Peace and Awakening


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These journeys involve an understanding of True Peace and how it affects the process of awakening to the larger life.

For other discussions of Peace and its interplay with our lives, see PEACE.


True Peace

JANU: We are assembling at this time the understanding of True Peace. Peaceful developments in the life include: a natural order in the systems of the body, the mind, and the emotions; a harmonious relationship with the True Nature; and a love with life that allows for life to love you. We would say at this time that through this kind of peace are generated waves of responsiveness in the realities of life. One becomes conscious of True Peace as an organizing principle, as a co-creator moves through life and engages its realities, not just groupings of like patterns but a synergism between them. Without this peace, patterns of life can seem unrelated, discordant, and interfering. With this peace, one perceives the unifying principle of the diversity of life and its motivation to continue. How rich can a life be that has no awareness of, or involvement with, diversity?

A consciousness at peace sees the expressions of life as a natural condition, as part of the beautiful magic of life, and an enriching contribution. True Peace does not seek to control outcomes but to support the process of life, for the consciousness centered in universality, limitlessness, and the eternal nature of life. True Peace is a servant of life, reaching into the depths of creation and connecting the elements of life to work as a system of existence, raising consciousness from a model of being ‘for or against’ to one of understanding and the survival of the elements of life to fulfill their destinies. This does not bring avoidance to the challenges and opportunities of living, but insight into navigating life and enriching it.

Needless to say, there is much more to this understanding. Let us leave this in peace and remember. Namaste.

Sept. 2, 2014                          Copyright © 2014 by Joshua Ross


The movement of peace has already begun

JANU: We are bringing into clearer view the peace that is growing throughout your world. Not easily seen by many for the media does not reflect this. But the peaceful future for humanity has already begun. This movement is not as noisy, if you will, as the conflicts around the world, but its presence is growing. And slowly but surely, at first, it is fulfilling its destiny. And when seen as viable by the masses, it will be embraced fully and nothing less will do.

There is more than peace involved here. Humanity will discover a saner life and, once understood and embraced and manifested, nothing less will do. The insanity of the world will fade away for its course, its model of existence, is self-destructive. Peace will grow strongest, in the early stages, in the newborns, the youth of the world, for they are aware of this movement before incarnating, you see, and it is part of their purpose for being on the Earth.

Violence does not bring peace of itself. So the peaceful movement into the future will not achieve its dominance through violent means. Only peace and harmony and sanity achieve after its own kind. Violence does as well, and its course of destruction continues because of this. So the laws of life, so to speak, apply equally to both paths. The results are quite different, as we have described. Life supports the continuation of chosen patterns and does not choose sides, so to speak, but the results of different patterns of life are unmistakable. Choose wisely your path of life and its outcome is yours to experience. Namaste.

Sept. 23, 2014                        Copyright © 2014 by Joshua Ross



Experience being at peace

JANU: Embarking upon a journey is a miraculous moment indeed, for it is a directed activity that resembles the birthing of consciousness, the awakening to more of the Truth of Life. You ask what role the True Nature plays in this embarkation? It plays a significant role, our brother, for it is the core reality of your being and your path to unlimited realization.

The so-called time it requires to achieve these embarkations, from a time/space perspective, cannot be quantified for it is up to the individual, their commitment, their passion. Their capacity in any incarnation to understand and manage their reality to be in harmony with a larger truth is unique with each one. Granted, this is accelerated when assisted by someone who has achieved these understandings. But each one’s path is unique to realization of the Truth of Life. As long as one thinks in terms of time, they limit their journey to that understanding, for most of life, our brother, is time-less. So letting go of time and space as elements of journeying in consciousness greatly serves the journeyer. Letting go of a struggle, or the sense of it and the consumption of energy or effort are limitations. Love for life and the life you’ve yet to discover serves well.

