Representative Journeys

These four journeys are based upon diagrams of crop circles published by Colin Andrews. They are used with his permission. They serve as samples of the total attunement work done on Crop Circles, a work in progress.

© Colin Andrews 1995

© Colin Andrews 1995

T-11  An invitation to journey

HIERARCHY OF LIFE:          With this one, we are going to start the process of, as has been suggested, thought development. This particular configuration, when embraced as an alignment or configuration of your perception will bring you into direct contact with three individuals who in balanced configuration made this projection. In order to accomplish this, focus your attention on the three outlying, equally spaced points. Acknowledge the symmetry of the order of life that threefold nature represents. Now, even in a tetrahedron, three dimensionally, and this one is difficult to see, you are at the center of the configuration of a threefold reality. That would project a threefold tetrahedron yielding three axes. Now the fourth point, for clarification, is you the receptor, as seen through the face of one side.

Now, what does all this mean?

Many of the key configurations for communication, connection, and even journeying, are represented geometrically speaking not limited to your spatial concepts or constructs. In this particular situation, or representation, understanding will not take place through logic alone, or deduction. This configuration represents a conduit of inter-dimensional consciousness to a balanced configuration of collective understanding. It was hoped that many would see the invitation to journeying in these representations. It has not been the case. In the direct communications we spoke of earlier, there will be these representations appearing, spatially and in motion, communicating their vitality, their life, and their movement.

In truth, the larger view of these collections speaks to the elements of reality of humanity and its spiritual construct, which was accomplished by and affected by the collective construct of the larger universe. If you continue to examine these images two dimensionally, much will be missed. From the logical position, the message they contain does not linearly progress from their representation. They are invitations to allow yourself to become an aspect of your reality for understanding. When you see a simple circle, become a sphere. When you become a sphere, allow yourself to be what that sphere represents. No form is causal. All form is shadow.

April 26, 1999  B                                                   Copyright © 2014 by Joshua Ross

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© Colin Andrews 1995

T-31: Moving past the barrier of time from linear to non-linear reality
HIERARCHY OF LIGHT:       This glyph or crop circle, if you prefer, journeys one, so to speak, across what some describe as the barrier of time. The movement in reality reference for you will seem as though great speeds are being achieved to your senses. This is not the case, however. Only an illusion of the transition experience that this configuration patterns you for.

In a certain way this experience moves you from linear to non-linear reality. However, understand that the treatment of the perception of distance or space reality is not treated the same way as time. This is why we do not lump these two together for this experience, you see. The other is achieved with a slight modification to this configuration.

Now then, let us proceed with what this pattern affords. We would have you, at this time, anchor, so to speak, or affirm a synchronization of your subtle vehicles that no one of them drift even the slightest during this transition. You must accomplish this as an integrated being.

The purpose of this journey and glyph as offered to human experience is, for some, somewhat obvious and for others a mystery. However, this shall free the individual into collective understanding and experience of reality that is timeless; therefore, bringing into union and synchronicity what you call the past and the future. For those in the realms not subject to that restriction see life in a different way.

The symbolism of in this configuration, that being the outer arc or circle being broken by the lifeline between egos, represents the perception of the break in continuity of the realm of duality. We will for a moment, though briefly, complete this circle. Now then, embrace the absolute core of your nature that contains within it the complete spectrum of duality reality and resolve past and future into one moment. And now, allow the circle to be completed within you. And as the break in the circle closes, make the transition.

As you may perceive, the sense of speed is the almost instantaneous movement from limited being to unlimited being, which is your true nature. This journey will continue for some time, depending upon the degree of your acceptance of your larger, more complete identity.

In this delicate balance of consciousness, you can perceive a portion of your reality that exists in duality and time and space as but a moment in the truth of what you really are. Without this movement in consciousness, the continuum of your Earth reference will forever color your perception of the larger life. With this movement, you are no longer in the box looking outward. The perception of movement through space is transformed into motionless movement, once the time barrier is transcended.

