JANU: We would acknowledge at this time there being that which has been described conditioning the body in a confused state. We bring to your attention at this time there being one who cares for this one from this side of life and encourages her to hold true to her core convictions as to the integrity of her being.

As to the carcinoma condition of the body, we see here a pronounced or radical renal cell condition leading to wide spread physical disturbances. What we also see at this time is a condition in the blood altering the electrical components of cellular structure of cell wall integrity and chemistry. This is the path of communication to the rest of the system, communicating to other cells in the body of this imbalance. We see this one benefiting from imposing an electrical rebalancing of the systems, starting in the blood on a cellular level and seeing this rebalancing, charging it, if you will, as a command to reprogram, if you will, other responsive components of the body to take on this balance. In a larger sense, the distribution electrically of those forces in and around the body needs to be addressed as well. We see a deficiency here, systemically, of what you would call negative charge or abundance of electron influence having to do with a predisposition to take on influences encountered in her chosen field of endeavor, meaning those forces in your world that resist the forward motion of your world’s journey into the Light. There will ever be those among you who become stalwart in their contribution to the forward movement of life, becoming focuses for that part of life that holds that motion in check. Her realignment with the configuration of energy that holds that authority for the forward movement of life will realign her once again in her physical counterpart body with that authority.

This, in fact, dear one‑‑we speak to you directly now‑‑is not a death wish. We do not see that here. This is the result of exposure to that we have described, without sufficient mastery of that needed to walk untouched in life in the presence of these influences. Now, there are, of course, chemical and physical mechanisms in this process. But these are not causal. Your manifestation of power over this condition is in the direction we have described. Your mate at this time would do well to marshal the considerable influence this one has in so‑called spiritual matters and perform as a conduit for your rebalancing. Not separate, of course, from your own but as one.

Would assist somewhat, the inhalation of negatively charged atmosphere, ozone generators and the like suffice quite nicely. Exposure limited to three hours, one to two times a week and then tapering off the moment remission is observed. Follow your own inner knowingness as to frequency and duration after this point.

We see no owed Karmic debt here and see primary cause as has been described. You have had three episodes similar to this in other sojourns, one pronounced in memory patterns, for you have walked among the stars, and have known significant and influential life journeys of service. The one mentioned earlier, who cares for you from this side of life, mentions at this time that there will be, should you choose to experience it, an enveloping of your body and energetic fields and a quickening of receptivity to this rebalancing. The Angelic Host has been called into commission for your well‑being and will remain with you throughout your time in this facility. There will be a presence continuously. They bring to you many gifts that you are in need of. As you know, you need only accept what they offer.

We leave this attunement at this time, but not your side. Watching you closely, yet available for further counsel as you have need of. You are, in truth, far more powerful than this condition. We serve you in this way of understanding and bid you good afternoon and namaste.

April 19, 2000 AE                                               Copyright © 2016 by Joshua Ross

This is based upon an inquiry received from an individual, responded to by Janu and the Brotherhood of Light, and presented here to provide a more personal connection to these journeys. The response given is directed to that particular individual, and is presented for research purposes only. All health concerns should be referred to a licensed healthcare professional.

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