Health issues due to past life in WWII

This individual presented a list of questions, which were read one at a time for response. Note that the answers are related to one another, and addressed even before the question was presented orally. 

Q1.   Why have I created a life of loneliness and isolation, with no friends, no relationships?

JANU: What we see here, dear one, at this time is a remembrance of a pattern of isolation and disconnection that occurred at a time when there was no assistance or connection when needed during a crisis, in your memory. This crisis occurred on an island called Corregidor in the South Pacific during World War II, of recent past. You were a prisoner of war under the Japanese Empire. You suffered greatly during this time. Hands and feet were removed. An atrocity, to be sure. You felt cut off from, so to speak, the aid of your comrades and your anger at life began.

You vowed at this time to not forget this experience and held this within your heart ever since. Never able to achieve more objectivity in the larger reality of life around this historical circumstance. Your captors came from a culture that honored such treatment and brought incredulousness to you. The question in your mind was “How could anyone or any society commit such barbarism and call themselves honorable?” The intensity and the completeness and the depth of this experience indelibly governed or colored your perception of life from then on.

The allergic response to rice, as you put it, at this time, is of old memory, dear one, for that diet symbolized the nature and the presence of your captors, you see. Here we see physiological predisposition to this allergy, rooted in this intense memory pattern. This experience challenged your faith in justice and the beauty of life and, yes, even your God. The rage and anger is with you still and denies you the peace of mind that allows acceptance of close relationship, for you are consumed with unfinished business, from your point of view.

Many, dear one, experienced horrendous things at that time, and, to this day, live with those memories of unresolved pain. Consider, if you will, the benefit, personally and to others, in mastering the resolution of this through the embrace of the larger truth of your being, of your spirit.

Q2.   What are the real causes of my contracting herpes and is there a cure for me?

JANU: Herpes is a configuration on a cellular level of a symptomatic response to aversion to engaging in intimacy. It fulfills and completes, or sustains if you will, your determination that the beauty of the ongoingness of life through family and associations is not possible, will not be accepted by you. For these, in your perception, were denied you at that time in Corregidor, and that is part of your frustration and your anger. You have a mixture of anger toward your captors and furious anger towards the unfairness of life, as you perceived it at that time. You have a lingering insistence upon recreating those circumstances that you might do battle once more and take your anger out, of injustice, on life. But you do this, dear one, by taking it out on yourself. Do you see the dilemma here, and the perpetuating loop of intent? The challenge is to sever that loop.

Q3.   What is the origin of my rice allergy and can I eliminate the allergy?

JANU: The answer is yes, dear one, for this pattern, as has been described, is resolvable. Like it or not, you must find a clarity center of truth within you that is larger than this experience and, from that perception and strength, travel through this memory and own it, and claim your victory at last through understanding, a forgiveness of all involved and of yourself, dear one.

We are not talking about some superficial discussion with yourself and conditional agreement. What we refer to here is complete and honest transformation of understanding point of view, new experience, and ownership. Coming out the other side, so to speak, free in your true power, with profound understanding. Prepared, should you choose, to help another, of which there are so many holding the pains of the past.

Q4.   I have excessive sweating of the hands, feet, and groin. Any information on that and what I can do about it?

JANU: As we have indicated before, this memory pattern which we have detailed governs you and your experience in so many ways. There will come a time, dear one, when you will move on from these things.

We would suggest at this time that you proceed in the direction of invoking and evoking the presence of, the power, the clarity, the perspective, and the unconditional love of your true nature. Through this reality will you be so prepared to engage those memories that currently govern your life. You will own these memories in a new way, whereby they represent wisdom and strength and compassion and tolerance and not own you or govern you as anger, isolation, and fear.

This is where your work lies, dear one, and your service. The various manifestations will recede and at times seem miraculous to you. But you must begin in this way. Short of this, you will experience little more than rehashing, revisiting, re-experiencing the old patterns.

Q5. My reaction to everything negative is extreme anger. What should I do to release it?

JANU: The anger, dear one, is the expression of the perspective of resistance to an individual or a circumstance or some element in your life. There is a part of your lower nature that resists embracing the truth of your being for resolution of this memory pattern as has been described. It does so to continue and perpetuate the experience, for you have decided that you will not turn your back on this until you achieve satisfaction from your point of view. This part of you that perpetuates this has become your authority for this pattern of living. You see now why it is essential for you to embrace and shift your identity to the truth at the heart and soul of your being. There are those around you who understand and can assist you in beginning this journey, well equipped to assist you.

We feel this is sufficient at this time. And we are grateful for this opportunity to get to know you and to serve you. We are ready to assist at any time, as is the true power within you which is you and is the beauty of life and its ongoingness. Touch this, dear one. Reacquaint yourself. Draw on this unlimited capacity for love and wisdom and the power to create. We leave at this time, with this understanding, wishing you much happiness and success.

April 2, 1997                                                                   Copyright © 2016 by Joshua Ross

These are questions received from an individual, responded to by Janu and the Brotherhood of Light, and presented here to provide a more personal connection to these journeys. The response given is directed to that particular individual, and is presented for research purposes only. All health concerns should be referred to a licensed healthcare professional.

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