Assistance in the Awakening Process

These are  attunements that deal with issues that may assist the reader in making their own progress in growing into the being that they wish to become, and/or in attempting their own journeys of growth and learning. See also the page “Benefits of Journeying.”


Choices and outcomes

JANU: For this evening’s journey, let us consider the inequities of life, that seem so, for the diversity of possibilities to engage and experience life seems random, without limit, and almost accidental. What humanity fails to perceive is how their experiences are a direct result of their choices, perceptions, attitudes, performance, and history of living.

So, how does one master, then, life experiences for an outcome that proves agreeable and beneficial? It begins by understanding and taking ownership of one’s own sovereignty, creative potential, an understanding of life and what it includes. Now, realize this, our brother, that although many outcomes seem capricious they all add up to the path of mastery.

How does one begin, then, to appreciably manage their life opportunities at least anticipating outcomes that seem favorable in the moment? It is done by centering your perceptions, understandings, and choices in harmony with awakening to your True Nature, and realizing that your walk through life is not just for you, but for others as well, because of the oneness reality and the eternal connections with the flows of life. Many consider their outcomes limited to their physical journey. They are not. What survives this incarnation to engage another through choice and desire benefits from outcomes on many levels of reality beyond this incarnate life and choices that have been made long ago in other realities. Once more, the benefit for awakening to the truth of your being and all that that includes.

Jan. 22, 2014 B                                                      Copyright © 2014 by Joshua Ross



Faith in a better life

JANU: For this morning’s journey, we will survey the options for humanity in the field of the renewal of a sense of larger purpose beyond the conflicts of the day. Many religious teachers talk of renewal. We would suggest an examination of ‘renewal of what?’ Enduring renewal has to do with True Nature and the freedom to be a free and confident being, with open mind and heart that loves all of life, including themselves. So what we investigate here is humanity’s renewal into freedom for all, love of each other, and a mutually supportive vision for the future. Now, these concepts are not new to the True Nature of humanity, but have been forgotten by the pressures of living without conscious awareness of a oneness with these higher ideals.

How does one, then, embrace renewal from this perspective? It begins by putting one’s attention upon these qualities of living and looking for ways to express them with a life that inspires others to find their own renewal. There are worlds, brother, that live this way and have grown rapidly into new levels of consciousness and reality, embracing life with vigor and the confident anticipation of new adventures, thresholds, and states of being.

Humanity is still in the quagmire, without a universally held vision for itself. Humanity needs a new model of existence, of civilization, behavior, cherishing the values and the lifestyle to express them, and move beyond limitation. The negative emotions still prevail.

Now, there are members of humanity on the Earth that are moving in this direction we speak of but many still live in fear, seeing the need for weapons to protect themselves from each other, not realizing that their fears attract to them what they are in fear of—a function of co-creation. Everyone creates the life they live, feeling they have no choice for what they witness in others around them. Many speak of ‘having faith’ but would do well to explore the question “Faith in what?” and have this replace the fears. We are not suggesting blindness here to the realities of life that people have created but a confidence in walking through life creating a clearer path to freedom. A faith in life of endless opportunities to improve the conditions of living and uniting people into their true peace, true power, a love for themselves and others, and confident. Thank you, our brother, and namaste.

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The Art of Communication: Listening

JANU: Communication then, as such, to varying degrees is an art. And part of this art is listening. Even in these journeys, our brother, listening is the jewel, so to speak. For where is communication without it? Being caught up in your own thoughts, when listening to another, virtually closes the door on communication. Now, listening is effective when one is responsive to what occurs in the area of recognition, so the patterns received have a place to take root, if you will. So there is a balance struck between listening and receiving and consideration of that received. There is a simultaneous reality to this and, in true oneness, the transmitter, the communicator, is sensitive to the quality of reception. A bit of feedback, if you will, as to effectiveness and clarity of understanding. The art of communication is truly an art that can be developed, refined, nurtured, and benefit both parties, assuming only two are involved.

Now, carried to a further degree, communication can achieve healing, if you will, in all of the bodies, when intimacy and rapport exist. Gratitude for that gained through this level of communication inspires each to continue and refine.

Benefits of communication can extend beyond the parties involved to others as well. Service to life being displayed once more, just by communicating. There will always be opportunity for service through communication, enhanced through the refinement of the art and the depth of understanding and commitment to service. Namaste, our brother.

May 23, 2014                                                         Copyright © 2014 by Joshua Ross



Choosing a new model of living

JANU: A new model for living is called for from time to time as life evolves, for new opportunities and thresholds in consciousness are available when one makes this change. One of the signs of the approach of this change is when the journey of life seems to be stuck in repetitive cycles that do not seem to evolve. What of this new model, then? What would it include? How is it to be understood? The model is born of the present, for in a way the present describes the new model. What it needs to overcome. What limits in living must it surpass? These elements can be observed in the behavior of the present model of experience and engagement of life.

