Spirit, through Janu, has consistently attempted to inspire humanity to awaken to the Truth of Life, and our fullest capabilities. At one point, one journey a day was dedicated to ‘Service’ and many of these consisted of serving humanity through inspiration. May they also serve to inspire the reader.


Lifting human consciousness into the beauty of life

JANU: Let us encourage those who bring along with them memories of previous existence and a longing, a desire, to lift human consciousness into the beauty of life. This is occurring at an increasing rate through the birthing and among those who serve but are not incarnate, of which there are many, our brother. It is useful, from time to time, to be aware of the scope of this reality that serves humanity, for humanity, our brother, is not a thing separate from Spirit. Remember, all of life is one.

Feb. 3, 2014 B                                                        Copyright © 2014 by Joshua Ross


Choosing what you attract into your life

JANU: Service this evening shall include a dispassionate view of the nature of life for humanity on the Earth and its core reality.

This core reality has become one of survival in its orientation, but used to be one of exploration, service, and developing life’s potential in the Earth environment. Survival was not the issue it is at this time for those in that time, for awakened to their nature and their identity was that nature, not the physical body and personality, you see. As long as humanity is so fierce about survival, physical survival, its motivations, decisions, and engagements will be fear-based. Once again, the need for awakening. Fear can imprison a consciousness, a mind, for it tends to take precedent over anything else, the fear of loss and suffering. The opportunity in this evening’s service is to assist humanity to shift identity to its true nature and its survival then becomes eternal.

Now, the sense of continuity of achievement, as life goes on, becomes a concern. But nothing is lost, our brother, for the memories and the True Nature continue, leaving behind only the configuration of the moment, the circumstance for experience. Awakening has a calming influence for the obsessions of survival and possession and power or influence. So, we serve this evening the process of awakening. And with that comes greater freedom, freedom not understood at this time for this vision is yet unclear.

Remember, you attract into your life what you fear, and also what you love. Choose wisely, our brother, and peace always. Namaste.

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The vision of the people

JANU: Service this evening a welcome alternative to other life processes, for service that is loving and free of agenda, personal agenda, is a liberating experience. Giving to life brings a perspective of oneness, natural balance, and a measure of joy, for it’s the miracle of life evolving and enriching, bringing understanding and a passion for living.

This evening’s journey is such a one as we proceed to serve humanity in conflict, with many desiring peace and the simpler life without a clear path in their vision. What we inspire this evening is the vision of a path to freedom, with understanding, with a growing intimacy with life, the life that is their nature. Most leaders that seek power seek it for themselves and not for the people, free of their personal agenda. They see the people as their power-base, serving their ambitions, for collectively they have structured their power to function in this way. The glamour in their lives and the power they display, they find satisfying. The true power and the genius is in the people and, without the people, what are they left with? A power-base that will collapse from its own weight, no longer supported by the people. We serve the people’s vision this evening, our brother, the vision of their choosing, of their hearts and of their minds. Namaste.

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True success

JANU: I am Janu speaking, serving then this evening the cause of prolonged acquiescence to one’s own self-imposed limitations of embracing life’s opportunities. For the most part, this is accomplished by a refusal to confront or embrace one’s natural gifts. Everyone has, inherent within them, the ability to fulfill their destiny, march through life, if you will, with reckless abandon, forming then an array of confusing and oftentimes conflicting conclusions as to their own place in life.

This evening’s service is to encourage order, freedom, creativity, balance, adventure, and an embrace of life free of fear. Remember, you attract in your life what you are focused upon. So choose the life that you truly are, and decide to be more aware of your own True Nature and the gifts that you have. And you will find more happiness in your life, more peace, and more fulfillment.

So let success be your focus, the success that enriches you and the life around you. Be at one with peace and confidence and enthusiasm for each day. And grow in maturity in your understanding of true success in harmony with life. Namaste.

Mar. 18, 2014 B                                                      Copyright © 2014 by Joshua Ross



A blessing of love for humanity

JANU:    There are times when the most important service that can be rendered is that of love, for if there is one thing that humanity needs, it is love. And this evening we join with all of those, on all levels, loving humanity. For when one exists with the perception of being alone and not connected with life, they do not feel worthy of love or possess it within their consciousness. And the ills of the world, of society, of culture, of humanity, are devoid of this.

