Purpose, health, and origins

This is a conversation with a couple about their life purpose and their health issues. Note the gentle but consistent response to latter issues. Husband is Q1 and wife is Q2.

Q1:      I would like to know about my soul’s mission or my purpose, being in tune with that. I feel like I have lost my way and that I would like some suggestions or guidelines for being on the focus of my reason for being here for the rest of this life.

JANU: Although, dear one, your efforts in the area of healing through your current chosen career or path are laudable, they are by no means your original intent or thrust for involvement in this plane. We see one at this time who has arrived in this dimension, or world if you will, from highly focused intent or pursuit. So much so that to find that common career path exhibited by so many of your acquaintance that would match in intent and focus your original intent and focus is highly unlikely, dear one.

Yours is a vanguard mission, you being point leader, if you will, for a thrust from your origins and other associations, as opportunity to observe and initiate measures of integrity in Earth’s development based in subtle realm connection, physical involvement through associations being the result, rather than the cause. Usually questions of this nature are not described in this much detail. However, your presence here and connection and the time of emergence of Earth into new engagements compels this, you see. We suggest at this time, as you might pursue in your chosen medical vocation, opportunities to bring integrity of consciousness, of larger perception of life, and the many aspects integrated into it, to your colleagues, to your patients if you will, to your industry.

In time, you and others will realize that the larger issues of service to others transcend what most refer to as healing or healing arts. For what purpose healing, beyond the relief of discomfort, but to free one into their sovereignty, into their preferred missions or purposes as you put it? The healing arts are only the beginning of the service needed at this time for so many.

This thrust of integrity in the direction of personal freedom and sovereignty needs be extended through other venues of opportunity to lift others. You have the capacity and the credentials, if you will, to apply this understanding across the board. Needing then, in your perception and embrace, not only of your purpose but of your heritage and tradition, this larger view. Your concept of your worth, of your beauty, of the range and breadth of who you are is a small portion of your reality. It is time for so many to let go of limited perception which is perpetuated by limited society.

One then might well ask “How do I accomplish this?” My beloved, we would answer in this way. Be the catalyst for the limitless inflow of the beauty that you are, through your soul and true nature, by allowing yourself to fall in love, so to speak, with the reality, the truth and the living eternal presence of your true nature. This nature is vital, exists today, and always has been with you, for this is who you really are. You are not chiropractor. You are not this persona as identity, as definition of your worth and your opportunity for expression. These are creations of yours, for experience on the path of awakening into your totality. They are as your self-created catalysts for memory. Let them be such.

Q1:      I think my physical health needs to be the next question, because I’m in such a state of mental and physical exhaustion now.

JANU: We are scanning you as you speak, dear one. You suffer, if we will use that term, from what so many do in this accelerated time. And that is the depletion of your vitality through the frustration, the confusion, and at times the anger, of suspecting more but not understanding what it is that lies within you and, as a result, before you and the reason for it. This position held for any length of time deteriorates the alignment and connection of the subtle vehicles. It confuses the flow of creativity and sustenance from on high, if you will, the high that is you. Any creative flow of true light and true nature needs channeling, clarity of vision or dream, for fulfillment and experience with a strong sense of commitment and purpose. When this is present, your activities are embraced with enthusiasm, the thrill of life, and the wonderful, magical expectancy of discovery. This state of being, needed at this time by so many, is what plagues you, dear one. Feel not put upon in some unique way. It is common. Not always manifesting in the same way. But these patterns of confusion, frustration, and anger, doubts and fears we see so often at this time, diffuse coalesced, focused, purposely patterned inflow and the ensuing vehicle for expression. Everything in your system responds to this confusion.

There have been many in such confusion for such lengths of time and such intensity that they have become the norm for their experience and, having had such, cannot really embrace or envision any other way of living. It has become that real, almost as companion. The power within you to break this ongoingness, dear one, is the limitless capacity of who you truly are and all you’ve been, to reveal to you the truth of your current situation. Through understanding and the willingness to embrace change, based on that understanding, comes the ownership of the pattern shifts of which we speak. Only at that time, and through that vehicle, is success owned by the journeyer.

