Bringing another back to the Light

Q:        Please explain in as much detail as possible the “situation” with ****, that I might learn more.

JANU: We have this one you speak of, ****. Her dilemma, her situation as you put it, is one of some complexity. Yes, the soul does cry out for relief from this. This one stumbled eons ago when dabbling with satanic forces. This pattern of involvement has caught up with her here, you see. This one’s need is to a position of conviction of her integrity and the understandings of the reality of existence in the Light. Surrendering, then, less to these disturbances, to these prior contracts and agreements, and surrendering more, in the sense of embrace, to her true power and her true identity and the Brotherhood connected with that true reality.

“How might this be done?” you might ask. This one must be reached on the inner where some control still exists. A bridging service to this one, forming a bridge of consciousness of Light between the soul and the outer ego for the reclaiming of this purity of connection and integrity, you see. Discussion or dialogue will not suffice for the control is not there of the decision making or free will process. This bridge must be pure and in harmony with the loving light that is the nature of connected life. If you choose to conduct this construction on your own, so to speak, with your group of servers, this can be done. Remembering the motive or the goal, qualification of this bridge, is to assist in the pathway between soul and ego to regain control. It is not for you to dismiss these influences, you see. This connection was the desire of this one and is fulfilled long ago.

We have seen this condition before. Somewhat extreme to most observers but a common reality in those who wandered or drifted afar from their true center. Buying into the illusion of “everything will be ok if I just let go into these promises, these prospects of others that offer connection and solace and comfort.” But there is no love there, you see. It is to add to their strength and numbers and to perpetuate their illusion and your dependency. When joining in spirit with those of the Light, there is equality and respect and uplift, integrity of sovereignty and identity. There is love that helps you embrace and understand your chosen dream or path and never insists that you behave in a certain way or agree to a point of view not your own. Many long for, quest for, a better life. Reaching for something without understanding or having clarity on their own standards for integrity and excellence, if you will.

So you understand the need for this bridge from the soul to the outer ego of this one that these standards be understood and enacted by decree and ownership of this one. It is her responsibility and her right for self-determination thus creating her reality in freedom. We of the Brotherhood of Light will assist you should you ask for this as you endeavor to serve this one. This one’s conscious connection with the soul is vague. The conscious connections are stronger with these disturbing influences, you see. Put no energy into being against these influences. They will fall away as the choices of this one become clear. This is to reduce the impingements on this soul connection that the path be clear, focused and pure. Only then will this one understand your counsel in a way that the soul can encourage and support. Her identity is confused with these influences, you see. It needs to become single once again.

This one is a beautiful soul and has much potential and love to express. A lack of discernment allowed this to be. Seventeenth century strengthened this pattern in her. Explorations into the unknown without discernment in France and in Belgium area. Understandings, generally, of the mystical were shrouded in fear and superstition. Not centered in the Light, you see. She had a male companion at that time with misguided information or influence. Some time in Luxembourg as well. This one gained some popularity or notoriety through mystical abilities or involvement which fed and perpetuated the attitude of continuing ever deeper into this reality, you see. There was the attraction, the glamour.

That pattern carried till today. Must be replaced with the love and beauty of the Light and its superior results in the life, shedding light on the limitations of the older glamour. Her present location would do well to change to a more loving and supporting environment that reflects the reality of inner light and soul connectedness. Fewer opportunities for these disturbing influences to create the illusion that they are valid by pointing out disturbing surroundings, you see. This will be met with resistance until this one begins to feel the results of this bridge to the soul.

Your inquiry asks for information specifically and not direct assistance. You may want to rephrase. Assistance is available. This, essentially, is the core information to effect change, to heal or correct this situation. There are many dynamics and realities around this. But they are not the focus of attention here.

We have dispatched an angelic force or reality to be with and watch over this one with the understanding or pattern of service to be an instrument or channel for the inflow of energy into this one’s reality as assistance is applied by others should you choose. and Archangel Michael has been alerted and the assistance is connected in this way. Be about your service to this one, dear one. All lost ones are worth the effort.

I am reminding your awareness that there is no condition that cannot be addressed. For there is no condition that exceeds the Light and the love of the Father and Source of us all. United in love and Light, we stand and serve. Namaste.
June 10, 1996          Copyright © 2016 by Joshua Ross

This is a question received from an individual, responded to by Janu and the Brotherhood of Light, and presented here to provide a more personal connection to these journeys. The response given is directed to that particular individual, and is presented for research purposes only. All health concerns should be referred to a licensed healthcare professional.

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