On occasion, aspects of conventional science have been addressed. These journeys deal with our relationship to the rest of the universe, and to the scientific community’s approach to it.

The plight of nature
Balancing energies disturbed by free energy experimenters
Earth, humanity, energy
The Black Holes: Recycling of the physical universe
Science in motion
Mastering gravity NEW!

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The plight of nature

JANU: Yes, greetings, my brother. I am Janu speaking. Service then this evening entails the gift of nature, and by ‘nature’ we mean the verdant Earth, which is a gift from many sources, for Earth was once barren of such vegetation. And much of what the Earth is today came from the stars, so to speak. This nature found a home here on Earth and has prospered. Humanity has yet to realize as a collective consciousness the gift of life from nature, that some consider indestructible and eternal, not realizing how fragile it can be when its environment is changed. Nature is also the sea and the life it contains, but this is a different focus, one for another time.

The radiations from the sun, its spectrum and components, are key to the health of nature. Polluting the atmosphere alters this. Earth’s atmosphere has altered since the ‘Industrial Revolution’ seventeen percent away from its former state due to contamination. Nature contributes so much to the well-being of humanity and other life forms on the Earth that this amount of change is significant.

Two approaches present themselves for remedy. One is the purification of the atmosphere, the other adaptation of nature to current conditions. What we support this evening is both. On the adaptation front, if you will, this can improve conditions for the well-being of nature; however, its gift to life on the planet will be modified as well. Purifying the atmosphere is more of an attempt to catch up, if you will, for humanity still pollutes the atmosphere daily. China is an example, but not the only one.

Humanity must awaken to the so-called end game for its adventures and management of its environment. So a greater solution here is the awakening of humanity and its commitment to better management of its resources and care for the Earth. Much work to be done in this area, but we continue. Namaste, our brother.

Mar. 5, 2014 B                                                       Copyright © 2014 by Joshua Ross



Balancing energies disturbed by free energy experimenters

JANU: The onslaught of energy coming from E-fields, triggered by those who experiment and research with zero-point energy, what has recently been referred to as “super-light,” must be modified or, we should say, controlled. For the reality of these sources of energy have their own equilibrium, their own systems of balance, and they can be disturbed in their balance, releasing unchecked amounts of energy into other realities. Very little thought seems to take place with these researchers, when tapping into this energy, as to the wisdom of it and the balances in life that created and continue to evolve other energetic realities.

So, our service this evening is to put a damper, so to speak, on some of these energy flows that equilibrium be maintained, giving researchers time to understand and plan more carefully with their researches. We proceed at this time.

Thank you, our brother, and namaste.

Apr. 7, 2014 B                                                       Copyright © 2014 by Joshua Ross



Earth, humanity, energy

JANU: I am Janu speaking, harkening then to the time when the ellipsoid orbit of the Earth was more pronounced. This occurred in the first portion of the Earth’s formation, which led to a series of events of accretion that almost destroyed the Earth.

As the Earth stabilized, contributed to by its moon, it became known as a potentially viable world. An interest grew in its future because of its ideal location in the solar system. From time to time, then, the Earth was bombarded with objects from space that contained the ingredients for corporeal life. The diversity of these was the foundation for Earth’s current biodiversity, responding to Earth’s cycles of existence. This process is not unique to the Earth. It has occurred countless times, and still continues to occur.

The Earth is rich with resources for life but they are not unlimited. Many are renewable to a degree, and others are not. Humanity is wise to consider its consumption of resources, looking already to mine objects in space and other worlds. Much of this consumption is for the purpose of extracting energy. In time, Earth technology will include systems for re-generation of energy from sources yet untapped. When this occurs, over time, the need to consume so much of Earth’s resources for energy will diminish.

There are realities of energies that can be used to move craft through space by generating certain energetic fields, not physical, you see, but can be harnessed for physical effect. This reality will bring a new era for humanity in exploration and a sustainability of existence. No longer needing to deplete other worlds’ resources and altering their destiny and evolution. No longer the need to consume a world such as the Earth, drastically altering its destiny and viability.

