Journeys through Time

Sunset with haloRecognizing that time is a limited concept and that, on some levels, there is no time, it is still useful to consider some journeys within the context of our current time.  Thus, some attunements deal with civilizations that existed on planet Earth long before our recorded history, and some with our civilization as it may become.

ATLANTIS – Its Life and Legacy contains information as to the culture on the Atlantis of old.

Atlantis as a project in consciousness development has relevance to our lives now. Journeys I have taken in this regard have been ongoing between 1998 and 2013: The New Atlantis.

However, Atlantis is not the only civilization that has had impact upon the development of Earth and humanity. Legacies of Past Civilizations explores these and how they have assisted in our growth and development.  The category Legacies will have future journeys.

The Hall of Records is a concept often discussed in metaphysical circles, as a repository of ancient knowledge. This has been dealt with as both a physical and a consciousness reality.

A Bright Future is a series of attunements of “Progressed Cultural Elements.” We chose an element of current culture and requested an understanding of how it might appear, given current trends, in the future. The distance into the future needed to be far enough to see some change, yet no so far as to have little relevance for the current reader.

The NOW was developed as a series from the New Paradigm series, as humanity needs to alter its perception of past/present/future and come into fuller awareness of the Now. This is an ongoing process and topic and crops up in other attunements as well.