating the glyphs in the fields, different groups have participated in our journeys, all with Janu as the Gatekeeper.

Because the attunements about crop circles began at the request of others, the responses received were tailored to the level of engagement and understanding of those present during the attunement journey. Always, the patterns were seen as a portal or key to journey into or through in order to engage the multi-dimensional reality and gain the understanding represented, ‘moving from seeing these glyphs as exact representations of meaning to the more intimate and personal relationship of consciousness journeying.’  (Janu) ‘The glyphs are invitations to allow yourself to become an aspect of your reality for understanding.’ (Hierarchy of Light)

The reader is encouraged to follow the chronology of the journeys, but also to take his/her own journeys through the glyphs. The experience of a glyph is multi-dimensional and will be different for different individuals, and even different for the same individual at different times in their sojourn. However, there is some merit to a linear approach to the study of the glyphs. “The collective of understanding and the reality of consciousness and being that is exampled by these many presentations is a unitary consciousness. Therefore, each journey into each pattern is connected to the whole of the story, the journey, the meaning of, that has given birth to these. Each of these opportunities are linear accesses to a larger nonlinear life, therefore the accumulation of a number of these experiences in linear fashion leads to a movement into a nonlinear appreciation of composite life without undue stress upon the orientation or perspective.” (Brotherhood of the One Light)

The first volume, Crop Circles Vol 1 – An Introduction, presents information from 5 attunements between September 1996 and April 1999, which set the background for understanding crop circles in general.

Crop Circles Vol 2 and Crop Circles Vol 3  include all journeys taken over crop circles T-1 through T-56 as these included more of a question and answer approach throughout. A friend offered to participate on a regular basis, presenting the crop circle pattern and asking questions as they came up. Other individuals also participated along with him. There are two volumes only because the length of one became unmanageable.

Subsequent volumes (Crop Circles Vol 4  , Crop Circles Vol 5 , and Crop Circles-Vol 6) are those in which Janu guided me in a multi-dimensional experience of each glyph, continuing to use the pattern as a doorway to pass through to the underlying meaning and experience.