We do not suggest these things as some abstract or obtuse proposition. We suggest these things because that is the path to success. It takes courage and a willingness for honest examination and patience, a love for life and your true being that you always return to when the challenges seem greatest. We do not suggest this path lightly, dear one. It is offered in this way upon careful examination and embrace of the truth of who you are. We are not unmindful of the pain, of the confusion. Others have experienced this as well, and they are here at this time, offering their encouragement and their support. And they say, “Never give up the quest.” It is your path and many others’. Needless to say, the choice and the freedom and the joy and the victory are yours to grasp. We stand by this, dear one, for it is the tradition of all time and many have walked into their truth. You do not do this alone. You need only ask with an open heart and the help is there. Your freedom is what is sought here, and the fulfillment of your soul’s desire.

Q1:      I appreciate what is being offered here. If you could, speak to me in more concrete physical terms about the questions I have. I think my mind is looking for a way out of the predicament I am in. Specifics. I have an itchy rash on my right leg which has not resolved and no one seems to know what it is. I also have migraine headaches when I’m under stress and it just seems like it has to run its course. I can’t seem to stop it. I’ve also had testicular pain with herpes-like sores. If you have some specific answers that would help me with these questions, I would appreciate it.

JANU:            Understand this, dear one. Our first response to you deals with these globally. For you have systemic occurrences at this time as a result of this more global situation. We do address and scan these maladies and describe thus. These descriptions we are about to give you are not the permanent solution. What we have given you before is. As with so many, the so-called concrete physical conditions seem more real than the abstract described that is their cause. Therefore, there is more confidence in physical solution than there is in causal solution.

Slightly above your rash, approximately one to two inches, at times three–one level of understanding–is an energy distortion that precipitates into physical irritation. We see a palliative applied topically, of a mild or soothing brine solution that will act somewhat as stabilizing influence on superficial chemical and neurological imbalances in the epidermis of this area. Proceeding further, this application, we would note, need only be applied for short periods of discomfort and at room temperature, even slightly cooled would be beneficial here. The energy field we spoke of earlier is resolved through auric healing by those who understand such.

Now then, as to the neurological and vascular influence we would suggest at this time a careful application of tincture of iodine and mercury applied homeopathically, not ingested or applied in other ways. We see irritation vascularly of the vessel walls, some distention and some inflammation. Everything we have described at this point does not address cause, dear one, but provides relief. The homeopathic intensity should be on the order of ten or less. There will be no toxic side effects from this preparation. Needless to say, consult with qualified medical professionals in these areas.

Now then, as to these herpes-like outbreaks and testicular pain, have their root, emotionally and psychologically in the area of performance. We see no pathogens here, dear one. ‘Performance’ means, on one level, intimacy. On another level, the life issues described earlier in conjunction with your healing art and the malaise between the perception of success with others and success with self. These are not easy areas to address, dear one. We are aware of this. But who you are and what you are capable of gives worth to the pursuit. You are more powerful than you know, and, as a result, your power to create would be considered awesome by you. So many conditions you experience are of your creation, dear one, from the larger understanding. See these not as abstract and distant realities. To coin a local phrase, they are in your face.

There is much love for you, by so many brothers you came with. One named **, from a nearby world of your origin, and warned you before incarnation of this possibility. And as a result, you commissioned his assistance to help you, should such difficulty arise.

Q1:      Well, difficulty has arisen now. So what would he say to me at this time?

JANU: He has been at a distance and is drawing near. Symbolically and energetically, he holds out his hand to you, for you to grasp it. As you do so, you will feel, when connection is made, that similar to an electric charge and, riding on that, or that as vehicle, the flow of understanding takes place. Not only understanding, but the memories. It is offered at this time, dear one. Let your anger flow from your hand to his, that you may see the gentleness and the beauty within your heart. He will never let go, unless you tell him to. His love is that great for his friend.

Q1:      Where is home? I want to go home.

JANU: You will be allowed the experience of that reality to such degree, and at such time, that it will not stress you further from being here. It is available. One moment, and we will make this connection.

