The Hall of Records

The Hall of Records is a concept that frequently comes up in metaphysical discussions. Edgar Cayce alluded to this Hall as a physical place. My own journeys have tended more towards a more consciousness-based reality. As this concept has cropped up in a number of differing journeys, it seems useful to present some of the initial journeys in order to lay a foundation, as it were, in understanding my own growth in understanding of the concept.

 The Hall of Records: an introduction
JANU: I am presenting this evening the documentary approach to understanding based upon the Hall of Records of your interest and choosing. For the most part, we agree that the fortitude needed for such investigation lies within the scope of the mind and spirit, or soul, of the investigator who reaches for such. Begin then by examining the first place of record that achieved some understanding tens of thousands of years ago on the plane of Nuabi in central Mexico. This location harbored an early understanding of that which presents itself in the records of interest. We come then into this understanding, enamored or embraced with the idea of the scope of this understanding. Let us present, then at this time, our first glimpse or look at this to achieve a beginning.

We start then with the little known Isle of Man and its adventure in understanding that relates to holding the Crystals of Destiny that lie within the crystalline structure that moves between planets and brings upon the Earth a crystalline ray or emanation that brings activation of the cerebral cortex to trigger certain awakenings in humanity at the right time. This understanding flies in the face of those who insist that humanity’s wakening or evolving is strictly a function of human endeavor. It is, in a way, but certain structures of life have been set in motion to serve humanity in this way.

The Hall of Records entices investigation into realms of understanding that begin the search of knowledge for knowledge and, more importantly, the knowledge of human origin and purpose and destiny. This first threshold of understanding will begin a larger journey as we speak of this in times to come. The Hall of Records revelations need to be explored at this time. We sanction this with your interest and pursuit. Namaste.
May 6, 2004 A                                      Copyright © 2017 by Joshua Ross

The Hall of Records #1
JANU: We are considering at this time the movement into that which is understood as the Hall of Records, by some. This phenomenon in your midst and in your past comes with much to-do, not necessarily in line with the truth of this.

We would have you understand at this time that such a “Hall of Records” does not exist, as the words imply, taken literally. It is a tunnel or cavern in its nature, far beyond that which is considered a ‘structure.’ There exists, for a time, that which reveals itself to humanity in terms of revelation of its destiny. There exists a collection or repository, if you will, of patterns of understanding and formula for engagement of many truths. This so-called “Hall of Records” can be seen in the midst of the realities of living.

This “Hall of Records,” or what the words refer to, has existed from very ancient times. The popular reference is a construct to relate to human norms of perception and form. This repository is shielded from the profane by virtue of its subtle reality. This repository holds the memories of works generated by many who have visited or lived on the Earth. It contains numerous accounts of natural discovery, profound wisdom, the nature of life beyond your Earth and within it. It forms these into coalescences of focused understanding.

Its location is in motion, not confined to one locale, and, yes, it will be discovered as predicted by Edgar Cayce, but not by digging into the Earth as such. It is written in its record that access to it is in the form of enlightened consciousness but, even more, an open heart. This repository can imprint within the being of one so prepared. Let there be, then, an attunement to this reality. When accessing this repository, many pathways of connection are experienced or afforded the visitor.

Let there be no mistake or misunderstanding that this access, this repository is for idle curiosity or exploitation. It is not, our brother, and never will be. The need to know includes the need to serve. Namaste.
May 28, 2012 A                                         Copyright © 2017 by Joshua Ross

Hall of Records #2
JANU: I am Janu speaking, serving your understanding of the reality of what has been called the “Hall of Records.”

This reality is born of ancient times. There persists, then, in your culture an interest in this reality. The perception of this reality has been molded and remolded into that which represents a structure. The reality exists as a construct in revelation that each one can attune to and have reside in their consciousness.

This “Hall of Records” is best understood as a repository of accumulated knowledge over countless eons of time. To access this, one must presume its existence and accessibility. This reality is to be drawn upon a little at a time. It belongs to the Orders of Life of which you are a part.

There are many artifacts in your world not all of which are physical, but they can be addressed as such, for they have structure and form, so to speak. So many in your world see only physicality and attempt to explore larger realities from this perspective. It does not work, our brother. Therefore, these other realities have been verbalized or named as if they were physical only, for communication and acceptance into common perspective. Yes, as in the globes housing The Wheeyah Code in Antarctica. The Hall of Records is a similar reality.

One may well ask, ‘What are these records?’ and ‘What is their nature?’ They are not words, our brother, or documents. They are imprints into the fabric of life that are an account of the life of your world, all of life. These records consist of many key elements of human evolution. There is a small counterpart of this physically located on the Earth. When entered, one can discover access to the soul memory, if you will, of your world. It is subterranean. Yes, in Egypt. And we will leave it at that, for the time being. Namaste, our brother.
May 29, 2012                                              Copyright © 2017 by Joshua Ross

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