So let us proceed then on this basis, our brother, and contribute to and with and by the true power that binds all. And that is love. How can one find peace without it? And without peace, the mind, the thoughts become obsessed with materiality, possessions, power, control. And when understood from the larger reality of life, they have none of these and, therefore, this results in self-destruction and greed and lust and powerlessness.

So this evening we love humanity, and its potential, and its moments of beauty scattered here and there, and its desire for a better life and true freedom and to be conscious of the Truth of Life. Yes, life loves humanity and all it can be, for humanity is a product of life and how can life not love itself? Look for these qualities in the leaders of the world and also in the people, for these are no respecter of the powerful, the hurtful.

This is a blessing for humanity. Let it be so. Namaste.

Mar. 31, 2014 B                                                     Copyright © 2014 by Joshua Ross



Mastering the drama of life humanity has chosen

JANU: Let us enjoy the moment and bring peace to humanity in the form of or allowing, we should say, enthusiasm of life, clarity of thought, emotional freedom, and a vitality of Pure Being. In so many ways, humanity despises itself, individually and collectively, and finds little reason to love itself. Consumed by the obsessions of the drama of life they have chosen and created, they have difficulty seeing beyond the drama, which is a small part of the larger life and can change in a moment, should they choose. Would that they find something eternal within their being, not to escape the drama but to master it. No longer owned by it. No longer a life of deprivation and struggle and suffering, without joy to replace it, or at least shine through it.

As always, the solutions and the answers are within. “Within” being the True Nature and its oneness with life, with access to the truth of everything. Namaste.

Apr. 2, 2014                                                           Copyright © 2014 by Joshua Ross



Inspiring humanity to find its truth

JANU: We are here this evening to honor a decree that humanity be blessed with an organization of spirit that inspires it to discover its truth and shape its life accordingly, to profit from all that it has experienced and experimented with, and strengthen its resolve to master its own life. There are those who consider that collaboration is a loss of individuality and self-determination. A limited view for no one individual possesses or obtains all of the Truth of Life, but collectively humanity can appreciate a great deal of it, and individually and collectively master life.

Apr. 15, 2014 B                                                     Copyright © 2014 by Joshua Ross



Accept confusion as opportunity, with faith in life

JANU: Collectively, humanity is a force in the universe, so to speak, reaching into the future as it may, attempting to bring meaning to its relationship with life and to each other. Humanity is special in its way in the drama of life, as are many others, each having their particular contribution to life, broadening life’s spectrum and deepening it.

What we serve this evening, our brother, is encouragement for humanity to persist in developing itself through the various mediums of life available to it, a number of which they are yet unaware. Everyone benefits, here and there, from time to time, with encouragement. Encouragement that is relatable to, especially when embrace of life is confusing. But confusion always, ultimately, yields to enlightenment and the process continues. No matter the confusion, our brother, there is always a solution, whether aware of it or not. One element of the lesson to learn, in confusion, is to be persistent and confident in life, in its beauty, in its vitality, and in its presence. As they say so often, have a little faith. Namaste.

Apr. 22, 2014 B                                     Copyright © 2014 by Joshua Ross



Faith in a better life

JANU: For this morning’s journey, we will survey the options for humanity in the field of the renewal of a sense of larger purpose beyond the conflicts of the day. Many religious teachers talk of renewal. We would suggest an examination of ‘renewal of what?’ Enduring renewal has to do with True Nature and the freedom to be a free and confident being, with open mind and heart that loves all of life, including themselves. So what we investigate here is humanity’s renewal into freedom for all, love of each other, and a mutually supportive vision for the future. Now, these concepts are not new to the True Nature of humanity, but have been forgotten by the pressures of living without conscious awareness of a oneness with these higher ideals.

