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Q:       I’m looking at the possibility of relocating to this area and I’m planning on doing it in a part-time way, in which I would come down and live in **’s house every other week or so, or maybe a few days a week, and be sort of scouting and seeing if this is something I should do on a permanent basis. I’ve definitely been feeling like the time to get out of where I live is soon. It’s growing to be quite a busy city. Most of what I have is on the market and I’m just wanting to proceed cautiously but also look at opportunities to work with advanced methods of agriculture and learning and then after learning then maybe doing some teaching. I’m wondering whether there is a way to do that under what ** is already doing. But I guess my concerns have to do with a lot of financial things, as well as just the big life change of moving location after being in one place for fifteen years.

JANU: Yes, dear one. Please understand in this way, this suggestion. There is wisdom in the attempt for ascertation of viability of the journey in this direction. However, on balance realize that the response of life to your involvement to opportunities is triggered somewhat by your degree of commitment and elements of risk taking. This is not to suggest reckless abandon. But it is a suggestion to be alert to the moment of commitment, when the previous scenario of involvement becomes clearly the past. Those that might serve your opportunity for involvement here have their timetable as well, of their advancement, their understanding and the development of their dreams. These may or may not dovetail nicely with your timetable for financial reward, for other securities. Therefore, as you can, provide yourself with resource not dependent upon those of this locale in your preparatory exploration. This one of whom you speak, of the agriculture, is not yet in place for permanent employment opportunity but will be shortly. His enthusiasm and commitment and risk-taking is well established and will serve him in his reward for supporting ongoingness of his dream. Use this as example in your own considerations for making this more. It is a balance or mixture between reasonable and wise choices of meeting your physical needs as well as your commitments and risk-taking to following your dream. And by dream we mean, dear one, the dream of your true being for fulfillment in this lifetime.

Q:        I wonder if you can offer some clarity about the dream of my being in the garden and being told that I would tend the garden, in terms of what it has to do with my life or any past lives. It felt like a very strong life dream. It was one of those dreams that just yelled at me, shook me, got my attention. There’s no way I could have not paid great attention to that.

JANU:  Understand this, dear one, that these dream experiences play out in the life not just symbolically and not just literally, but a mixture of the two, for there is inherent within the portrayal all possibilities. So that when you realize the physical manifestation of this portrayal, do not see that as the completion of the opportunity, for more lies beyond. Yes, it is symbolic and can be literal as well.

Now, as to origins in your nature, as to the precipitation of this portrayal, let us proceed. We see you at one time as a sister to a brotherhood of explorers or researchers who, in their time, explored many possibilities in the area of energetic research. Not limited to what you call agriculture in this time, but one of many examples of application. This occurred in the region known as Sonora’s Belt, fifteen parsecs from your current location, beyond Andromeda.

Why then, you might ask, this influence of this previous association at this time? The reason, dear one, is the arrival of this Earth into the need for such benefit that is afforded by what you have already accomplished. You will, should you choose, be able to connect with this brotherhood once more and draw on that you have gained, and they have gained, for continuing to develop the solutions to the needs of this world, in this area to begin with and then others. For the inherent understanding that allows for the development in this agricultural area is not limited to that area, you see. And this brotherhood demonstrated this well for what would be measure in your current reality thousands of years. The brotherhood was known as the Order of Symmetry of Energetic Reality. There will be in time made available to you a connecting pattern in the form of recognition of a being of that brotherhood and your own native identification, when you are so attuned and prepared through your commitments, your follow through to engage this memory.

You are in your preparatory time, dear one, to move into larger responsibility and reality which is your background. This area in which you consider moving to has in store for you a fertile field to develop that maturity. It is not for those who are here already to do this for you. You must make your wise choices to engage those who you feel a strong guidance to for fulfillment and perceive from your own depths that opportunity that lies before you. What may appear as the lack of specific information is there by reason of opportunity for you to plumb the depth of your own consciousness and draw on your inner abilities to discover who you are and what your dream is. There are many who will assist you as you make these choices. This opportunity affords you the development of your own initiative, strength of character, for you are the creator of your own experience. Those around you assist by demonstrating their own. This discourse element supports the direction for you. Needless to say, there is much more yet to be uncovered.