Your home is in the star cluster known as Dadropedda (Dah-dro’-ped-dah), distance approximately 14 parsecs–14.2 parsecs, to be more precise–in the direction of Cassiopeia. Your home world is fourteenth in your system of many small worlds. You come from a world of what some might say limited resource. Therefore, the marshalling of all resources, both personal and worldly, is essential for your originating culture for survival and extended experience. You gained much character in this direction, dear one, at that time, bringing about a seed reality or pattern within your make up, your memory, that no waste could be tolerated in terms of dispersion or non-productive use of these personal or worldly resources, until you gained footholds on other worlds. You were amazed at that time as to the attitudes of others in their, as you termed it, more reckless consumption. This dichotomy in you, dear one, lingers with you still. Your world at that time was a small world by some standards but a culture that demonstrated incredible ability to survive through integrity of relationship with your world and each other. This is your heritage, dear one, which has been practiced to the advantage of others on other worlds. Witness the confusion in this world of yours today in the utilization of resources, both worldly and human, not to mention the other life forms, you see. This you have asked, and this we have given.

Q1:      My life is not working very well right now. I’ve been in _____ since 1989, here. That’s eight years. I felt a mission to go there. I need a sign, like I received then. It sucks my energy to live there anymore. I’m tired of this feeling that I’ve had now, of being older than I am. I’m very confused and I need to somehow get out of the trap that I feel like I’m in. Continuing to go to work and give my energy. And my energy just goes and goes and goes, but not much comes back to me, not enough to sustain me. I’m tired of being exhausted. I’m just tired.

JANU: This we can see, dear one. You are not alone in your perception of this, or your understanding, either. As gently and as lovingly as we can put it to you, the return of your energy is not from your work but from who you are. Your locale in the south is not the source of your depletion, but the lack of connection with what we have described. What we have described for you is more real than this city of which you speak, than this career which you have chosen, and those needs which you serve in others. They are the opportunities for experience through demonstration of your true strengths, your true being and consciousness and the source of the love that is your life. No matter where you move to, or even chose another career, they will not solve these for you. It comes to this, dear one. The only issue for success is you. A bitter pill for many to swallow, but swallow it they must, inevitably. For all else is the illusion of creation and you, dear one, beloved one, are the creator. Do you understand this?

You will not understand it from the apparent or perceived entrapments that surround you. They do not hold answer or the instruments of understanding. They are only result. No matter how many times we come to this issue for you, the answer is the same. And we will hold this for you for all time, if need be, for you are loved greatly by life, dear one.

Q1:      Why? What makes me so special?

JANU: For you are life itself. As is everyone, dear one.

It is life’s nature. It cannot be otherwise, else it would, in your terms, self-destruct. You are its ongoingness. The cleverness, the gymnastics of mind, concrete mind, will not answer these questions either, dear one. These answers, these realities, are larger than that. The mind is not the source. The mind that you think day to day with to meet your demands. It is an instrument of implementation of a larger understanding and reality and truth of your being. It will tell you the stories and the lies of old for as long as you entertain its illusion of supreme authority. Intellectuality is not what we address here, but pure consciousness. There is the understanding and the power and the clarity. For it is connected, without obstruction, with true flow of life, and will never deceive you. Would that we could make it more clear than that. Should you choose to accept, it is our opportunity and joy to continue to serve you even after this attunement closes. Your pain is known, dear one, and thoroughly understood. You are not alone in it, and never have been.

Q1:      Thank you for what you have given me today. I suppose I feel a little more peaceful now, considering how I did a little while ago. I think my spouse has some questions she would like for you to address. So I thank you.

Q2:      I have some questions about myself and also, I wanted to mention something about Q1. I spoke with another channel about DNA, DNA mapping and patterning. Many members of Q1’s birth family have a lot of anger, toxic reactions to people, sarcastic and I feel this is a lot of what he grew up with and I’m wondering, do you see anything in DNA, hereditary for this particular lineage? Any suggestions on what might could be done to be helpful?