How does one, then, embrace renewal from this perspective? It begins by putting one’s attention upon these qualities of living and looking for ways to express them with a life that inspires others to find their own renewal. There are worlds, brother, that live this way and have grown rapidly into new levels of consciousness and reality, embracing life with vigor and the confident anticipation of new adventures, thresholds, and states of being.

Humanity is still in the quagmire, without a universally held vision for itself. Humanity needs a new model of existence, of civilization, behavior, cherishing the values and the lifestyle to express them, and move beyond limitation. The negative emotions still prevail.

Now, there are members of humanity on the Earth that are moving in this direction we speak of but many still live in fear, seeing the need for weapons to protect themselves from each other, not realizing that their fears attract to them what they are in fear of—a function of co-creation. Everyone creates the life they live, feeling they have no choice for what they witness in others around them. Many speak of ‘having faith’ but would do well to explore the question “Faith in what?” and have this replace the fears.

We are not suggesting blindness here to the realities of life that people have created but a confidence in walking through life creating a clearer path to freedom. A faith in life of endless opportunities to improve the conditions of living and uniting people into their true peace, true power, a love for themselves and others, and confident.

Apr. 28, 2014                                                         Copyright © 2014 by Joshua Ross



Words of inspiration from another world

ELEVATED ONE:    Yes, greetings, our brother. We would convey to humanity that its so-called ‘path to peace’ is being managed by many who have walked this journey before and a number walking it at this time. The path to peace is not an easy one, for awakening can be a slow process, with many challenges, especially for those unfamiliar with the concept. We would inspire humanity to never lose confidence in its own ability to rise above most anything and reshape its world, its experience, from a higher point of view. The more humanity embraces the beauty of its future, the less interest there will be in continuing the conflicts of the moment, for they will be irrelevant in due course. Though many experience a measure of wisdom and a strengthening of resolve coming from these experiences, but more and more, they are of diminishing benefit. We have been this way before, our brother, and still find challenges in a more enlightened and awakened life. All solutions need not be created independently of others who have seen the understandings needed. We grow together, our brother. Thank you for this opportunity to inspire. We bid you good evening.

Apr. 30, 2014 B                                                     Copyright © 2014 by Joshua Ross



Inspiring humanity to see its collective destiny

JANU: Service this evening represents the best we have to offer for curtailing, or at least limiting, the leakage of spiritual essence in the hearts and minds of humanity that despair of those who suffer and commit acts of violence. These people do not understand the magic within them and the true power they could possess in harmony with life. Seeing this from the view, the perspective of the collective human reality, these excursions, adventures into violence and mayhem cannot survive indefinitely for they do not support, nourish, or enrich the soul, the spirit of those involved.

Humanity exists as a system of relationships and channels of the Tapestry of Life that is in motion. It is our journey to inspire humanity to see more successful alternatives of manifesting life and enriching each other. Let there be, then, an inspiration within humanity to see the destiny and limitless capability of being, as a unique force in life as it evolves. Service exists, our brother, as a tradition not just to repair or fix any life condition but to continue life, to help fulfill it and to journey in its Truth. Namaste.

May 7, 2014 B                                                       Copyright © 2014 by Joshua Ross



 Inspiring humanity to awaken

JANU: The gesture to humanity to awaken is a theme of constant encouragement to see the Truth of Life, sometimes called the Light. Even while fully engaged in living in the physical world and its realities, one can perceive the reality behind that which is observed, that which is outpicturing in the life. Seeing the truth at the heart of things brings wisdom to the choices that are made.

Awakening is not a departure from engaging the physical world. It is seeing its depth, understanding the tapestry of its existence and how it functions. When challenged to this, for individuals, it is for them to be convinced or be open to the possibility of this, that they are capable of wondrous things and they are designed from the beginning to achieve this and more. Humanity, individually speaking as well, has a great capacity to co-create with life, constantly re-inventing itself and discovering more and more of life. Awakening serves the Earth as well, for aren’t you a vehicle of expression, your bodies made of Earth materials, nourished by Earth energies?

Let us continue to encourage people to awaken to who and what they are, what they are capable of, and the realities around them and in them. Namaste.

May 8, 2014 B                                       Copyright © 2014 by Joshua Ross