For instance, intolerant behavior and perceptions of others and of self is a very limiting point of view. Not only does it limit the observer, but the ones observed as well. For being surrounded and impacted by the judgments, energies, limitations of intolerance can stifle the unfolding of a free spirit in the Lightness of Being. This is one of many examples of change and the reasons for it. An unwillingness in the individual to have confidence in the embracing of any future, any change, is a limitation; therefore, an attitude and presence of confidence, in life, in your being, and in your potential as achievable and, not only that, your birthright through being, is a great liberator. Any attitude of ‘It can’t be done. It’s never been done. This is the way things have always been.’ stifles an individual’s creativity and imagination. Life is in motion, our brother, and these attitudes inhibit it, or attempt to. And the opportunities flow by, unobserved and unengaged.

Fear of loving and being loved is another limitation, for how can one’s heart expand and lift another when one is seemingly trapped in this lack of experience and expression in this area of life? To truly love one’s self is the beginning of loving life and loving another, loving the future, and, yes, even the present.

When one suffers illness or disease, does one see the condition as powerful in the life and not easy to overcome, for one sees the self as weaker than the condition? This is a stifling limitation in the body’s inherent nature of being well, and contributes to the perpetuation of the condition of illness. When one awakens, is the consciousness filled with anticipation and peace at the beginning of a day, looking for its opportunities for illumination, growth, awakening, and service?

Limiting perceptions and concepts have a cumulative effect on the life and feed each other, perpetuating disillusionment, frustration, and defeatism. Once again here, change is from choice, when one chooses a different way of living. So choose a new model for yourself as an example of living into the future, born of the present.

May 30, 2014                                                         Copyright © 2014 by Joshua Ross



Learn by observing each other’s lives

JANU: For this evening’s journey let us issue a warning that good times are coming. Every day, humanity moves closer to embracing its future, its destiny, and the love that provided these in the first place. Humanity has the capacity for outrageous and wonderful behavior, destructive and creative thoughts and actions. The choice has always been with each one.

And where is the wisdom behind the choices? It comes from within, our brother, within our True Nature. A conscious relationship with that Truth within is a worthy goal. We are aware of these elements of human consciousness and philosophy, yet still love humanity for the beauty it holds within. So we will continue to encourage, uplift, and inspire humanity to be true to itself and own what it is capable of.

We learn many things by observing each other. In time, the same will occur when human worlds connect with each other and observe. But one need not wait for this connection, with so many examples on the Earth. When observing another, judge not but learn, understand, with an open mind and a loving heart and patience. Each day is rich with these opportunities. Use them and grow. Namaste, our brother.

June 11, 2014 B                                                     Copyright © 2014 by Joshua Ross



Learn of the nature of life through connecting with diversity

JANU: When embracing the concept of all of life’s diversity as a reality, it is a fundamental quality for all of life and any part of it to diversify. Even specializing in one endeavor, it incorporates diversity as needed, as inspired, as enrichment. It is of value, to begin to understand this primary reality, to explore the diversity in your own life choices and experiences, and can easily be observed in others, in nature, and the creation and interaction of worlds and the forces involved.

Contemplating and studying and observing diversity everywhere is enriching of its own but it reveals more of life than just diversity. It reveals the thrust for life, its momentum, its changing patterns and what they reveal about destinies and the birth of potential, which is a created reality, our brother. Diversity allows rejuvenation, transformation, transmutation, exploration, and revelation. Not just the objects of the observing, but how life functions, the source of motivations and the urge to continue. Even in your own thought processes, be aware of the diversity that transpires and what that diversity leads to in new thought and deeper appreciation of what has been, and ultimately, the interconnectedness of all of it, all of life. For all of life benefits from all diversity and continues to create on that foundation.

Relationships in humanity have diversity as well. Be aware of how one thing leads to another, and another thing is created to lead to another. Can one ever say that life is truly boring and lacks any interest at all for one who participates? Diversity makes this so. Connecting with diversity intimately connects you with the life that allows it, that moves with it, and you constantly see with new eyes, new powers of perception, new appreciation, as to the depth of everything and each other.

June 12, 2014                                                         Copyright © 2014 by Joshua Ross



The blessing of challenges

JANU: We are unencumbered with the desire for perfection, for this is an illusion by many who perceive a life without challenge as a blessing. The blessing, our brother, is the ability to engage life and its challenges and prosper from them—and by prosper, we mean grow—with greater and deeper experience, and the wisdom that this yields, so the threshold of challenges becomes more profound and richer. Choose the strength that a challenge brings. Reveal a life with challenges well met, and that life will move on as a blessing for others, as well as for itself. The consciousness and awakening of humanity is lifted by every one of these and being part of, engaged in, humanity that is awakening enriches everyone in it.

