Depression, service, Grail within

  1. Personally, I seem to have suffered from depression all my life….I think it is an enormous fear of life–despite my great appreciation of so much of beauty and inspiration on this planet and of my longtime deep desire to be of use. If I can learn how to pass through this terrible depression and can then assist others to leave it behind, then the years of considerable agony will have been worthwhile.
  2. I also wonder whether I should move to a quiet and more natural part of France where my ‘clients’ could visit and enjoy truly fresh air and water, either for a holiday or even, maybe, in a small community.
  3. How may I increase energy and inspiration, and feel the closeness of the higher dimension, so that my remaining years may be as useful as possible to others?

JANU: we have this one, living in England at this time. But not always so, dear one. We see one here old in memory with many years of travel to her credit. She has ties to Dorchester, a few sojourns there. This is one who has known country living and can hear this call from time to time.

The fear of life, dear one, of which you speak is the fear of the life to come, for you have yet to understand it in a conscious way that gives you the freedom of ownership and the peace that that brings. Living in the larger life, even while embodied in this one, brings to the journeyer a connection with the presence of life that sustains you always.

As you reach to serve others, as you have for so long, realize that the grandness of journeying includes contributions to life more diverse, more far reaching than healing a moment with one’s relationship with life. Let your perception of giving through the service of healing expand into something much larger. The emptiness, from time to time, is the inner knowing that there is far more to life than the healing services. This does not diminish their contribution but places you in grander service that also includes some of what you have known before.

A change of venue in France, as you suggest, has some merit, not so much as an opportunity to heal your depression or expand your service but for you to bring what you gain within you to another venue. The fulfillment that is truly satisfying comes from within. To serve another without that source of fulfillment limits you both. Let your expression of love and caring for another be a radiation of the fuller truth that lives within you and its magnificence. There will be no room, dear one, in you for any pattern such as the depression you describe.

In many ways, those who reach to heal or serve others reach for fulfillment in the service, in the connection and the exchange with another, with a loving desire that they find relief and some freedom. This, from a point of view, is externalizing the search for the grail, which you will only find within you. When one drinks from the cup that they truly are, their issues for blessing for all just by the drinking, you see. Many long for this understanding to be a reality in their live and think that the act of service is the source of fulfillment. To know who you are, and to claim it in the truth of your being as an awakened and conscious reality allows you to become one with another in a way not possible just through the motions of service. When you live in this way of knowingness, dear one, it matters not where you live or who you meet or what opportunity you desire or lies before you. You are complete in this way. And true service takes on a new threshold.

Beautiful as your world is, the beauty within you that is your true nature shines brighter still, for you are, in truth, dear one, the creator of worlds of awesome beauty. Worlds do not just appear from nowhere, dear one. They are the coalesced thought of grand beings with wisdom and capacity for love that gives them the authority and the power to create in such a magnificent way. This is your heritage, dear one. Know it to be true.

Your difficulty is not the depression but the lack of embrace of the fullness of your being. Put all of your attention and commitment there and allow it freely to fill your heart and your thoughts and your speech and your relationships. The energy you seek lies there, and always has. The expansion of your life and your knowingness and your desires and your service and your love for life, lives there already, for through this truth of being you find your oneness with all of life. What grander service to heal another’s perception of isolation from life into their sovereignty and their freedom. This journey, dear one, begins in you. Locations matter not in this larger way, for the entire universe is your home. Your roots, your anchoring, your centering, your home lives within you. All that you will need, you will find there. This you have known and this you can know again.

We counsel you in this way of understanding for your path is larger than you have experienced thus far. We are among many who have known you before and still do. Walk in life in a new and fuller way, our sister, and we walk with you. There are those in the Light who join you in your grasp for the truth and, in that moment, you will know you have never been alone and need never feel that way again.

We thank you for this opportunity, dear one, to share in this way, and look forward to many opportunities. Live in peace and find joy in who you are. Good afternoon and namaste. We are the Brotherhood of Light.

September 18, 1998 A                                   Copyright © 2016 by Joshua Ross

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