Q:        How much of getting in touch with these things am I more apt to do consciously as opposed to in the dream state, or maybe am I more apt to learn more in my dream state?

JANU: We would suggest in this direction, dear one. See your dream state as platform for full conscious awakening. The dream state is not in existence for replacing your conscious involvement. The superior reality for anyone is conscious awakening. The dreams are opportunities for your nature to make a connection with you through that experience into a conscious awareness and motivation for wiser decision making, for accepting true responsibility with your larger relationship with life.

Q:        One thing that I am aware of about myself is that I enjoy having a focus of putting all my efforts into and bringing something that is not yet reality into being. So I start a lot of things. For instance, with the Montessori School for children that I’ve had, we’ve moved and had to do different things getting government permission and this and that to move space and start in a new neighborhood and so on. But I really enjoy just the building up of something new as with a business or something like that. There’s a certain amount of risk-taking that I’ve had to do all along, in terms of acquiring real estate and just hoping things will work through with the codes and all those city rules and regulations and such. I’m wondering when you refer to risk-taking, can you speak more about that? Is it the kind of risk-taking I’ve been doing or is it something different? And I’m also interested in hearing more about commitment.

JANU: Risk-taking, dear one, is as you have described but not limited to such. For many, risk-taking that is not accepted is in the area of taking a chance of discovering who they really are, on discovering the truth of their current reality, of their philosophy for life, of their current human identification and the possibility of identification that is much, much larger. For many considering reality beyond the accepted norms of society’s structures of the organizations you have just described and the building of physical realities is unthinkable. The risk-taking is as you have described but you will discover the fuller realization of the larger dream of your true being is risk-taking in rediscovering yourself. For the truth of that journey, dear one, does not hold role-playing and the manipulation of presentation of self to others that many do in normal society. It is one of absolute openness, honesty and courage, to move beyond what has been acceptable and comfortable in society. That is the commitment beyond all commitments, dear one. Commitment to the fuller truth of who you are, the reason for life, and your service to it. All else is seen, from this perspective, in a new way.

Q:        One piece of real estate property that I own…I live there and then I also have two apartments attached. Now those two buildings are up for sale right now, but it might be pretty advantageous to keep them. I guess either way would be alright. The one thing that concerns me about keeping them and having a regular income, is just the quality of life in the cities. I’m sort of concerned about societal problems and neighborhoods, as we have different things come up in the next few years that might stir up the population quite a lot. I’m wondering if you might comment on…

JANU: Dear one, understand this. The next few years are irrelevant in terms of this property if you are considering following your dream and your heart’s desire in this new locale or any other that draws your attention. We do not see your involvement with these properties as permanent by any means. To do so would be most likely a hanging on to the lower rung of the ladder, wanting 100% guarantees before you embrace the next. One cannot rise up the ladder, dear one, hanging on to the rung below. Risk-taking, dear one, and commitment. Commitment to your heart and what your soul reveals to you. The promise of life.

Q:        I got my astrological chart done the other day and one of the things that was said to me was that because of something in my chart, it appeared that there is a good chance that, if I’m not careful with everything that I do in terms of record keeping and transactions and all kinds of changes, things that could be a part of changes to come for me, that if I’m not very careful I could spend time in court or being under the eye of the IRS, just because of the kind of chart that I have. It often is one that people have if they, say in a past life, did some things that weren’t very ethical. They often have charts in their next lives that would kind of open them up to all kinds of problems that wouldn’t otherwise have been there. It’s almost like she was saying there could be a subconscious desire for correction, if I wasn’t corrected as I should have been in the life before.

