What’s New?

Our journey on this planet is one of growth, as Life is motion. As a result, my attunements have their ebbs and flows. While I fervently believe that each of us must make our own journeys, and discern the truth for ourselves, I also believe that there is benefit in sharing what I have learned along the way.

The series on the awakening process was ended in mid-2016 and re-focused on the collaborative aspects of the process.  The reader can access the first series at Awakening-a series The new series was titled “Awakening II – Associations and Collaborations.” This series became very lengthy and also moved away from those who collaborate along the path into more focused information of the process of awakening to the larger Family of Life. So a new series was begun, entitled “Awakening to the Larger Life.” As the new journeys come, they are posted on New Journeys. This exploration of awakening is an evolutionary step up, as I have grown, and so has been collected into a running series of documents. In this way, anyone discovering them partway in can have easy access to the entire series of journeys. As this is an ongoing series, it is easier to link up through a post on the New Journeys page.

“Awakening to the Larger Life” has been a  a category, and these new journeys are included there. However, past journeys within that category can still be explored for preliminary and foundational understanding, if desired.