Miscellaneous Journeys

stream in the woods

Many of my journeys have dealt with topics that do not seem to fit into a particular category. Hence the Miscellaneous Journeys category, for recent attunements. However, from time to time some may be grouped together just for ease of presentation and consideration by the reader.


Central Ideals — Misc. 1 is a collection of topics that might be considered to be essential or central ideals for anyone on the Path of Awakening. Some of the topics were my initial postings on this site.  Over the past year, additional miscellaneous journeys have fallen into this broad category. In order to keep the size of each file manageable, two more volumes have been created: Central Ideals 2 and Central Ideals 3.

Occasionally, individuals have come with questions seeking guidance. Most of these are not for public viewing, of course. However, several have dealt with Attention Deficit Disorder and might be of benefit to the many individuals dealing with the difficulties that result from ADD.

An integral part of my activity with Janu has included service in whatever manner may be required or needful.  Between 2013 and 2015, the journeys took on more of an instructional nature, discussing The Nature of Service rather than providing a specific service. Service is an ongoing, constant activity that life provides to itself. But this is just my beginning perception. The journeys thus far are presented as a group for your consideration. May we grow together in our understanding of this important activity.

Category: Service will contain attunements that dealt with service to an issue of need in the world, or with the actual Nature of Service itself.