Health and Well-being

All of these journeys focus upon some aspect of health, recognizing the spirit-mind-body connection. The health of the Earth is also included here. As always, the reader is encouraged to utilize all of the resources available in maintaining his/her physical well-being, including traditional medicine, which will always be more efficacious when mind and spirit are in cooperative harmony with it.
Introduction to Self-created Therapeutic Magnetism NEW!
Understanding Depression
Service to Wellness
Humanity and Earth are partners in life: collaboration and cooperation are needed
Focusing on a healthy Earth
Was humanity ever free of disease? Cycles of health and disease
Moving from disease to well-being

Introduction to Self-created Therapeutic Magnetism

JANU: An interesting subject, while understood by many, fairly new to human consciousness.

To begin with, the individual does not create the magnetic field, the creative forces of life do, when instructed under certain parameters. But, yes, the individual can facilitate the creation of this field. Therapeutic? Yes, when applied with understanding. One such understanding is to own the object of the therapy. See it in your mind. Respect its life, its ideal patterns of existence. Allow life to fulfill the visualization of the magnetic field, bringing balance and order, vitality to the object.

Now, there are various modes of magnetic field, not all of which are the pattern of magnetic material, permeable material. Magnetism can be modified in many ways. Some modifications more conducive to therapy than just a bar magnet, you see. And yes, it is true. Magnetic energy can be a carrier, a window if you will, for other energies, all of which can be modified.

So, you see, magnetic therapy has many realities. The opportunity here is to condition this energy to match the need. The challenge here also is understanding what the need is, identifying it, bringing it into clarity for therapeutic application. The current documented information and understanding is the tip of the iceberg. There are some magnetic fields that are genderless, neither just positive or negative polarities but a mixture of the two, forming a third, and more.

So, where does one begin, then, with this discipline? It begins with your desire for balance and well-being to be achieved in situations of disorder. The ideal pattern for reference is the etheric and True Nature of the individual, the blueprint, if you will, of the manifest life, acknowledging also that individually you are in harmony with the larger reality of life that is part of this.

You ask, “How does one practice this ability, and refine it?” The practice is more than physical, you see. It is repetitive intuition with refinement. Start with the physical compass, simple mechanical device with its own magnetic field. Practice influencing it, changing polarities and intensity. As it is attracted to geographical direction, you can be as well. Once you begin to develop this skill, choose to be sensitive to the magnetic field of the Earth, not just globally, but individual locations, as well.

What you are providing to another here, our brother, is an opportunity of support for them to find balance and vitality within their own system. They, in truth, are the healer. You may help them realize this. Much more to explore on this subject. Namaste.

Nov.17 , 2015                                                    Copyright © 2015 by Joshua Ross



Understanding depression

JANU: We offer some clarity on the subject of pronounced depression. A tendency towards depression is on the rise in some areas of humanity. These begin with disappointment in life, in circumstance, without alternative. Milder forms of depression come and go as society changes. Now, the external causes of these seem to include disconnection between people, social organizations, governments, leadership, economy, many causes. Depression builds when feeling alone, without support or understanding, and powerlessness, poverty, hunger, deprivation.

One needs the support of family, however evidence of an improvement convinces the individual of a path to success. Laughter and humor is superficial. But making the transition from frustration and disappointment in life to a sense of purpose and family within the larger life is more profound and brings inner strength, that one senses cannot be taken away or thwarted by external circumstances.

The power to create a better life comes from within, for from there comes the insight to see the truth behind circumstance and a troubling consciousness. Others can encourage this, and even demonstrate it. A seeming loss of self-control of the outer life can give way to a sense of power and freedom that can be revealed to one by letting go of the patterns of life that seem imposed upon you, as temporary and not who you are.

Allow the mind and the consciousness to consider allowing the embrace of a power and a truth untouched by circumstance to give you purpose and meaning and the strength to continue in a deeper freedom, and inspire you to embrace the outer life again. But as you truly are, being connected once more, as you always have been, to the Family of Life. The temporary realities of the outer life will not sustain you, but the truth of who you are and have always been will. Peace returns, clarity, insight, confidence, and strength needed for well-being and a new outlook on life. A resource that will never leave you and only seems to when surrendering to the outer life, its demands, its confusion, and its disconnection.

When anchored within, one can see the Truth of Life and the outer as well. One sets priorities when awakened in this way. And sanity returns. Namaste.