Being at peace, as we have recommended, clears the bodies and the consciousness to journey freely. Not requiring the revelations of life to fit any preconceived perception is being at peace. Understanding life as it is, without judgment of any kind, does not modify the life you discover in any way. Now, returning to the point of embarkation with each journey leaves one with a higher consciousness, balancing that experience and understanding with a more harmonious and peaceful relationship with the incarnate world. So, you see, the achievements of these points of embarkation are a miracle in themselves. And may we enjoy many more. Namaste, our brother.

Sept. 24, 2014                  Copyright © 2014 by Joshua Ross


Humanity’s path to peace

JANU: We are encouraging a model of consciousness to serve and support the emergence of True Peace around the Earth, around the world, around the culture, around each one, that True Peace become a way of life for each one to choose. The True Natures of humanity support a life of mutual benefit, moving beyond the cycles of repetition focused in disharmony, with attention upon and commitment to true freedom to be creative, happy, and loving, and conscious of destiny and potential and discovery. Embracing all challenges and opportunities with these profound attributes of human consciousness will enrich the human experience.

Many other worlds struggle with similar challenges, and many have resolved them. What awaits humanity, and much more, is to experience and involve with the larger Family of Life. Many worlds and many realities are there and have been. Humanity and the Earth is but one of countless, but still only on the doorstep of such revelation. The peaceful path liberates the consciousness from all cycles of isolation, depravity, and poverty of understanding. So let us continue with this and explore humanity’s path to peace and a brighter future. Namaste.

Sept. 30, 2014                        Copyright © 2014 by Joshua Ross



A life at peace

JANU: For this morning’s journey, let us continue to explore the reality and benefit of profound peace. The peace we speak has more to do with the harmonious relationship between all elements of consciousness, physical being, and other realities of your nature.

So many of your world are dealing with illnesses, disease, outbreaks that keep appearing on the scene, plaguing humanity. The reality here, our brother, is that humanity’s consciousness is plaguing humanity in a world that is designed for its own natural balance, in harmony within its forces, natural energies, and systems of life. So the challenge here, our brother, is not new medicines. They are a band-aid, so to speak, on a festering wound that refuses to heal. In the short term, they bring relief, but in the long term the patterns of creation of disharmony still exist. Stepping up to this plate of responsibility takes courage and a willingness to leave denial behind and accept responsibility for all that your life includes and not placing blame everywhere but with your own patterns of consciousness, preferences, biases, angers and frustrations, lack of self-love.

How many wake up every morning peacefully happy, looking forward to the day with gratitude, expecting discoveries, insights, and a resolution of issues? Profound peace does not ignore the challenges of living but engages them without fear of loss, of discomfort. Profound peace is a foundation from moment to moment that life will continue without end, that you are a part of a Family of Life who have achieved great things and share your consciousness and your peace, to inspire others to a life full of freedom, rich experience, and mastership that will continue to grow. But profound peace is a personal experience as well, bringing enrichment to every moment. Life is very personal, very individual, very present. And the peace we speak of is the same.

Worrying about unforeseen possibilities, negative experience, losses that have yet to occur, is not wisdom, is not peace. Valuing, appreciating, magnifying the alternative brings peace. And when at peace, opportunities open to you, insights, understandings for you to choose from and engage. True Peace rejuvenates by way of the letting go of anything in your life that is not peaceful. The patterns of others, yet to understand, are not yours, but you can inspire others by living your truth through a life of peace and harmony within your being. And life flows more freely, in a natural way.

Peace is unmistakable, our brother, as the flow of life becomes obvious with moments of success, successes that can be shared with others. A life in a world at peace is a rich one, filled with happy moments and a loving life. Be at peace, and namaste.

Oct. 1, 2014                                            Copyright © 2014 by Joshua Ross



Be at peace and find true power in your life

JANU: We are Janu speaking, communicating at will to explore the benevolence of peace, True Peace. Once again defining True Peace as not the absence of violence, but the harmonious flow with life, allowing all of the benefits, the support, the insight and power to create and serve and love. True Peace does not just benefit an individual, but supports life everywhere. Being at peace is a generous position in life. What it inspires in others, as well as circumstances, is the path to reclaiming your own true power, power over your life, not power over others for that is enslavement and will bring you down.