There are a number in your world already investigating this and, with some success, demonstrating these discoveries. Rejected by the public as impossible, for they are outside the norms of social consciousness and experience. They will appear at first as untapped, unlimited resources of energy, but much to be learned as to the manner and results of such access, for realities do not exist in isolation from the presence of life. Insights into the truth of these will become known. Many gray areas in life, our brother, and compromise is a key ingredient in relationships. Namaste.

May 22, 2014                                                         Copyright © 2014 by Joshua Ross


The Black Holes:   Recycling of the physical universe

JANU: We are discussing this morning the reality of the black holes. These creations originated at the center of your universe and found their way to what can best be described as alternate reality. They have a relationship with the physical octave of life, but are a response to, triggered by, the mechanisms you call supernovas. Now understand this, our brother: The supernovas do not create them, but provide conditions for their appearance as a result. They have mission, a purpose for being, and exist in clusters in their natural reality. They do not belong to physicality, third dimension as you put it, but they support it. They regulate and manage it, and that is their purpose in connection with the physical universe. They are an alternate reality connecting physicality, the physical universe, with a subtler reality.

Now, this reality we speak of has a relationship with what your scientists call “the Big Bang” or initiation of life for this universe. But the reality we speak of is a complex one, the physical universe a byproduct. Now, instead of physicality disappearing through a black hole, it is recycled in ways science does not understand yet, through energy conversion, obeying then the laws of manifestation, creation. It’s a looping reality to recycle physicality for better management of expansion. Namaste.

June 13, 2014                                                         Copyright © 2014 by Joshua Ross



Science in motion

JANU: Understand that the growing recognition and intimacy of True Nature is part of the path to awakening, our brother. Let us continue, then this evening, with a journey that excels in the area of the science of your culture, the scientific approach.

There are a growing number in this field who are embracing the reality of life that life is fluid, ever-changing, and in motion, and the so-called laws that science is built upon are in motion as well, for their observations as to the reality of their scientific observations lead more and more to this conclusion. Therefore, the scientific model must be developed that flows with these changes, or the realities will leave the science of old behind, incapable of adapting to life in continuous motion, laws of nature in continuous motion.

Now, there is a science of life understood by many on other worlds and in other realities that is as a ‘living’ science that unfolds and evolves. But these models of science are not based upon concrete physical evidence or reactions, but upon the realities of their origin. Now, the rigid scientific models of today still apply, but take understanding only so far and there will always be discoveries of those observations of life in motion that will remain not understood in the old model, you see. So, you see, the models of understanding, appreciating, and engaging the subtler realities of life each reveal the limits of their embrace. All are valid, but each reveals only so much.

The science of life in motion is a worthy pursuit, but it is not a science of rigid rules and relationships. It is a flexible science that adapts to changing realities. And this understanding applies as well to the evolving human consciousness and its awakening. Namaste.

July 24, 2014 B                                                      Copyright © 2014 by Joshua Ross



Mastering gravity

JANU: We recognize your current interest in the attention to the future of space flight, overcoming current obstacles technologically concerning the recovery and reusability of spacecraft.

A solution to current challenges is a propulsion system not based on rocketry or thrust based upon the burning of fuels. There will come mastery of gravitational force, allowing slow descent and ascent. More efficient, fewer problems with heat and explosive forces. Using anti-gravity means can be as natural and non-destructive as Earth gravity. Consider bodies in space generating gravitational field based on mass and density. Artificially creating this force is achievable. Controlling its direction and intensity is as well. There are those on your Earth who understand this and will achieve this.

Carrying massive amounts of fuel brings unnecessary weight and mass to the craft. This approach, once so directed, resolves the issue of weightlessness. A major breakthrough in engineering is around the corner, our brother. This we see and this will be. Namaste.

Jan. 21, 2016                                                                   Copyright © 2016 by Joshua Ross


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