Back problems, past life relationships

Q:        I’m looking for some insights into the emotional part of the trouble I’m having with my back.

JANU: Primarily, this sacral discomfort is caused by, on the physical level, certain spasms of the musculature in that area, causing restrictions of circulation and some toxicity due to the buildup in these muscles, strained for long periods of time. However, this is not cause. We see no malformations or inflammations of an intrusive origin into the systems here, but unrelenting pressures causing vascular and muscular distress. But this you know well, dear one.

Now then, let us proceed into the area of the origin of these. Seven hundred years ago, in your time of reckoning, there existed a circumstance that propelled you into this pattern of discomfort. It began on an evening dubbed the birthing of the new moon at that time. You were caused to give birth, the product of one who loathed you for that which was produced. The pain of your imposed guilt remained in this area of your memory and physiology ever since. The emotion here, dear one, is one of guilt imposed by another unjustly. So the male involved remains, reproduced as an archetype in your husband of this time. It is difficult for one to, when so impressed, separate the realities of the circumstance of one life from similar circumstance of another. The pattern carries over, triggered by the similarity of events, you see.

This birthing occurred in northern Europe at that time, in Iceland…considered part of that region. The objection to the birth was to the frailty of the child, you see. The mate could not accept this burden, from his point of view. Be it known that countless women have endured such injustices for millennia. But it is time to move on, dear one, for your life to come, even unto this day, is worth the forgiving, leaving you free once more to honor and love all that you are. The husband in your time, at this time, is not the same. But the son is. The son loved you then and still does.

Q:        The only other thing I can think of is some insights into how to get better and get over this at the same time as keeping the family intact and things running smoothly at home?

JANU: What will heal both you and develop that needed within the mate is that expressed, from the truth of your being, by the authority of your own conviction and understanding, the gift your husband brings you to partner with you in this life in the bringing of one into life with nurturing and the freedom to express his being. Let your husband know of his gift to you and he will recognize your gift to him. This triad of lives is an opportunity to right that which has been set so long ago, and once set the concern of the three is your new direction. The kernel or key to all of this is the mutual appreciation of the gift of life you both share in each other and in the child. Once again, love is the theme that heals, for love resolves fears and misgivings and uncertainties.

Q:        I would like to ask if this could be resolved without him having to work on the alcohol and drug problems?

JANU: Issues such as these have their own merit of attention, dear one. The focus of your concern that brought you here this day, as stated, are not conditioned or limited to the merits of these other issues. Needless to say, they need resolution as well, for none come to this arrangement free of opportunities to grow. He has his reasons for bringing what he possesses to your relationship, and so do you. Let love be the theme for the honesty, the patience, and the trust to explore them all. For this path, dear one, brings freedom.

These are the times for loving honesty as the theme of life for so many. For what lies beyond in the near future is so grand, one dare not linger in the past in countless cycles of repetition. Where is the wisdom, then, dear one, to do so? Know this with a certainty, that in you both and with the triune nature provided by your son, you have the strength, the insight, and the support of life to resolve everything. It is not the prerogative of this source to map each one’s life for them, for their strength, their character, and their ownership of the truth of their being is from their choices.

Q:        Is he going to get worse before he gets better?

JANU: Once again, not to sound simplistic, but that choice belongs with you. And in this sense it does, dear one. See not the apparent strength and overwhelming power of the discomfort in the perceived duration of it as having any power over that which we have described. Remember this, dear one: all this, including your relationship, is completely of your creating. Even the one so long ago. You are powerful enough to create that which survives countless lifetimes intact. That same power can change your circumstance in a moment. Examine what part of you lingers still in your current circumstance, not finished with the experience. Own that part of you. Gain the wisdom and release yourself from this constriction, for you are the creator of it and you are the source of its life. It has no life save what you give it. But you created it for a reason. Learn of the reason, gain the wisdom, and move on.

These things of your creating are not your enemy. They are not a separate evil thing. They are a journey you have chosen to learn of life. So learn this gift, be grateful for it, and in gratitude, change your life.

Q:        When you talk about my son, I’d like to hear a little more about that.

JANU: His journey at that time, in the past, was complicated as well and compromised, at a time when such infirmity was not looked upon with any favor. For life was difficult and to survive required all of your faculties. So much so that these seeming discrepancies in birth cast a shadow upon those who brought such life into being. Understand that the circumstance of human civilization, societies, villages, and communities and the experiences of a couple, a family, or an individual are all intertwined. So, clarity does not entertain attitudes and emotions of blame and regret, of helplessness and loss of empowerment. What it does possess is a loving allowance of the movement and experience of life from a larger view. The regrets or the fears, the intolerances and the pains, the guilts are those configurations that perpetuate the circumstance until all that can be gained, has been gained, you see. The choice has always been with you, as to your relationship with this you set in motion so long ago.

Love your identification of who you are into the larger truth of who you truly are. That is the authority for your life and the managing of it. It is connected with, intimately, the power of the source of all life. And this is your heritage and your constant resource. Love changes your relationship with all things and gives you new eyes and new perspective.

Consider this point in your thoughts and in your feelings and, as you have need of, return to this setting whether with this one through whom we speak or in your own quiet time. It matters not. I would bring to your attention at this time that there are those who have surrounded you to assist you, and one whom you might call an angel of your guardianship. None of these things of your need are met alone. There are those who grow in their light and count their blessing the opportunity to assist you every day of your life. Allow them, as you choose, into your knowingness and they will bring to you understanding, encouragement, and clarity, and their love. For the time being, they remain unnamed but that will change, dear one. Namaste.

August 18, 1999 BE                                            Copyright © 2016 by Joshua Ross

These are questions received from an individual, responded to by Janu and the Brotherhood of Light, and presented here to provide a more personal connection to these journeys. The response given is directed to that particular individual, and is presented for research purposes only. All health concerns should be referred to a licensed healthcare professional.

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