True power, True Peace, supports all of life. Many in your society battle this and battle that, whether it be false power, each other, illness, poverty. Everything is a battle and a fight in these areas. Some even struggle for sanity. Is it any wonder that depression exists? True Peace rejuvenates, invigorates, brings balance to your entire life. The systems of the body are no longer programmed for weakness, internal conflict, and diminished resources. True Peace is the path to true power and freedom, freedom to direct your life and become more than you have imagined, the true power to inspire others to possess their own freedom, their own True Peace. Creativity blossoms. The presence of loving energy expands. The resources of life are more available to achieve.

Many seek conquest of elements of life, yet the conquest that they need is over their own prejudices, attitudes, philosophy, conduct, and destructive tendencies. Conquer ignorance with understanding, despair with confidence and love. Conquer depression with caring for others. Conquer poverty by being prosperous in your thought and your relationships. Conquer anger and frustration with compassion. Conquer fear with ownership of who you are. Be at peace and find freedom. Namaste.

Oct. 2, 2014                                            Copyright © 2014 by Joshua Ross



The path of peace

JANU:    One significant area of service is inspiring humanity towards peace and letting go of that which humanity considers important enough to perpetuate conflict, violence, uncertainty, and a lack of faith in the power of true peace and love of life. How, then, can one take a breath, eat a meal, observe a child and not be grateful? For some, it is being grateful for the next heartbeat, awakening from slumber, being held by someone who loves you.

How does one progress, then, along the path of peace? By recognizing moments of their lack of peace and understanding them and letting go of them. Lack of health, illness, disturbed emotional and mental processes, a life of lack or perceived lack, and doors of opportunity seeming to close at every turn. Evidence, our brother, of the need for change. Correlating these with choices made, associations made, with thinking and emotional processes, always looking for cause and alternatives. The evidence has always been there but not understood or accepted. Much denial, you see. Intense ambition with no concern for the benefit of others or the impact on them takes its toll.

You are correct. Volunteerism is an alternative with great reward. And we do not mean here volunteering for destructive organizations, but those that lift people, encourage them, and serve their well-being. Opportunities for a life with a path of peace are abundant. Difficult to see when consumed with one’s own small-mindedness. The more you are engaged in the larger life, the more free you become to be enriched and demonstrate to others this advantage.

Your very next thought, comment, action, decision, is your first step on the path of peace. Peacefulness is a powerful existence, rich with opportunity, solutions, resolutions of differences, creativity and profound understanding. Walking the life of peace has countless benefits, not just to the individual but to the rest of life as well. Be at peace, our brother. Choose wisely, and namaste.

Oct.25, 2014                           Copyright © 2014 by Joshua Ross



Becoming stronger by way of True Peace

JANU: Yes, greetings. We are Janu speaking, hearing your call, so to speak, for this to begin. Working then, in our way, to accomplish a peace that brings fortitude to the many who seek this peace. For peace accomplishes this, clearing the way in consciousness for renewed commitment, strong foundation, clearer vision, and a passion to live nobly in service and in joy. What brings more joy, our brother, than experiencing sublime peace while being conscious and engaged and realizing your creativity, your purpose and destiny, and connecting with others in this peaceful way, bringing about harmony in the midst of challenges, mountains to climb if you will. Grander view the mountains bring while being mastered.

As you will discover, life has much to say, to communicate, to reveal, and listening while at peace reveals this to you. The flow of understanding, of revelation, proceeds without interruption from doubts and uncertainties. This channel of insight in your being is of great benefit when overcoming disturbances in the body, in the thoughts and feelings, that are the precursors to disease. All maladies have a source, a cause, and a dynamic of living that perpetuates these. So the solution, our brother, is the alternative to the stress that dissipates your vitality: the true peace that allows the flow of regenerative life to all circumstance.