The particular gift of a challenge is not always foreseen, but it is always there. Some challenges seem devastating, but they can be met and lived through and prospered from. It matters not whether an entire lifetime is needed to meet one challenge, or many. Time is not the challenge. Time is process. As much as you can, be at peace while meeting the challenge. It allows for creative insight, inspiration, understanding—and the strength to continue. Frustration, regret, disappointment sabotage these. A challenge is not an indicator that something is wrong. It is how life works and grows. Namaste.

June 19, 2014 B                                                     Copyright © 2014 by Joshua Ross




JANU: We are conversing this evening on the subject of what some call decay, as a part of life. This subject causes one to examine “What is decaying?” and “Why is this a natural function?”

What is decaying, our brother, is relationships. When one builds a castle in the sand, it doesn’t just fall apart on its own. Moisture holds it together, which evaporates. Too much moisture, such as the surf, and it falls apart again. When looking at other materiality that decays eventually, the forces and materials present have their relationships, and relationships with object decaying. So decaying, then you see, is the return from one semi-stable state to a previous more stable state. Even your memories when recalled have changed.

So what then of the stability of different realities of life? They change through their process of being and interacting with each other. What would the universe be like if nothing decayed? Where would the wisdom be in all creation being permanently stable in its existence? Where would growth be, evolution?

So, as people attempt to preserve as much as they can, they are fighting a losing battle. The same comparison can be made of attitudes, perceptions, philosophies, science. So when serving an element of creation, consider its previous more stable state of existence, and the one before that, and the one before that. So what do you place your confidence on, in a created universe? The life that it is, the life it will be. Evolution, change, modification, rebirth, and new life.

So you see, our brother, decay is the process of re-formation, of new life, new expression, new opportunity. Everything is in process. And change is essential for life to continue. So be not appalled as things decay, attitudes change, relationships come and go. Life is behind all of this, our brother, and it is a blessing. Namaste.

June 27, 2014 B                                                     Copyright © 2014 by Joshua Ross



The elements of life that support your path of destiny

JANU: May we join, then, in an adventure that brings together the factions of life that hold sway when destiny is revealed through inspiration from the True Nature. What we speak of here has to do with the systems of life that generate the support needed to manifest that destiny. When one suspects a path that is their destiny, there are realities of enthusiasm: the presence and the power and beauty of life, the innate qualities to become what is perceived, and the presence of life, its vastness, its richness, and its wisdom, that is the source of the vision. And the joy from this realization of potential has, as its nature, the desire to share it, for life does not evolve in a pocket of isolation.

Being a light in life of the Truth of Life is a gift to any who would receive it. It is a natural existence. A life of service that requires nothing. Thank you, our brother, and namaste.

July 23, 2014 B                                                      Copyright © 2014 by Joshua Ross



The many paths of awakening

JANU: Be aware that the relationships possible consciously, and unconsciously, between people and their True Natures are by no means limited to our style and form of communication. When you wish for awakening for others, in your perception allow them the freedom to experience the manner that serves them best. Enhance your ability to perceive these many forms of awakening to better understand and evolve your own. Awakening, our brother, is a journey without end. Even when discarnate the journey continues.

There are those who instinctively sense the wisdom, or lack thereof, of a decision. This is their form of awakening.

There are those who work closely with nature, which opens the path of awakening in that arena of life.

There are those who are mathematicians, scientists, researchers, physicians, and awakening occurs on that path to enhance the human condition. Astronomers, stargazers if you will, wonder intensely and deeply at the unknown realities of life beyond the Earth, and include the Earth as well. This opens their path of awakening.

Musicians, artists are constantly attuning themselves to their path of creativity and their True Natures are right there with them, bringing enlightenment and the personal rewards that come with accomplishment, bringing confidence to go further.

How many pursue the inner life their entire sojourn to experience and understand and share their insights?

Awakening is everywhere, in countless forms and venues of discovery, creation, and service. So, you see, even the path of awakening is a world of its own. So allow blessings to be what they need to be, unlimited in their diversity as they enhance life and enrich it. Namaste, our brother.

Aug. 4, 2015                                                                    Copyright © 2015 by Joshua Ross



Awakening is a process

JANU: For this evening’s journey, let us pursue a natural course of events that lead to awakening. We do not speak of awakening here as a single event, but the process (link to June 2105 page–June 10th post) of evolving consciousness of and as the True Nature. Moments of unexplained insight that prove to be true. Moments of inspiring another that prove helpful. Moments of unusual peace within the being. Moments of desire to know more, not for entertainment but to embrace more of life in the richness that brings. Moments of deep concern for the healing and well-being of another, not for self-aggrandizement but a sincere wish for their freedom. Moments of caring for the Earth and its creatures. Moments of appreciating someone’s endeavor. Moments of loving a child and their smile and their happiness and their growth. A desire to be part of life and serve it. And the growing memory that you have been this before and will be again. Unlimited mind and freedom to enrich life, not on your own but in harmony with the Family of Life.

Awakening is all of this and much more. This is not an ego quest, but an appreciation of life. Namaste.

Aug. 7, 2015 B                                                 Copyright © 2015 by Joshua Ross