The Benefits of Journeying

It is all well and good to encourage the reader to take his or her own journeys, and make his or her own discoveries. Perhaps it is in order to share some of the benefits, personally and collectively, for humanity by way of such activity. See also the page on Assistance in the Awakening Process.

Benefits of journeying

JANU:    The journeys we speak of today are those that bring light to the journeyer, discovering a unique venue in the nature of life: the ability to travel, so to speak, anywhere in the universe, whether physical or not. Not waiting for scientific technology to catch up, if you will. In fact, these understandings and experiences could enhance scientific technology and help it catch up. But that science has a tendency to be exclusive and leave the masses behind, garnering small portions of the understanding of science. Journeying, our brother, not only closes this gap but moves beyond it.

Many consider their physical bodies as their primary limitation to explore the larger life, not realizing that your consciousness is not owned by the physical body and is unlimited. Their identification with physicality is a perception that is the nature of limitation. Journeying can be refined to the point that traveling physically is just a different take on the experience, but with many limitations of life support, conveyances, and time. Another way the life affords physical exploration in different venues of the universe is through incarnating on different worlds. A viable alternative for exploring the locale of your incarnation. Still, with limitations.

Now, you ask, “Is journeying an option when not incarnate?” It is, our brother. For how do you think you got to this region, this Earth, in the first place? And by ‘you’ we mean your True Nature.

Realize, then, our brother, with each journey the Earth is enhanced through the experience and understanding, for while incarnate, you are connected to the Earth in subtle ways. So the question arises at times, “What journey would benefit the Earth?” when choosing a destination. Namaste.

Jan. 28, 2014                                                                          Copyright © 2014 by Joshua Ross



The many who journey

JANU:    For this morning’s journey, let us engage an appreciation of the journeys already taken by many in humanity at this time. We are aware of several thousand journeyers on your world and are in communication with many of them. It is time for you to join this community of awakening humanity. Encouraging each other to continue on exploring life. Yes, these are not evenly placed around your world, but are in groups here and there, journeying together, forming clusters of Light.

All journeyers do not have the same focuses, or patterns for journeying. Some traditions of journeying have been a moment of insight, a feeling or a sense of something more, and protracted journeying. There are those in the medical profession who reach for solutions in this way, for their patients and for their research. There are those scientists who reach for the stars and the understanding of your environment, with moments of journeying, not always aware of their method. There are even those in the animal kingdom on the land and in the sea who daydream, so to speak.

So, do not feel isolated or alone in our journeys. This is a natural part of life, with many forms, for consciousness is the sustainer of life. Namaste.

Jan. 15, 2014                                                                          Copyright © 2014 by Joshua Ross



Bringing love and peace to those who suffer through violence

JANU: For this morning’s journey we will strengthen and deepen our connection with the network of journeyers around the universe.

What is the nature, then, of that which journeys? And what do you have in common with other journeyers, that are of common interest and mutually beneficial? On the one hand, it is your common interests. On the other, it is your passion to explore new venues of life. It is also your common experiences and understanding of these. On a much subtler level, it is your bond by virtue of your True Natures and the life that you are.

Let us attune then at this time to this network of life, that you become aware of each other. Beginning with what you have in common and can relate to in each other. Remembering that this network is ancient and well established.

This morning, we concentrate upon the journeyers forced out of their bodies and personality egos through acts of violence and war. Understanding that the bodies are temporary and the True Nature lives on, with many rich experiences in front of them, the loss is minor compared to what has been gained. And that is never lost, for the memories persist and the Spark of Life continues. Even to this day, there are many around the world having this experience. And the love ensues as they care for those left behind and their suffering. The love is strong and pervasive and ongoing enveloping those in grief, leading the way to peace, forgiveness, for embracing their futures, honoring themselves and the ones they miss so dearly.

Feb. 15, 2014                                                         Copyright © 2014 by Joshua Ross



The awakening of humanity

JANU: This evening’s service shall include and conclude some elements of service and some completions, moving on as we may. As always, our service exists to provide an uplift to the awakening of humanity, for the benefits and the fulfillment of potential are beyond number. The completions will be, ultimately, any darkness of wandering alone in life, confusion, and dismay regarding the reason for living, purpose in life, and any futility.

Awakening is like a breath of fresh air into the life, into the consciousness, where nothing else fulfills this. Awakening from darkness and despair quickens the sense of life and the desire to be part of it. And, in time, the sense of oneness bonds one to exploring the unknown and the future and the richness of life.

Awakening brings clarity to the unknown and clarity to the darkness and confusions of the past. No possessions can accomplish this, for they are only material things and are creations that have beginning and end. Awakening embraces the life that has no beginning and no end.

We serve the awakening of humanity. Namaste, our brother.

Feb. 18, 2014 B



Lifting confusion with these journeys

JANU: As humanity struggles with mastery of physical existence, the outer life, the connection with the inner is elusive. Yet humanity speaks of everything connected, oneness, harmonious existence. But where is the harmony in politics, economics, business, and, yes, religion, our brother? The structures of life in the world are human created structures, attempting to maximize utilization of resources, including people.

