Health Issues

Triquetra-DoubleThese deal with any and all health questions for an individual or other person close to them. Sometimes this includes other issues as well, but the focus is health. Please note that all health concerns should be referred to a licensed healthcare professional. These are presented only as illustrative examples, not as solutions for individual or general maladies.



Depression, service, Grail within

Effect of past life in Atlantis 

Glaucoma & maternal relationship

Health issues due to past life in World War II

Overcoming frustration with life (NEW)

Bringing another back to the Light (NEW)


Back problems, past life relationships

Diabetes, Alzheimer’s, & Parkinson’s

Past lives, healing, & familial relationships

Issues of health, purpose, and relationships (NEW)

Financial, health, inner seeking (NEW)

Purpose, health, and origins (NEW)

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