Linger in this reality ‘til you find stability and familiarity. Time is a no thing and gives way to simultaneousness. Many journeys are now possible with the slightest thought, for all form, and time, and space exist within this beingness. A return to now, to that portion of existence, by choice, free now to move as you will. These movements in life are as natural as breathing and are part of your larger reality.

October 4, 1999 A                   Copyright © 2014 by Joshua Ross

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T082 smaller

copyright © Colin Andrews 1995

T‑82: shedding all limitations that no longer serve you

THE BROTHERHOOD OF THE ONE LIGHT:          We are challenging the understanding of humanity to embrace that which is presented for their benefit at this time, for this serves their enlightenment and their future.

For today’s journey, then, let us proceed with a small amount of correction or adjustment in your configuration for this purpose. Allow, then, your focus to increase slightly in frequency or vibration to include pattern replication of a vehicle for entry into this portal. Cylindrical as shapes are determined and hollow, if you will, from end to end. Now then, let us proceed, entering first through the left circle, accepting its configuration and back through the middle circle, accepting its configuration, and now through the right circle, rapidly exceeding the physical speed of light. And now enter, you see. This rapid transition leaves behind limited concepts, preferences, and beliefs. That is the initial purpose of this glyph. Allow this to be your experience. Shedding, then, these limitations, one is prepared to perceive, consider, and accept the direction at least of these portals of understanding.

The direction, then, dear one, as you perceive, is the dimensional expanding or expansion of human consciousness and subsequent relationships with its physical existence and universe. Moving from unconscious to conscious creator through acceptance of an intimate relationship with creation, you see. This portal you are experiencing is the introduction to this expansion. The cylinder preparation, then, represents the opening of the conduit of consciousness, allowing the flow of expansion to move through your journey of life. Let all things be swept away that no longer serve your journey. Let movement, new experiences, new understanding refresh you, revitalize you, and enrich you.

This is the direction, dear one.  The destination to be revealed. Return, then, to your world for the moment but with the conduit open and flourishing.

May 7, 2001 B                                                       Copyright © 2014 by Joshua Ross

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copyright © Colin Andrews 1995

T-143: One life

BROTHERHOOD OF THE ONE LIGHT:      We survey this understanding as to its significance in the course of human journey and reclamation of its state of consciousness. We refer to today’s glyph as you have selected, it being one of a few that bring to point the merging of, the union of what you call spirit reality being with that you call human consciousness, being mostly third dimensional.

What then is there to re-awaken in this area? Much is talked of this merging reality yet it remains, in human understanding, two separate worlds. The merging to be understood is that the separation is a condition of perception and choice but, beyond the scope of this perception, the reality exists and is a continuous one. This movement of perception balances through the triggering by the choice to awaken, not just intellectually but by direct embrace and loving anticipation.

Let us magnetize this, then, as we configure by way of this glyph, remembering and embracing this union that already exists. Yes, you sense the union is the loss of neither but the combining into one reality. The experience of being alive, vital, present, aware of endless nuance and the reciprocation of being heralds the merging. Once again, the theme, our brother, one life of many and from this perspective, you love and cherish your physical existence and ultimately everyone else’s. But it is revealed as a part of your life and by no means all of it, although all of your life is present.

When engaged in this way of intimacy, one no longer needs structures of configuration that cause one to identify solely with their Earth life, for the enlightened one sees the beauty and the eternal wisdom in it as well. Slowly humanity will awaken to the intimacy of life, its eternal theme of loving ongoingness and mutual influence and benefit. In time, the perception of the larger life body will release the need for exclusive individual identity, for your identity will include many.

This is the journey of union with depth and richness and clarity beyond measure. All victories are shared. All challenges are shared and known. All discouragements and frustrations are loved and understood with patience.

As you choose to awaken, our brother, we do so with you, for our awakenings are shared. Share yours with others, that they realize the beauty of life, including their own.

Oct. 14, 2003 B           Copyright © 2014 by Joshua Ross

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