Journeys in Consciousness

Golden Aum

In working with Janu and the Brotherhood of Light, my desire is to support humanity into a greater awareness of all that life is. I have taken attunement journeys on a wide variety of subjects, as listed below, which you may read.  You are, as always, invited to take your own journeys and gain your own truth.  It is my hope that these journeys will inspire awakening as each one chooses.


The Awakening of Humanity is a general discussion of the process of awakening.

Awakening-a series is a series of attunements from 2016 dealing directly with the process of awakening. As this is an ongoing series, entries will be posted in New Journeys and this file updated every month.

Awakening and the Human Journey is a little more specific as to how awakening can and does effect life on the planet at this time.

Category: Elements of Awakening will have more recent journeys.

Oneness is a term used frequently among those seeking enlightenment or awakening, but it is rarely explained. This is a concept that has been touched on in many different ways throughout my growth in this journey; but these seemed to bring the idea into focus. Individually posted to the website in 2014, they are presented here for ease of reading and consideration.

Over the years, I had come across the term “the Light Body.” I chose to explore Developing the Light Body, and my journeys changed as my experience grew and my own Light Body developed. The process is ongoing and will vary from person to person. The reader is encouraged to take his/her own journeys while reading these attunements, and allow his/her Light Body to develop and join the larger Light Body of the Brotherhood of Light.

CHANGES 1996-98 are early attunements on the subject of both Earth and consciousness changes.

The Nature of the Coming Changes addresses Earth changes as well as consciousness changes. This is a series of attunements done over a month or so in 1998. As change is a constant element of life, the journeys have continued to address these, compiled in CHANGES 1998-2015.

Manifesting Change is the logical result of exploring Earth changes. As we are co-creators, then we create the changes. There are protocols, guidelines, and experiences to be had along the way.

Category: Changes will have more recent journeys.

The Brotherhood of Light places a very high premium on the positive aspects of life, such as love, peace, cooperation, consciousness development. In order for the reader to explore each subject more fully, I have created some collections.

The Nature of Love is a collection of journeys dealing with love, how it is expressed, and its importance to life.  The category: Nature of Love will contain more recent journeys on this topic.

The Collective Consciousness of the True Being is a series of attunements done within a short span of time. The True Being is that essential essence of each individual that transcends their current physical incarnation. This collection further defines and expands that.

True Being or True Nature is a series that expands upon the previous series. The terms in the title are used interchangeably. There is also a category called True Nature & Incarnate Life, which has more recent information regarding the True Nature.

PEACE is a series of journeys that talk about what peace is (NOT the absence of war!) and ways that humanity could grow from expressing it more fully.  Service is a very important aspect of the Brotherhood of Light, and we have daily service attunements. Those that have dealt with serving peace around the world are presented in Service to Peace.

Category: Peace will have more recent journeys.

As humanity collectively awakens to higher levels of consciousness, a paradigm shift is required in how we perceive the world around us. I began a series along these lines early in my learning process, which has continued on and off since then. These journeys are grouped into volumes so as to present the information in smaller units that are perhaps more user-friendly. The category “New Paradigm” also will connect you to most recent attunements along these lines.

The New Paradigm-First Elements includes 17 journeys taken in 1996-1998 dealing with the initial aspects of this paradigm shift. This is the first volume in a 14 year series.

The New Paradigm- Vol 2-Creating Life SubSeries is a series of 7 attunements dealing with the larger Body of Life and our relationship and responsibilities as co-creators.

The New Paradigm–Volume 3 continues the series. These attunements occurred between November 1998 and November 2001. Many of these journeys were more in the nature of “guided meditations” as my consciousness was prepared to more fully handle the New Paradigm understanding.

These further volumes continue the series:  New Paradigm – Volume 4   (November 2001 – April 2003), New Paradigm – Volume 5 (June 2003 – May 2004) and New Paradigm-Volume 6  (July 2004 – October 2006). These attunements were not continued until 2012, compiled asNew Paradigm-volume 7 (2012-2014). May your own explorations of these concepts awaken you to your fullest potential.

The NOW was developed as a series from this New Paradigm series, as humanity needs to alter its perception of past/present/future and come into fuller awareness of the Now. This is an ongoing process and topic. Since this shows up in other attunements as well, category The NOW will help you find related journeys.

Destiny of Humanity is an ongoing series of attunements about the journey of humanity and how it unfolds.  Closely related is Earth and its Destiny, addressing the journey of Earth as a living system.

Category: Destiny will have more recent journeys.

Grids or Programmable Energy Continuums are a series of attunements dealing with the purposes and uses of the energy “grids” that many of us are aware of, around the Earth. As the series progressed, it became apparent that the term “Grid” was too limited and a broader term was required. Check it out to see why!