Oct. 20, 2015                                                                  Copyright © 2015 by Joshua Ross



Service to Wellness

JANU: Reaching into the opportunities of the moment, let us attune to the rich tapestry of life, of human history, and the activation of humanity’s memories of perfect health and the natural and easy maintenance of such. Surrounding these memories is a cloud of forgetfulness, leaving humanity to resolve the issues of well-being externally rather than from within their own consciousness and history.

Illness is caused externally from not allowing a natural resource to maintain integrity. Humanity used to possess, consciously, command of individual personal integrity, and walked through life, so to speak, in wellness. Spontaneous well-being will seem to be the order of the day when this is allowed in the human experience, through the activation of these memories and the faculties they represent. The solution to the absence of well-being lies within, natural faculties forgotten and no longer allowed in the consciousness and the integrity.

So-called evidence not withstanding, the fundamental natural state of wellness is real and of longer standing than any illness, you see. When no longer seen as frail beings, subject to the whims of nature, sovereignty is realized. Life allows whatever you choose to create, but people are more used to being subject to illness than a history of well-being as a way of life.

This is our service, our brother, to activate these memories, to live once more in the consciousness and the perceptions of life of humanity. Be well, and namaste.

Feb. 27, 2014 B                                                      Copyright © 2014 by Joshua Ross



Humanity and Earth are partners in life: collaboration and cooperation are needed

JANU: As partners in life, Earth and humanity benefit from a ‘pairing up,’ if you will, to begin a sojourn and with each return. Now, there are relationships developed during the sojourn and after that linger still. The physical body, our brother, belongs to the Earth. It is made of the Earth. The being that inhabits it has a contract of sorts, an agreement shall we say, to honor the connection for the duration of the sojourn. Now, let it be understood that the freedom to use the physical vehicle, if you will, is honored by having integrity with the Earth, with qualities that help continue the evolution of the Earth and its awakening.

Beings sojourning on the Earth are connected in more ways than they are aware. The Earth and humanity nurture each other and help each other through each one’s changes and challenges. Now, this is enhanced greatly by one who is awakening to the truth of life, and can comprehend humanity’s relationship with the Earth. The awakening human can foresee Earth changes as a natural part of its existence and can adjust the presence to accommodate these. The unawakened human can, at times, see nature and its movements as against them, almost intentionally destructive.

Cooperation and collaboration are vital ingredients in the Earth/humanity relationship. Humanity would do well to study and gain understanding on what the Earth needs from humanity, not the other way around. But humanity has yet to understand the nature of Earth consciousness, life cycles, forces, and interactions with the rest of the solar system and beyond. We would hope to provide some enlightenment in this direction, to serve this relationship. Namaste.

June 5, 2014 B                                       Copyright © 2014 by Joshua Ross



Focusing on a healthy Earth

JANU: The needs of the Earth, as they say, are legion, partly due to its evolutionary processes, partly due to its inhabitants. Humanity is in a unique position on the planet to make major changes more rapidly. Humanity’s evolutionary processes leave room for improvement. Humanity’s toxic legacy in many realities of the Earth is testimony to the need for awakening to the larger truth of life, the larger truth of the Earth.

What we see here are response mechanisms within the Earth’s capabilities to these many influences. The Earth is capable of more than just accepting contaminations, but of limiting and reversing these. The Earth has the challenge of balancing its responsibility to support life and its responsibility to survive. This vehicle called the Earth is the only one humanity has available, yet seems committed to the consumption of it, the abuse of it, to the detriment of all. Once again, the need for humanity’s awakening to continue.

So let us support those elements of humanity that understand this and endeavor to succeed. There are human consciousnesses around the world that are Light beacons, paving the way for humanity’s reunion with its sanctuary called the Earth. Let us proceed further, our brother, and reach out to understand what the humanity on other worlds is growing into, in this regard.

Let us suggest a human desire to focus upon what it means for the Earth to be healthy. Now humanity has yet to master this in its own right, but would benefit from a genuine concern and service to the health of the Earth, for, our brother, the two are co-dependent. A polluted atmosphere is pollution for humanity as well, for a healthy atmosphere is required for a healthy human.

Examples such as these are obvious to many, but the individual feels impotent to change it. In the reality of awakening, one begins to appreciate that when your individual consciousness is attuned to supporting life, there is an attraction to connection with other consciousnesses of a similar interest and the effectiveness builds to a point of change. No longer the need to feel alone in any endeavor, and the needs of the Earth is a worthy one. Namaste, our brother.

