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Q:    I would like to know what my life purpose is.

JANU: Understand it in this way, dear one. Life purpose can have global connotation, generically speaking, that applies to everyone. Life purpose in the sense of continuing your evolution, if you will, spiritually, adding to your experience and wisdom, and finding opportunities for contribution and service to life. These are not insignificant generalities and worthy signposts or markers, if you will, as to your progress in life. However, in addition there are also unique opportunities for service and engagement.

In your case, at this time, what we would see is you are a communicator. You have innate abilities to communicate understandings through art, as has been experienced by you in other sojourns, and through music, and even through the dress of the day. Many do not understand this as a form of communication but witness how many respond in varied ways to the colors they wear and the colors they see in others’ attire. But communication for you in this time, dear one, is more in the direction of conveying a meaning and sense of purpose in the lives of others. You will find your growth, your joy, and your fulfillment in encouraging and supporting others in their journey of perceiving meaning in the twists and turns, if you will, of their life choices.

Q:     Was I able to communicate with ___? There was something about…I don’t know…a lack of communication with that being.

JANU: This one lacks the sensitivity to perceive that communication as presented. One moment please as we explore the many layers and dynamics of your inquiry.

This one of whom you speak has issues in the courage to embrace that kind of input, if you will. He lives in fear, distancing himself from that kind of engagement which quickens and brings to the surface those issues. This one was injured emotionally in another time and still lives in defense of the pain or avoidance, we might say. This one had a sojourn as Arapaho in another embodiment and, although male, was open and sensitive to the feelings of others in such a way as to be stigmatized by the tribe as having feminine sensitivities attributed to the women of the tribe. He was chastised and ridiculed for this sensitivity and withdrew from the pain of it. So, in this time, dear one, things that have the ring or sound of heightened sensitivity, perception, and awareness of others’ feelings, brings back the old wound, you see. He was a young male at that time of maximum pressure, if you will, to deal with this, seventeen, eighteen years old. He had the added pressure of being the son of one of the elders of the tribe and expected to behave differently, you see. Much confusion here and pain.

Your service to him at this time is to demonstrate the virtues and benefits of heightened sensitivity in a way that integrates practically into profitable balanced involvements. Do not direct this sensitivity at him, for he will recoil from it. He must come to you for his understanding, on his own terms, if you will. May or may not accept your example in this sojourn, dear one. We suspect that the key for him lies in his path crossing with another. Know that he will not be left in this predicament indefinitely.

Q:     I have a tension in my intestines. I wondered what is causing that?

JANU: What we see here, dear one, as we scan your physical condition, is a bias, if you will, of tension along the colon that restricts the freedom of the muscles–sphincter type muscles–of the colon from having full range of motion. Therefore limiting their ability to move the bowel, you see. This is present primarily throughout the intestine, giving more difficulty where the intestine makes sharp turns, for the demands for movement are greater here, you see. We do not see at this time any pathology, if you will.

You are correct in eliminating red meat from your diet and the cabbage as you put it is beneficial in reasonable amounts. We would see you, from time to time, as you feel the urge to do so, eating small amounts of raw cabbage, occasionally, with a little bit of olive oil as dressing for lubrication, you see. Not great amounts here, and not too frequently. The diet of the past has played some role in the increased tension in the bowel intestinal muscle structure. Your system is of such a nature to lend itself towards the meat free diet than some others who would see this diet as normal for them, you see. Reduce, we suggest, the intake of refined sugars. This will have a positive systemic influence, providing a better circulation and transference of energy to these structures.

As you take your water each day, spend a moment with your hands around the glass if you will, blessing the water with the power to bring relaxation and balance and peace to the digestive tract, you see. Charge it with this consciousness. There have been some micro-capillary superficial hemorrhages over the years. These will continue if the diet does not change and these other measures. Not to be alarmed at this, dear one, just an indicator of the need to change. Your liver is slightly toxic. The water will help here. Avoid alcoholic beverage to large degree. Occasional wine or such. From time to time take on beet juice for liver detoxification and reinforcement of blood nutrition, nutritional elements.

And yes, the exercise here, but in the form of abdominal crunches, if you will, the popular athletic term. Stretching and compressing slowly these structures. Get some movement here, dear one. Exercise that brings a sense of relaxation and peace to this area, not stress and discomfort. Not to that degree.

