Overcoming frustration with life

Q: What is the best place for my son to be? What is the best situation for me?

JANU: This one, this son, dangles, if you will, by a thread of connection with this life sojourn, you see. The remnants of this thread of life, this connection with his mortal coil is based upon a longing or desire to master the sense of futility and despair with the seeming lack of joy in living, you see. There is much to overcome here. We are examining his record.

It is one of sojourns of despair and difficulty. There is a longing within the soul of this one to end this series, this cycle, of frustrating embodiments. The core or root difficulty here, in your son, is a lack of confidence in his ability to recreate his life path or experience, you see. This pattern of return that he returns to each time perpetuates this type of sojourn experience due to this deep lack of embrace of his power to create.

We would suggest at this time he gain some understanding in this area and then a series of experiences of his power to create changes for happier outcome, bringing a sense of authority, power, control, and a belief in possibilities. Some beginning opportunities, dear one, can be in the home environment as well. Work together to resolve differences of opinion and differences of feelings as perceived by each. When he enters into emotional reaction to a situation or condition, he is reacting to a perception of powerlessness to resolve or create a happy outcome, you see. Your assistance in this area is not to react to his reaction, but to help him understand it and to recognize reaction, when it takes place, for what it is.

He would do well to have a series of experiences in conflict resolution with you that included frank discussion resulting in mutual understanding and compromise. It is well to explain this to him that you both enter this experiment with some measure of understanding and agreement. Successes in this area, dear one, will help prepare him for constructing such arrangements with others, yielding him some success experiences in his ability to create and feel powerful when seeking good results with others. What sense of reason or purpose in living exists, dear one, when one feels powerless and without options? We would suggest movement in this direction described at the earliest possibility.

Professional counseling may assist in this area. However, we would caution that this counseling be of an enlightened nature and not grounded in old paradigms of human understanding. Preferably one with the gift of insight, for this counselor would need to track the moment in the midst of discourse, in the presence of you both, sensitive to the unfolding understanding and need demonstrated by your son, and you as well. We do not see that it is imperative that your home relationship be dismantled at this time. However, to continue as has been is not advisable–or advised.

These examples of cooperation and understanding between you are presented as building, little by little, a complete relationship between you that embraces the many dynamics of living and of interacting and mutual support and healthy disagreements. The move to the other dwelling as you have described would resolve little as he would transport his point of view with him, you see, and it would not be their strength at this time to negotiate with him. We see a large measure of your sense of satisfaction in your life journey will be realized through success in this endeavor, dear one. We feel your heart does not anchor itself in the point of view that this relationship is unresolvable and must be terminated. You would prefer a happy outcome between the two of you. Your thoughts and feelings would still be with this one, at a distance, leaving you with little rest or peace, you see.

So what we have here is the realization of the sense of power to create successful outcome through wise conflict resolution and negotiation with others. You both need this victory, dear one. It will pave the way for so many others. You have come together to break these patterns, these cycles of experience, and you can do this. Gather whatever professional assistance you deem appropriate but both of you need to be committed to ending old patterns and gaining the freedom that you both long for.

Couple yourselves to the consciousness, the energy patterns, the quality of the Fifth Ray of the Beloved Hilarion. This seems destined for you, dear ones. And the Archangel Gabriel and his tradition of service.

We see this one in that knowingness, in another life, as a young male child on the outskirts of a city or gathering place, born of lesser means and powerless to rise in station. This is where it began, dear one, and this you must overcome. These patterns that carry through from one life to another do not take into account the change in circumstance of the subsequent sojourn. You must apply reason and determination to see that there is no need to continue them, to understand their cause and gain what strength you may in their understanding. They can precipitate circumstance to perpetuate their ongoingness, but you must manage this and decide when enough is enough.

We leave you with this at this time. And, as always, are willing and honored to assist when needed. We wish you both well in this, dear ones, and call on the powers of life to assist in your understanding. Call on the strength deep within you both for the courage to master this and gain your freedom. And learn to love one another truly and deeply and with understanding. We encourage you in this way, our dear ones, our beloved ones. Good journey and namaste.
January 12, 1997                                                                            Copyright © 2016 by Joshua Ross

This is a question received from an individual, responded to by Janu and the Brotherhood of Light, and presented here to provide a more personal connection to these journeys. The response given is directed to that particular individual, and is presented for research purposes only. All health concerns should be referred to a licensed healthcare professional.

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