Glaucoma and maternal relationship

This individual presented a list of questions, which were read one at a time for response. Note that the answers are related to one another, and addressed even before the question was presented orally.

Q1.   Sources & reasons for glaucoma. Any help for relief or a cure?

JANU: The glaucoma of which you speak is a condition beset upon you by reason of a condition of what some would call “insanity,” that prevailed at a time when there was no treatment or cure, if you will. The insanity came as a result of inability to cope with the loss of sight at an earlier time. You have visited this condition three times since then. The third time can be the charm, so to speak, should you choose to embrace it. The pressure in the eyeball itself is symbolic of the overwhelming pressures you experienced in your challenge to cope with that condition.

The condition occurred in the beginning or causal reality as a result of an encounter with a desert experience of excruciating exposure to the sun. The eyesight was lost at this time, during a nomadic sojourn, in a Peruvian experience, at the turn of the century known as the fifteenth. You were stranded by other travelers when you could not keep up, you see. And you have been imprinted with a sense of inability to keep up, with dire consequence, and have been recreating this ever since.

Now then, as to these conditions that seem to plague you, we would suggest at this time that you incorporate the practices, the techniques of Dr. James Ott, in the area of light therapy with closed eyes and controlled solar exposure, you see. Convincing or repatterning, reprogramming yourself that the earlier pattern of accepted limitation and of failure to keep up and endure no longer applies, as you achieve measured success through these techniques. Focus then your attention on reprogramming your eye sensory system as fully functional and capable optical or light operating systems. You must demonstrate to yourself a strong sense of commitment to this transformation and a strong commitment to acceptance of unlimited function in exchange for this old pattern, you see. We will leave it at that for now, for further consideration.

Q2.   Why did I choose my parents?

JANU: In this particular case, dear one, the larger understanding includes your parents choose you as well. Their choice was based on a need within them for an association through your presence of an intermediary of understanding between them, not as a child so much but as a being of experience and some wisdom, you see. Many fail to realize that the choice for family association is not born solely by the incoming being, you see. Your question better stated: “Why did your parents choose you, and why did you accept?”
Their difficulties in relationship are served by one who has the potential and the will to overcome patterns of so called failure or limitation. Inability to see clearly through the mist of old patterns of limitation, you see. Such was theirs as well. You were well suited for group experience of this nature.

Q3.   What is my relationship with my mother, especially in past lives and what can be done to heal it?

JANU: What we see here is one who attended you as a physician at an earlier time, without success, we might add. And this lack of success once again fueled these patterns of which we speak, both in you and in her, although she was male at that time. She worked with you approximately six months to no avail and gave up, as did you, dear one. The condition was a form of encephalitis leading to abnormality in mental function.

The healing at this time, dear one, is in the nature of your appreciating and accepting and understanding her wisdom, her point of view, with a larger view or capacity on your part to accept the truth of another while maintaining integrity in your own, you see. Giving the gift of acceptance and love for another who attempts to give and serve in their way. This is the magic of the moment, dear one, that raises you both above the pattern of the old. Your old pattern of original imprint will continue as long as you continue to identify with your sojourns and their outcomes rather than as the creator of them, you see. The outcome of any sojourn is not who you really are but an experience to gain wisdom.

Q4.   What are the causes of my relationships with women (3 wives) to fail? Is it connected to my mother?

JANU: Yes, dear one, in the sense we have described. The ability to communicate and honor the wisdom of the partner, if you will, for there is still a tendency to transfer your own pattern of lack of vision and ability to endure or keep up, if you will, rather than embrace them, understand them, and free yourself of them through ownership. As you begin to embrace this truth and acknowledge this need for change within you, there is one who will come into your life with the capacity and the self-presence and awareness to help you continue the process. But she does not come, dear one, to accept your transference. Only to assist you in accepting your responsibility, once you’ve already chosen that course, you see. She will not be a crutch for you, for she has her own power and integrity.

Q5.   My hand was crushed at 3 months. Why?

JANU:            Although an accident, dear one, this can be seen as having symbolism as well. In the area of your grasp of your life, your ability to hang on to your reason and your issues for embodiment, you see, you keep heaping upon yourself these seemingly traumatic experiences to gain your attention in a deep and committed way. They will continue to do so as you choose to continue the struggle between soul intent and ego denial, for the pain seems too great for the personality to accept. The real pain, dear one, lies in the denial, not the issues.

Q6. Any advice on a path of self-discovery and self-realization to follow next? I’ve run out of ideas.

JANU: The path we see for you at this time is one of service and of healing, should you choose. But your preparation for your path is the path of honesty and integrity within you, opening the channel to the truth of life as it is, and as you have chosen it so many times. For this clarity will be required of you while engaging another for them to gain their clarity, you see. Otherwise, your perception will forever be colored or painted by your own issues. Heal yourself first, dear one. Begin that process in earnest and as you gain bright moments of victory, so will your healing path for others begin and one bright moment in another will serve yours as well, and vice versa. Do you understand this? You are correct in your terminology in this question. Self-discovery leading to service, you see. Service in integrity and effectiveness.

Q7. What is my purpose and destiny as a healer? I’m really drawn to this work.

JANU: Your destiny in healing is the range of opportunities to serve others. You have predispositions in the areas of healing through touch, at-a-distance healing through consciousness, when another is not near. You have a strong disposition for healing with colors. Your predispositions are in the area of close proximity service. Your challenge and greater opportunities for personal growth are in the areas of absent service.

We address your heart chakra at this moment and expand it with the quality of loving acceptance of who you truly are and your power to rise above all of your creations and your memories. Through this loving acceptance will be revealed to you the family of life whose support, wisdom, and power is a resource of unimaginable importance. We see your heart at this time with this understanding, that there is your power, dear one.

We thank you at this time for this opportunity to serve in this way. And hold you in the fire, in the light of true power and true understanding through love. You are one of the brethren, dear one. It is time to return to your true stature and accept your mantle.

April 14, 1997                                                     Copyright © 2016 by Joshua Ross

These are questions received from an individual, responded to by Janu and the Brotherhood of Light, and presented here to provide a more personal connection to these journeys. The response given is directed to that particular individual, and is presented for research purposes only. All health concerns should be referred to a licensed healthcare professional.

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