As one ponders the connection among realities, consider this, our brother: if the outcomes of decisions are based upon these connections more than some realize, the peace we speak of in preparing for these journeys is a foundation for discovering these connections. These journeys do not end with the attunement, but continue and are added to each other, for their connections and paths of unfoldment.

So let us continue to absorb what we may and see beyond the contributions in a more holistic way, including the physical life. As with the morning fog, the morning sun or the light of day and its warmth dissipate the confusion of life and bring clarity. Incorporate the Light of these journeys into each day that the fog of confusion melts away. Namaste.

May 5, 2014 B                                                       Copyright © 2014 by Joshua Ross



The tradition and benefits of journeying

JANU: For this morning’s journey, may we grow in our appreciation of what ‘star journeying’ includes and has included for so many. And, yes, there are star journeyers who journey physically, and energetically, and in consciousness. All of the journeyers have opportunity to benefit each other with their experience. They accomplish this by way of common interest. Incompatibility physically with some destinations, if you will, is minimized when journeying non-physically. As with all interactions in life, on all levels, integrity of being is a consideration, not only of the journeyer but of the object of the journeying, you see.

Not all journeying, our brother, is a solo experience. There are small and larger groups who journey together, affording simultaneous observation of the many facets of the journey, you see.

The purpose of some journeys is not limited to just observation or information gathering. Some journeys have a purpose of bringing information, rendering assistance, bringing comfort, lending support. But these journeys require elements of maturity, purity of agendas, lack of judgment, and a love for life.

These journeys can provide a foundation of understanding to facilitate first contact and successful interaction with other worlds and species. Humanity has much yet to learn of its origins and its journey through life, not to mention its destiny. The archaeologist hopes to discover artifacts of the past, many of which no longer exist or are unobtainable. Archaeological journeying, if you will, moves beyond that limitation, for the record of life continues. There are no secrets to the pure heart and the open mind that are prepared for discovery.

May 13, 2014                                                         Copyright © 2014 by Joshua Ross



A new threshold in consciousness to master

JANU: We have reached a curious plateau of understanding. This plateau can best be described as a threshold into new understanding and it relates to the predominance of human assumptions as to the nature of life and each other, insisting that discoveries of life fit into, neatly, preconceived notions and current experience. Let us explore this threshold as it applies to these journeys.

When visiting another world, how does one embrace, understand, and realize the truth of that world when so little of it resembles your current experience? It requires an open mind, and a passion for discovery of that which is completely new to the current experience. Now, there are times where the opened mind is open to experience another sojourn, not remembered. Now, in light of Oneness and the network of life, how can anything be truly new? But it seems so, our brother. So when attuned to this other world and its culture, when present, see this as an opportunity to employ the pathway of Oneness to that which is real to another world, for this reality is known and accepted by the life of this world and Life itself. An interesting threshold to pass through and master.

You ask if this threshold applies to knowledge of your future and potential. It does, for potential and future is not a separate thing from the rest of life. You ask if there is wisdom in knowing your future. There is, to a degree. It contributes to wise choices in the course of a life. Of course, the knowledge must be relatable to by the consciousness of the moment. In the life of natural laws, so to speak, protocols, principles, order, progression, all is mutable. But they serve a purpose within their own reality. So moving through the threshold does not negate these Orders of Life within their existence, but adds to the experience that transcends there.

So consider then the perception of something new to the experience, with no current frame of reference. You ask, “Why would one need to know such things or have this ability?” It prepares one for expansion of consciousness into the larger life, and the larger your world of consciousness, the wiser your choices. So what puzzle piece of life are you in the larger picture of life? How do you fit in and relate to the borders of your awareness? This touches upon your purpose in life that you have chosen. Namaste.

June 22, 2014                                         Copyright © 2014 by Joshua Ross



Penetrating the veil

JANU:    The subject this morning is penetrating the veil. When accomplishing a goal in life, passion and commitment, harmonious motivation, the application of understanding, an open mind and heart are key elements for success. So what is with the veil, our brother? Does your desire run deep, passion strong, and patience when it comes to timing and degree? As we said before, the veil is porous and fluid and the porosity can change by the one who created it in the first place. And that is by anyone who is experiencing it.

The veil is protection from distraction to embrace the sojourn fully, focusing the attention upon the sojourn reality. In a certain sense, it is a life in a box, the box of current awareness and consciousness. Penetrating the veil, its seemingly illusive barrier from direct knowing, is best served when the motivation and the love of life is a profound respect for understanding and service. For how can you bring to the life of another who is struggling what you don’t currently possess? The veil is a continuous mystery to most until understood and mastered. It is not a permanent thing, but an instrument or tool you have applied to this lifetime, for your own purpose, and will last as long as you will it.

Now, for the awakening to continue, once begun, the manner of its application to your life, and the lives of others, opens the veil further or closes it. One need examine their state of peacefulness and more harmonious nature with all of life. The goal here is not just to penetrate the veil but to love the life that it reveals more deeply, more fully. Now, the penetration of the veil is not the source of this love or this respect for life. That you’ve always carried within you. Penetrating the veil helps you become more conscious with this and draw on the wisdom of your True Nature, as you gain full estate of who you are.

