Personal Attunements

When I began these journeys, I was inspired by Edgar Cayce’s readings, which were mainly in response to people’s questions regarding health issues. I also found it easier to make the connection of attunement when I had something specific to focus on. So it seemed natural to open the attunement process to the questions of others. These questions dealt with health issues, relationships and family, life purpose concerns, general questions about life, or any combination thereof.

I present some of these here, with all identifying details removed. When a spiritual guide or past life is given, the name is omitted. I trust that this will leave the information intact for the reader without violating the personal space of the questioner.

Eventually, people began to request to be present during the attunement, resulting in a more spontaneous and less orderly presentation of information, a conversation. These have been edited to maintain the integrity of meaning while also streamlining the back and forth between the individual and Janu. These will be presented under the heading “Conversations” for each topic page.




Health issues deal with any and all health questions for themselves or others. Sometimes this includes other issues as well. See also Attention Deficit Disorder.




Life purpose deals with questions of relationship, career, origins and future well-being. Occasionally, health or more general questions were addressed within the context of a conversation and thus presented here rather than under either of the other categories.


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Miscellaneous Personal Attunements deal with a wide variety of questions asked by individuals that didn’t fall neatly into either of the other two categories.