June 11, 2014                                         Copyright © 2014 by Joshua Ross



Was humanity ever free of disease? Cycles of health and disease

JANU: The subject of humanity and disease is an involved one. Freedom from disease has occurred in human history but has never been permanent. Humanity currently is confronted with disease but misunderstands its purpose. Disease and pain, suffering, anguish, all of these stressors are to guide humanity back to the times of disease-free existence. And the reason for this current state is that humanity has also returned to an un-awakened life filled with destructive conduct and habits, perceptions, emotions and thoughts.

The natural well-being of the physical body and emotions and thoughts is innate within humanity, but the external life of fear of survival, power over others, so-called wealth and domination to guarantee comfort and prosperity is misunderstood. For without the inner harmony, balance, awareness, and peace how can there be well-being? The dis-ease continues to the point of no longer realizing that disease is an indication of a lack of ease within the vehicles of expression, an un-awakened state of being, leaving perceptions that disease is normal. Yes, our brother, disease is common but not normal. Peace and good health is normal. Awakened perception is normal. By ‘awakened’ we mean a conscious being.

Now, humanity cycles through these episodes, for the human desire for power and the fears of death through misunderstanding, misperception, revert humanity where disease reminds it again that its relationship with life, with each other, has deteriorated. Now, humanity takes pride in its medical achievements, yet the diseases continue and mutate to continue the challenge to find peace and harmony once more. So when observing other worlds and their cultures, where disease is common, one can begin to understand and appreciate the reason for their circumstance.

You ask if disease’s purpose is to control over-population? No, it is not. An awakened consciousness accomplishes this through understanding and measuring procreation as part of a balanced life of self-determination. Now, the science of medicine prevails, in an unenlightened state of being, to survive in a life where quality of food has deteriorated, the production of artificial food, the overwhelming exposure to negative media, and the immature perceptions broadcast by so many.

Once one learns the art of inner awakening and understanding the communication of the bodies and the environment they need, health returns, for health is innate, more so than disease. Disease is well named for it is a lack of ease within the bodies, and not just the physical body but the others as well. So the challenge remains. Be at peace, with understanding, in all that you do. Namaste.

July 8, 2014                                            Copyright © 2014 by Joshua Ross



Moving from disease to well-being

JANU: For this morning’s journey, let us make use of humanity’s attention, which is upon the disease ‘Ebola.’ Should we say ‘the virus Ebola’? For it is not a disease of itself, but the condition it produces in the body is. There will be a time when, and has been a time when, the equilibrium, the balance, the health and well-being of the individual offers no place for a virus to take hold, becomes an environment that a virus cannot survive in. The condition we speak of speaks of an awakened and conscious being in harmony with life, in harmony within its being. At this time, humanity sees a world that bombards it with diseases, maladies of all sorts, and new ones arriving again and again. What it doesn’t see is a natural ability to be free of such intrusions to the point where it knows no other modality for living and does not consider this sort of alternative to its current state. The total human being is designed, by nature, to have integrity throughout its existence, for the purpose of serving consciousness raising through experience.

So you see, this current human condition is a natural way to control over-population, including the animal world. It is certainly one way but not the enlightened way. Procreation willy-nilly, if you will, is not enlightened participation in life, but is nature’s way of proliferation to maintain population in the presence of so much disease and premature demise.

The immune system of the physical body is not as well equipped or refined in its current state as it could be. There are elements of the immune system that are suppressed, and you might say atrophied, due to the bombardment of loud intrusions into this system. It will blossom or flower once more with a lessening of such intrusions due to awakening into a balanced and harmonious state of being and relationship with the environment. It needs a rest from this, you see.

There is much to learn, to discover, about well-being or the lack of it, we might say. The human being is a complete system, not just a physical body. A system with imbalances and weakened because of them. For most, ill health has become accepted as the norm. Leaving the body by way of illness has become the accepted norm. None of these are normal, our brother, only common. Humanity needs a new model, a new perception of being well and strong and clear and aware and conscious always, that one might move beyond just survival and fulfill their destiny and promise, potential.

Observe the world of humanity, our brother. Is there not room for improvement? The evidence is everywhere. The human condition at this time is not normal; the results of which speak volumes to the need for change. Awaken into a well life and move beyond survival into a bright future, rich with experience, wisdom, and contribution.

Oct. 20, 2014                                          Copyright © 2014 by Joshua Ross