JANU: Please understand this, dear one. The chart did not create you. You created it. And therefore you are greater than the creation, for you are creator, dear one. Do not become so owned by any chart that you feel your decisions are based on, and MUST be based on, this thing that has been created. You are superior to this in every way. You are free being, to change the rules of the journey that you have designed and engaged at any moment. Draw on the wisdom in your true nature to guide the acceptance or the change or the ending of the rules of any journey you have set in motion. You are larger than these things. Rules serve you, dear one, not the other way around. When they continue to provide clarity and support for the fulfillment of your heart’s dream, use them. And change or end them when they no longer do so.

Q:        I was wondering about asking if there are bits of advice that might be given for going deeper, consciously, into my true self. I have recently been given some information, really quite a few books relating to a school out of Australia. Everything they do has to do with helping people go within and, in a fully conscious way, kind of sharpen their awareness and also to develop new sense organs, so to speak, for reaching out into other realms and developing the Third Eye and that sort of thing. I wonder if you might advise me. Are there any practices that you would recommend that I would do on my own?

JANU: Interesting terminology “on your own” for as we truly integrate and discover the truth of our being, and through that the connection with the rest of life, we realize that nothing is done on our own. No one walks life on their own. They may perceive it as such but the choice is theirs for that perception. There are many who assist everyone in a silent or unseen way. As you reach for clarity of vision or view, if you will, into your own nature, your own nature assists you. For these achievements are not your first attempt or first accomplishment. Realize that, for the most part, the identification people have with their current reality is the projection of their true being, not their true being.

So what then, dear one, is reaching for the clear vision and the truth but an element of, a creation of, their true being returning home. and what true home would not welcome its offspring? The many techniques, schools if you will, and philosophies of others are not the key that unlocks the truth in you. They are possibilities that have had some measure of success for others. Grow in your acceptance and commitment to the awesome power, the unlimited love, the genius and the presence of your true being. wiser by far than any philosophy, and welcomes you home. For the “you” that returns to home is a small understanding of the you who you are.

See these offerings of others as possibilities for your own journey into your truth. Your journey, unique to you, adds to the breadth, the depth, and the strength of the rest of life. No need to compare it with that of another, for that of another is their contribution to the strength of life and its diversity. We share with one another for inspiration, for encouragement, for confidence building, to honor each other’s faith and commitment to their dream, but none of these sharings take the place of your journey. Your path to your truth is yours, dear one, and its a rich one.

Q:        I’m wondering how long will all this take, until I have more clarity and a bigger picture of what my life is really about?

JANU: The best answer to that, dear one, is that it’s up to you. In a moment, when a person is accepting of that truth, they own it. That reality that changes that circumstance are the layers and levels of doubt, fears, unwillingness to let go of creations you have set in motion, the patterns of life that still play their part. All these many things yet unresolved and still believed in and accepted as real keep that from becoming an instantaneous experience for you.

Now, on balance, this does not suggest there is merit in the loss of hope and commitment to the victory. This is offered for clarity of understanding, for through understanding do you once again reclaim your truth as creator of these and therefore have full authority over their longevity and their influence in your life. Put your eye and your heart on the truth of your true being, the whole of you, the light that you are, the genius that you’ve already achieved, your capacity to love all life and serve all life, and these other creations will be understood with new clarity and your power over them will be yours once more.

Q:        I have a question about a particular individual. I think it’s interesting that we’ve crossed paths again. We seem to have a lot to share regarding our philosophies and our lives and perspectives and such. How will that relationship be defined in the future? It may be one of those things that is totally up to me, and totally up to him but…it just seems very strange that we’ve come in contact again, just by chance.

JANU: For this relationship to be realized, in such a way as to be successful for you both, each one would do well to honor the needs of the other in their dream quest and in their decision making for their future. Wondrous relationship does not always require the intimacy of coupling in your world. A successful relationship can have many themes. Be open to the theme development of your relationship with this one in this way. And you are correct, what it will become is up to you both.