You will experience yourself becoming filled with gratitude to discover that life has always allowed this. Follow through on your insights and your understandings, your visions, and your capabilities. Consider this deep within and discover who you are. Namaste.
Nov. 7, 2014 Copyright © 2014 by Joshua Ross



We wish you peace

JANU: We speak of peace often, for it is a fundamental foundation for the enriching of life. Peace brings about an alignment of the elements of your being that coordination occurs between these and any other elements of life. When this occurs, a graduated evolution or change takes place, refining the bodies of expression and the synergism that occurs with the rest of life. Peace brings about a recurrence of the joys and blessings of the past and a testament is written in the records of life.

Peace is the great communicator, for its presence brings calm to the lives of others, creatures as well. You have seen this. The barriers to communication soften and are left behind. The protections of self that interfere with loving each other are no longer needed. The perceived need for isolation to avoid involvement with the issues of others is seen for what it is: a limitation. When looking for answers, a condition of peace allows the revealing. The nations at war with each other live in fear, not peace, and the communication barriers are stronger than ever.

We of the Brotherhoods of Light understand this and communicate with you peacefully, yet you marvel at our wisdom and insight. It is Life speaking through us for your benefit, for we cherish peace. It allows the true power of Life to shine through, revealing the Light that is the Truth of Life. When we wish you ‘peace’ it is a true blessing, to enrich your lives, bring you freedom, insight, and the power to know that is your birthright. Namaste.

Nov. 17, 2014                                        Copyright © 2014 by Joshua Ross



The path to peace is peace through awakening

JANU: We are Janu speaking, hammering away at, so to speak, the idea of the pronounced existence of so-called ‘spirit’ in physical life. The sequence of realities, as we said before, is not linear. They co-exist. Physicality and its parameters of existence co-exist with the subtler, less dense realities.

You ask, “Where is the evidence of this from the physical point of view?” The evidence exists throughout the so-called physical life thought of as unique and separate in some way from the rest of life. This perception is as the result of unawakened consciousness, to the degree that sensitivity to what we speak of has become dulled. Many name this evidence as miracles, some kind of angelic influence, fate and destiny, unexplained synchronicity, intuition, and insight. Opening your perception to the reality of these elements of the physical experience as something more than physical and present and immediate and intimate as physicality is a beginning. Not as an intrusion into physical experience, an interference, but a natural co-existence and part of life to be understood and engaged by those incarnate.

What is it, our brother, that is incarnated? It is not the physical you, but the spiritual you, the you that exists beyond time and space. Growing in this understanding is the path of awakening. Take advantage of the truth of this, not for the purpose of power over others and interference in the lives of others, but a way to enhance and fulfill potential and bring others into their awakening, or at least assist. Be an example of the larger life to help others be convinced, through demonstration and shared experience, that they have a larger life as well and together many more miracles are possible.

The larger life is rich beyond your imagination and has always been available. The opportunities for growth while incarnate are enhanced when engaged in this larger way. Relationships with all the creatures of the Earth are more fulfilled and fulfilling, for all involved.

The idea of wars again and again bringing peace becomes absurd, in your understanding. The path to peace, our brother, is peace itself, through awakening. The unawakened mind perceives peace as something weak and inert. It is just the opposite. It is True Power, eternal power, the foundation for true creativity and self-mastery. Manifest your True Power, your True Nature, and your heritage through awakening.

Feb. 14, 2015                                                         Copyright © 2015 by Joshua Ross



Understanding ‘being at peace’

JANU: We speak of ‘being at peace’ to facilitate harmonious communication. How does one achieve this, reliably, amidst the pressures of living incarnate?

What is meant by ‘being at peace’? It means, essentially, being in harmony throughout your being. And your guide and source of this is your True Nature. Allowing your whole being to experience that nature, the source of your life, your wisdom, and your complete You, even if only for a moment, your identity becomes larger than human, no longer limited to the physical life and its perceptions.

In this enhanced state of consciousness, you become aware of more. You allow a larger experience, a larger reality, that already is. No need to create the peace, only to live it. And discovery becomes yours on any subject, in any reality, from any perspective. You become more and more one with the rest of life and your relationship with life deepens. Namaste.

May 20, 2015 B                                     Copyright © 2015 by Joshua Ross