JANU: From a DNA perspective, dear one, might we begin in this way. We see the 23rd element in the DNA strand as being significant in this pattern as you describe it. The element of control for this 23rd element comes in the form of what some would call an emotional trigger, science now embraces…we are looking for new words here, dear one, as this perspective of precise focusing of emotional reality is not described that well in your literature. So we shall form a new one. Looking then at the pattern described as counterpoint for the alternative for triggering this segment best draws connection to understanding this. We might best describe this pattern as characterized by a very fine focus of freedom through sense of integrity and personal ownership of what we would call the fulfillment or richness of life, in abundance, dear one. The sarcasm, as you put it, is counterpoint, and is done as a polar opposite. A demonstration through transference of incompleteness or lack of richness or ownership within the self.

Understand this, that these emotional constructs are of a very fine nature. And one can easily wander off the mark of this focus. Not all triggers instantly adapt the DNA pattern. Some need be held for some time, for actual cellular repatterning and restructuring. Others are on the verge of switch. We would suggest a specific color be held in consciousness during this particular attempt. Pure tone lavender, with a touch of green, a green that you would call a teal green. This is a precise energy frequency focus for that emotional trigger in that 23rd segment. How do you measure success, dear one? A lack of sarcasm.

Q2:      So that I’m understanding, are you saying that, in meditation or whatever, to imagine that color, the pure lavender with the teal, surrounding the aura or how would that color be used? Targeted to that 23rd.

JANU: Yes, that’s where the tension is in the DNA strand. We are not talking about casual meditation here but clear focused. Being one with this reality. Make it real.

Q2:      I think I want some advice on my health. One thing I especially want to focus on, going back a couple of years ago. I don’t usually use anesthetics during dental procedures but was convinced to do so. I feel that he was angry with me and caused me much pain. It took months to recuperate from that. And I just really drained my energy, and still seem to be feeling the effects of that. I would appreciate your comments, your suggestions on this.

JANU: We see, dear one, a small white node where the tooth draws a line at the jawbone, anterior, approximately one to two millimeters in length. One moment….There are those drawing near at this time to deal with this anomaly. One moment while they work their craft. A scraping–etherically speaking, of course–reveals that the cellular structure has a density resembling that of a sponge. This structure puts pressure on, or has a disturbing or dislocating effect, in the tooth’s natural position in the jawbone. The reaction to the drugs resulted in a disturbance of this interface.

We have been told that, over the next three day’s course, this structure will be, simplistically put, neutralized. We would suggest the investigation of ultrasonic application for desensitizing, rather than the drugs, dear one. That is all the information at this time from those who are assisting you.

Q2:      Again, probably the last time I worked really fulltime, I became very ill when I was working in an old building. I was beginning to feel better when this happened a couple of years ago with my tooth, and I feel like my energy is returning. I’d like to know if there is something I need to do to maintain, stabilize that level of energy. I also feel somehow similar to Q1. My peace of mind and everything come from within, but hills and streams flowing over rocks really nurture me on a soul level and I would like to be living closer to that. But as long as we are in _____ is there advice to keeping myself in a higher, balanced energetic state.

JANU: We have placed, at this time, an energy vortex in the middle of the living room of your home. Its primary colors will merge from crystalline white to a radiant, soft pink. It will have rings of self-luminous gold at its perimeter. You can, if you choose, imitate or duplicate this vortex to be anywhere you choose in your place of work. Understand its function as that of helping you consciously connect with the power of the peace that you are. It will assist you in making the shift from experiencing primarily the demands of others as your professions to a stronger and larger reality you draw on and move through you. Not only more powerful than your distractions, but with a clarity to understand them. It is your pattern regenerator, to experience, whenever you have need of, the nature and reality of an identity that takes charge of life and its circumstances. No longer victim but now the presence that creates.

You will, at times, as you apply this and allow the merging into the truth of your being, encounter those who live in this larger reality. There, our brother, you will find the outstretched hand of **. You need only be willing to meet him. This has been established for you and will remain for as long as you decree it so. Do not underestimate the power of your truth.

Q2:      I’d be interested in hearing comments about my soul’s purpose and also the place of my origin, out among the stars or wherever I originally came from before I came to the Earth.

