Diabetes, Alzheimer’s, & Parkinson’s

Q:        I want to ask you about Alzheimer’s. It is such a devastating disease. Can you tell me anything that we can do for ourselves to prevent having such a catastrophic disease?

JANU: In the physical way, this is a degenerating neurological disease, as you call it, a degenerative disease. For many, the pattern within their being that gives way to this out picturing in the physical brain stem is induced by, for many but not all, a latent pattern of unacceptance of the challenges of living in your world, of which there are many, you see. Many in your world live in the pain of life, rather than the joy of life. And they do so subliminally, many times unconscious of their own pain. And this illness manifests as a result of their own will, often that they are unaware of, to soften or lessen the pain of living. It is a means for disconnecting from life, dear one.

For this condition to be reversed in its later stages, if you will, would call for a reconstruction of these patterns of disassociation with living, in a way that were effective beyond the means of communication that are now available, when the disease has progressed, you see. Therefore, the remedies for these is left to those who are adept at the inner communication with these so afflicted, beyond the words in the ears, you see. Direct communication inspiring each one to readdress life and chose a more enlightened path of engagement and joy in living. This can be accomplished, although it requires the skill level that we have described. Not all who fall into this pattern of their own making are remedied in this way, for it is determined by the degree of their involvement with this so‑called illness. It is not an affliction imposed upon the individual without their agreement or their authority, you see. One must realize this relationship with the illness, for the individual to reclaim their power over it.

Now, as to those who are inclined to this affliction prior to manifestation, the opportunities are available for wise counseling to address their relationship with living and finding joy in engaging life in your world. And there is ample opportunity to do so. One has a tendency to become consumed with one particular painful aspect of living, to the point where they no longer engage or perceive the other joys, you see. We would have you understand this in this way and there is much more to be given on this subject at another opportunity.

Q:        I have been diagnosed with diabetes and just recently I have very high blood pressure. So, I would just like to ask you if you can tell me what’s going on in my body? What’s causing this unbalance that I have that’s causing these complications with my health?

JANU: We see a condition in the pancreas, dear one. This is precipitating a slight toxic condition in the liver. And we see some root fears having to do with survival in this body. We see a long standing concern with justification for your life.

The dizziness having to do with fluctuations in blood pressure. We see several physical anomalies which, if left to their response to underlying cause, could lead to complications needing attention. But these are not the focus of your concern for remedy. What is needed here, in your life, in your day, in each moment, is a joy for your existence. Examining this further, we would see that you come in contact with a place in your emotions, in your heart, with assistance from another, who you will be directed to in a moment, where you will find profound peace and a simple joy in your existence.

One moment as we extend the range of this. There is an elder in your past currently with you of Native American tradition, a male whom you have known before, who walks with the tiger and brings the Eastern and Native American understanding into one. You knew him as ** and he understands this joy that you need to revisit and fill your being with. In doing so, you liberate your concerns as to the justification for your life. And your physical conditions will be liberated as well. He will touch your heart in that place within you with his right hand, spiritually speaking, and his heart will touch yours and you will remember old journeys together and you will walk in nature and marvel at the trees and you will witness together the magic and the beauty of life. Returning once more the patterns of life of your physical body and your emotional body to those of nature and her wisdom. Follow no other path until you know this one. And all else will become clear. And you will love life once more in that old way, loving yourself as well for now you know you and that life are one.

Q:        I appreciate **’s help so much. I am not sure I understand. ** was someone I knew in another lifetime. And so he’s going to help me get that joy back. When does this begin to happen?

JANU: As you desire it. Open your heart to the reality. Allow him to walk with you.

Q:        Is he one of my spirit guides?

JANU: He was then and is now, by virtue of your inquiry. He returns once more to guide you. This journey together will be as you choose, a spiritual journey in your reflections, in your quiet times, and may also be reinforced when you feel the inspiration to do so by your chosen walks in nature. You will know, dear one, because it will sing to you.

Q:        I have two sons. My youngest son, ______, is 40 and he has had severe drug problems, drug addiction, since he was 16 years old. He is such a beautiful, gentle soul. I love my son with all my heart and I pray every day that God will watch over him and that he will be drug free. And I’m just praying that he will make it this time. He has tried so often before.

JANU: We are sending him a helper, dear one. This helper will be one in whom he can see this path he has chosen in the past, as a mirror reflecting back to him what he has chosen before, with such clarity that he will understand the pain of these previous choices for himself and, in so doing, his heart will open to serve that one, that that one may find freedom as well. And in giving it to another in this way, who knows the pain he has known, he will flower into his true purpose. It will take courage on his part not to turn away.

Q:        Thank you. I’ll tell him. This one who is to help him, is that in a physical life right now?

JANU: That is correct. There is an angel that waits by his side to give him the strength to proceed.

Q:        Well, my other son, ____, he is 54. He has had Parkinson’s Disease for about 18 years. But I have noticed some very strange things that he does and says recently. I can’t help but wonder if the Parkinson’s has affected that part of his brain so much that he does not know clearly at all times what he is doing.

JANU: What we have to share with you, dear one, requires somewhat courage on your part. Be strong as we proceed with this understanding.  Of his own making, this condition he finds himself in is likely to continue for the rest of this lifetime, for it provides an opportunity for him to grow in the area of a lesson to be mastered, and that is: that no matter the challenge in life, to find worth in living; to find, each day, an opportunity to make your life matter. He will gain greatly from this life experience, should he choose to engage his condition and his existence with this perspective. This is important for his growth. You may assist by encouraging him to do so. Many have chosen a variety of afflictions, as others call them, to gain strength in a particular area of their consciousness and their evolution, you see. See this as an opportunity to gain strength and character and understanding and an inspiration for others who find challenges to their acceptance of life as they have made it. Consider this carefully, dear one, as an opportunity for him, not a tragedy.

Q:        Thank you very much. What can you tell me if some of the things he does and says is a cause of the brain condition of the Parkinson’ s?

JANU: Most of these arise from the frustration of coping, you see.      Which would be resolved, should he choose to see his condition in this new way. In time, should he choose to do so, he will be profoundly grateful for having had this condition, for he will achieve understanding and mastership of life beyond what he would have without it, you see. Not an easy road, but it has its rewards.

March 15, 2001 B                                                  Copyright © 2016 by Joshua Ross

These are questions received from an individual, responded to by Janu and the Brotherhood of Light, and presented here to provide a more personal connection to these journeys. The response given is directed to that particular individual, and is presented for research purposes only. All health concerns should be referred to a licensed healthcare professional.

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