Journeys “out of this world”

Cat's Eye Nebula

Frequently, attunements involve contact with entities or concepts beyond this physical planet. As there may be readers interested only in such information, it seemed logical to create a space just for these sorts of journeys.  Within the posts, The Larger Family of Life is the category into which such attunement journeys are placed.  The following are some groupings of attunements available.


First Contact is a group of attunements dealing with preparation for eventual contact with extraterrestrials on the current physical plane.

UFO Examinations is an ongoing series in which I am permitted contact with various craft, conducting a variety of activities.

origins & evolution of the solar system addresses the Solar System as a network, including Earth and all the planets, dealing with how and why the system exists.

solar flares and solar winds  deals with the Sun’s relationship to the rest of the Solar System.

Lanto is an entity with whom I have communicated. His species is non-physical but on a journey of discovery similar to humanity’s. It seems productive to share this with others so inclined, that we may all realize that there is a much larger reality to life.

The Wheeyah Code has to do with communication with the planet Earth/Gaia herself. The Wheeyah are not of the planet, hence their inclusion on this page. However, use of the Code can be instrumental in developing a connection and oneness with the Earth. This series is an initial but incomplete exploration, which the reader is welcome to pursue on his/her own.

You will note that there is a page for Crop Circles on the main navigation bar, with a link to post category of the same name.  Check out the page, for more specifics on this “Out of the World” phenomenon.