JANU: Origin is an interesting term, dear one. It means many things to many people. For some it is a world, a planet. For others it is a formless reality. In your case, dear one, the origin of significance, that best serves you at this time, is Neptune. Rarely do we see an origin reference within this system. But this is yours of origin tradition for you. It is an origin.

You were a formless reality, in Earth terms of today. You visited this region, this world, as one who is primarily more ethereal. Your sojourn there was primarily on the far side of the planet, not for engagement of world features but as a staging area of semi-formless energetic reality. Your communication with others was from an understanding that did not appreciate time or aging or the limitations of the world you now call home.

You had, and still have, a close association with one known as ***. Sisters in pattern, if not in gender, you being androgynous reality, with the freedom to shift emphasis in a variety of directions. The quality you brought and enhanced at that time was one of compassion and intimacy with the understandings of others.

Your reason for incarnating into this dense reality came when a traveler visited your area, having heard of descriptions of experience in Earth reality. You wondered, at that time, if your passion for and joy in the expression of your nature would be enhanced or received in a reality like none you had known. You were invited by what has been called the Council of Light in these discourses to bring that dimension to your experience and to your associations here. Your mate benefits from this nature in you, dear one. Remind yourself often that this freedom that allows you this intimacy and compassion is your true nature, and not the confinement others find themselves in. Allow yourself to be that different, for it is your strength.

Q2:      Thank you very much. I feel the presence of some other beings here. One of them is communicating that there was something that was of importance to Q1 that I was going to ask but perhaps we forgot, regarding an implant that he feels is somewhere in his brain and he has the freedom to talk about that now and be helped with that if he so chooses. I guess I would check that accuracy with you.

JANU:            Understand, dear one, that all that you seek after need not be accomplished in one setting. However, it is our joy to serve as you choose. Allow yourself the time for assimilation and your own discovery. Any suggestion we may make in the area of understanding is never the final word, dear one, but offered as catalyst for memory and personal discovery. ‘Twas always thus.

Q1:   I have the impression that very soon on my birth there was some implant on the left side of my temporal area that came from some kind of spaceship, dark force, that truly influenced my brain. That’s what I saw.

JANU: And what would you like to know, dear one?

Q1:      I’d like to feel that my beingness is safe and protected and that there are, in the deepest recesses of my heart and my spirit when I make decisions or influenced by things, that there is nothing–no influence from this type of implant that affects me.

JANU: Would you like to be rid of this, dear one?

Q1:      Yes!

JANU: Here is what we see. We see energetically what might be called, from your point of view, a ruby-like construction that has that color with more translucence than the Earth gemstone. It is about the size of a nickel, if the nickel were a sphere. It wanders slightly in and out of what you would call a physical location. You may be rid of it easily. Acknowledge its presence and its crystalline nature and raise its frequency into dislocation and complete breakup or shattering into total dissipation, no longer having any energy or significance. See this happening. (Q1 breathes deeply in concentration.)

Yes, that’s it. We place a light blue light, bringing calm to this evacuated area, followed by a light green hue and observe your integrity of field, filling out this vacancy. We now command the golden light to seal your being, holding it in completeness and integrity.

There will be three angels located adjacent to this area for a period of one hour. That is all that is needed, dear one. If you feel any discomfort, at any time, reinforce the blue light until this stabilizes. It is done, dear one, make no mistake.

Q2:      Thank you very, very much. I appreciate you being here.

JANU: We hold at this time, and decree that it be so, that a measure of unmistakable joy expand within the heart of each one of you. We hold you in this ideal. For you to take possession, take command, of the full authority of your life, of your heritage, and of the destiny of your choice. This has been offered, dear ones, by the beloved Lord Michael, who draws near at this time. Be of strong heart. Settle for nothing less than the perfection which you are. Walk proudly and tall in your countenance, with loving compassion for all life. You have our utmost respect and love.

July 6, 1997 BE       Copyright © 2016 by Joshua Ross

This is a conversation with a husband & wife, responded to by Janu and the Brotherhood of Light, and presented here to provide a more personal connection to these journeys. The response given is directed to these particular individuals, and is presented for research purposes only. All health concerns should be referred to a licensed healthcare professional.

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