Q:        I have this problem with my left foot and ankle and calf and it’s getting to be pretty chronic. I’ve been seeing a Rolfer, who works down into the muscles and connective tissues and I’m just wondering if there is something I’m missing that I need to be doing for myself. I’m trying to pay attention with exactly how I use that side and how I place my feet upon the ground and such. So I’m looking in a real physical, structural way and thinking that it could be related to some past injuries that I had there. But what I end up getting is muscle spasms and incorrect use of my leg.

JANU: What we see here, dear one, of a causal nature, is not a physical one but energetic pattern reality in your fields having to do with a certain element of reticence on your part and the parallel phrase for your condition: “a bit of foot dragging.” Therefore, a physical outpicturing, to bring even more to your attention the need for examination and change. This foot dragging having to do with a life change. It will clear when you accept that change. The left side of the body represents receptivity, acceptance of input from life, life meaning you, dear one. The right side is expression, how you manifest in the Earth. Accept your dream and its challenge for change. This is the solution, dear one, all else is symptom.

Q:        Sometimes I sit with a pen in hand and a pad of paper and just kind of listen for an inner voice and jot down what I’m getting. I don’t really know who it is or what. Whether it’s my unconscious that I’m getting. There seems to be a lot of projection going on, I feel like I’m making projections of one kind or another. And I’d like to work on my mind to make my mind less reactive and deal with the emotions so that when I do go inside I’m just getting information minus all the baggage and that sort of thing. Could you comment on any of that?

JANU: There are elements, dear one, to enhance the success of such ventures. One being your centering, your anchor, as you begin each of these experiences. Another is the integration of your being, meaning your physical body, your emotional body, your mental bodies, all that you are, into harmonious reality so aligned as to bring expression of truth in harmony with your true nature and the truth of life. To be concerned at these early stages as to who might be speaking through you or with you is almost irrelevant. What is important is your preparation for being capable of the expression of truth. As you grow in this direction you will become aware, in a timely way, of the reality of others who assist you. Your first concern is the truth and the truth of who you are. Do not deny the mind, the feelings, or the body in this process. Encourage them to join into the integrity of the truth of the totality of you. You become then as one instrument of the light and the truth of life. Understandings that come your way will seem as your own and not intrusive or separate from that which you are comfortable with in your integrity.

Let this be your guide as you proceed. And test your expressions by sharing with others and observe. Do these sharings inspire them into their truth? All truth is connected, dear one.

Q:        My thinking has been that if I can have a temporary place to stay, just on weekends or every other weekend, that that might really be good with helping me to learn about this area. But I think I’m grasping that that house is probably not a good permanent place for me. But I want to be sure, and I’m also really wanting to have the focus of this whole journey be on internal things as well as maybe what I might do outwardly with others. And I don’t want to be spending all of my time on maintenance or gardening needs around the house. I guess I just need to be real. What I’m hoping is that I can get my needs met and I can help ** in whatever ways I can and that it be a fair exchange.

JANU: We would suggest in this way, dear one. Be clear in your true feelings at this moment and your concerns. Share them simply, straightforwardly with this one of whom you speak. Listen to her impression of your presentation. See if you two can come to some workable agreement, acceptable to both that describes this interim period, meeting your needs and hers. It may include, as you become clear that this locale, this home, is not for you, that you may well be temporary caretaker, which assists her, and/or agent of opportunity for another who may be just right for this home. Become partners to a reasonable degree in each of your successful outcomes. Do this through honest and straightforward communication. Both of you are intelligent, dear one, and have the capacity to find an accord. We would suggest this.
October 5, 1997 E                            Copyright © 2016 by Joshua Ross

This is a conversation with an individual, responded to by Janu and the Brotherhood of Light, and presented here to provide a more personal connection to these journeys. The response given is directed to that particular individual, and is presented for research purposes only. All health concerns should be referred to a licensed healthcare professional.

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