Now, as to your point of view in support of these needed changes. In your meditations and as it occurs to you throughout the day, visualize until you experience the feeling of body-wide balance, centering and harmony. Include the energy structures as well, the subtle bodies, you see. See yourself as a complete system working in harmony. Be alert to, during these times, any insight as to changes to be made in some area. Your living system has the ability to communicate this to you. Needless to say, the habit of smoking of so many and being in concentrated environments of such to be avoided, dear one. In your “intunement” times, choose to see your future as bright and full of life and rich and fulfilling. Make this real, dear one, and invite your body to experience this as well. The bowel does not live by itself and is part of your total being.

Q: Sometimes I have trouble with messiness, clutter around my house. Is there a reason for this?

JANU: What is your attitude about this, dear one?

Q:     Sometimes I could care less. Other times it’s a bother.

JANU: Why is this an issue for you, dear one? We ask these questions in this way for your own investigation. Does this clutter, as you describe it, interfere in any way with your lifestyle and your perceived needs?

Q:     I guess it was more important to other people than it was to me. But I think it probably affects my attitude, as I want it to be neater, cleaner.

JANU: We suggest at this time take one room or portion of your domicile, if you will, and make it as neat as you envision. Leaving the rest as has been. Move from this area to the rest of the area and feel the difference it has on you. Get clarity on the various impacts. And make your choice, dear one. You see, in this manner is not the necessity to commit to one lifestyle or the other, but the opportunity to gain some wisdom in the difference of the choices. Then choose what you will. The universe will proceed in either way.

Needless to say, clutter or organization, neatness if you will, can be an outer expression of an inner disorder or neatness in how you approach understanding and engaging life, how you feel about who you are. This will be a worthy exploration for you.

Q:     Is there anything that you see that is holding me back in this life, or maybe in a past life?

JANU: We see here a certain reluctance to move with determination and boldness in a direction of inner insight for change or engagement of new possibilities. Know this, dear one, as you embrace the fuller measure of your true nature and the potential for experience and living, there comes added responsibility and ownership of this larger truth which is who you are. Many fear this opening or quickening, feeling that they are ill prepared or not ready to walk this path with what they suspect–and rightly so–are needed changes in a smaller way of living. The rewards are worth it, dear one. And the strength and understanding and support of life will not abandon you.

Follow your instincts, your intuitions as they arrive, with courage and commitment and faith in the wisdom of life that you had them at all and their outcome. We would suggest this for you at this time.

Q:        Do you see a need for me to take hormones as I go through the change of life as a female?

JANU: Only occasionally, but not as a crutch, dear one, or any permanent arrangement. Rely more on putting your faith in and commitment to building your system, your systems in the ways we have described. Occasional involvement for moments of returning to balance chemically and in your feelings or emotions may be called for. But err on the side of limited use, rather that overuse, you see. Not a co-dependency thing here, you see.

Q:     Do you see signs of depression in me?

JANU: None that we would call “clinical,” dear one. Occasional dips, if you will, in positive outlook but understand that you have certain tensions and stresses in the physical that contribute to these. We see you passing beyond this as you gain more equilibrium and sense of well-being throughout the body, you see. Through this freedom of movement of flows in the system will come the ongoing strength to carry through in a positive way with a vision towards positive outcome in these issues you see in mating and life path.

Q:     Is there a mate out there for me?

JANU: There are many, dear one, that you, combining with or coupling with, would benefit from. As would they. We will scan this for you. We see one named ** in your near environs who has the ability to perceive and engage your evolution as well as his own. We do not match-make, dear one. However, we do encourage possibilities and bring to your attention for openness to these. This one lives at this time on the outskirts of your current location. We will not go further than this. But this one is the nearest to you in consciousness and locale. But not the only one, dear one.

Q:     Do you see my house as being a very positive environment for me, where I live now?

JANU: What we see here, dear one, is that you do not. Understand this. Any habitat can be a shrine or a constant reminder of dissatisfaction. When you move, dear one, all that matters you take with you. There are other attributes that could be observed at this time but this point of view is the most powerful and useful to you. That way, when you move to another locale, you do not anticipate and expect that it solve your problems that you bring to it.

Q:     Was I in Atlantis?

JANU: Yes, dear one, you were. You lived on a mountaintop. You were a poet in that time and surveyed from your position of advantage, which induced your writings. You were philosopher and at times ventured into unpopular subjects in your poetry. A certain timidity in allowing your communication through that art to bear the full potential of your insights, whether popular or not. You see, this carries over as well. You were male in that time.

Thank you, dear one, for this opportunity and we welcome further inquiry. Namaste.
May 7, 1997 B           Copyright © 2016 by Joshua Ross

This is a conversation with an individual, responded to by Janu and the Brotherhood of Light, and presented here to provide a more personal connection to these journeys. The response given is directed to that particular individual, and is presented for research purposes only. All health concerns should be referred to a licensed healthcare professional.

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