We of the Brotherhood of Light respect and honor this tradition and serve humanity and the larger life with this foundation of understanding and capability. It is a worthy journey, our brother, in exploring life, which includes exploring your own True Nature. Being at peace, committed, patient, and loving is the path to awakening. Namaste, our brother.

Sept. 5, 2014                                          Copyright © 2014 by Joshua Ross



Freedom of consciousness

JANU: Summoning this morning the memory of the freedom of living to a consciousness with no veil. Whether incarnate or not, one can explore life fully when the consciousness is free, the True Nature is employed, and all faculties are open. We are moving in that direction, our brother, as the veil thins and comes to the point of no longer being needed.

Let us bring forth the memory, then, to include how natural it is to wander, so to speak, from one reality to another with complete recall, discovering the structures of life and others who explore life in this fluid way. Communication with other consciousnesses is more of direct knowing, for language as you are used to is not employed and too limiting. Even language in incarnate reality, when communicating with others, is a distortion, to a degree, of intent, not only by the listener but by the speaker as well. So you ask, “What language is used, what mode of communication?” It is direct knowing, experiencing, instantaneous connection, where the recall of another is recalled by you to the degree of your choice, the retention of individual identity and integrity of being, coexisting with a growing cosmic identity, a universal awareness.

You think then your physical existence and experiences are unobserved or unexplored by many consciousnesses and realities of life? They are not. All of life is knowable. All of life is known, but there are protocols that respect the destiny and integrity of each part of life.

You ask why one would choose to incarnate while in this freedom of being? Because the degree and depth of experience in service to that reality are intensified. As the consciousness matures through experience, reflection, one awakens to their previous estate with the wisdom to balance that with the incarnate life. Life is not limited to one involvement or another, but many simultaneously are achievable. One does not have to be discarnate to participate in life beyond the veil. Through the True Nature is the path to this achievement, which has always been with you and available but not limited to the incarnation, you see. So the freedom, the consciousness, has always been within you but unrecognized.

Sept. 6, 2014                                                          Copyright © 2014 by Joshua Ross



No longer just the observer when exploring life

JANU: The entanglements of life will yield to the profound understandings that arrive through exploring. This does not suggest a coming absence of challenges and opportunities and new mysteries to unravel, but no longer entangled in them to the point of obscuring the vision. These approaches to the exploration of life resemble many others of similar pursuit. We should advance our quest, our cause by slowly moving past the perception of observation into the reality of assimilation.

How does one, then, assimilate a new discovery, understanding, perspective? It is assisted by letting go of the observer only as a tool of discovery, but one who experiences the nature of each discovery. This is a greater intimacy with life and speaks to a oneness reality that transcends observation. Now, your integrity as a being is not denied in this way of discovery, but enhanced into the reality that your True Nature, your consciousness, is capable of universal consciousness and identity with all of life. No longer just an observer, but a conscious co-creator as life itself.

Moving in this direction, our brother, speaks to a profound threshold in exploring life into unlimited consciousness. Being the life, the element of life, to explore it, to explore what you previously sought to observe reveals all of that element of life through direct experience and knowing more than you could ever achieve by observation alone.

So, you see, our brother, all creation has a True Nature, every element of it. And now you move into exploring life as your True Nature, at one with the True Nature of everything. Thank you, our brother, and namaste.

Sept. 9, 2014                                          Copyright © 2014 by Joshua Ross



Achievements through journeying

JANU: We are remembering, then, the reason for journeying. Life is a collective and these journeys are part of that collective. They reach into the vast resources of life to bring forward new life, new opportunity, new discovery, and the elevation of life itself.

Understand this, our brother: any achievement by anyone lifts everyone. This being true, the value becomes apparent of each one’s achievement. Encouraging others to discover their truth, realize their dreams, and participate in a life of service elevates life. These journeys are part of the vast richness of life and the contribution is measured by their influence. You have spoken of the power of honesty and of truth and integrity. These are fundamental to the integrity of life. Be at peace, then, with whatever is achieved, for one cannot measure the ultimate contribution, you see.

An open heart, an open mind, an open consciousness, an open trust in life is the nature of the journeyer that achieves the truth in the journey, not just for themselves but for all of life. Let there be knowing, then, that these qualities bond the journeyer with all journeyers, all who love life. The peace we experience is yours as well. There are no exclusive privileges to a peaceful life, peaceful in the sense of harmonious existence, intimacy of being.

Some envision that achievement has a timeline. It does not. Achieve as you may, as you are capable, as you desire it. The opportunities are available. They come and go, and as you grow, as you achieve, they continue. Yes, there is timing in connection and synchronicity with opportunity. But remember that the Source of everything is not limited to time or distance. Life is far larger than this.

Engage life and awaken, as you choose, when you choose, and where you choose. You’re not judged or found lacking, but welcomed and cherished for all that you are. You are part of the Family of Life. Namaste, our brother.

Feb. 11, 2015                                         Copyright © 2015 by Joshua Ross