Resolution of past life in Atlantis

Q:        I’m very interested in my physical condition at this time, the cause and so forth.

JANU: The condition of which you are so well aware in the hip location. What we see here is a depletion of the life force in this area, leading to the lack of that needed for cell regeneration for the continuation of those structures needed for smooth or proper operation, if you will. One moment as we continue to scan.

All conditions related to this area can be traced to a cause which we are exploring at this time. If you choose to use the term, all conditions in the body are curable, as some would suggest the use of this term. What occurs for many is an unwillingness to set the conditions aright for such restoration.

As with so many, it happens that conditions, not only subsequent but cause, become so much a part of memory and the ongoing experience of the individual that they become as partners in life and accepted as such and therefore the reluctance to separate from or disconnect from that which they have done so long.

In your case, we must go back to a time when you were an experimenter experimenting upon those subjects of your time, most significant being Atlantean. And you were involved with experimentation of an energetic, some might call electrical, nature, although not limited to this, in the reconstruction efforts for, in some cases, the healing of the body but more importantly for the situation in the manipulation of and modification of the body. Your failures, and there were many, included deformations in the subjects, both human and animal, leading to much suffering in the wake of these experiments. You were convinced at that time that you were on the right track to a remedy for virtually any condition in the physical body. Consumed with this quest, you became emotionally disconnected or detached from the results of these experiments. You were well known and honored at the time by those forces in that civilization, that community, science as well, that saw great opportunity for power, position, wealth, and the like. Your name at that time was **. You were male in that which we observe and you were in your sixties at that time. You had been conducting these experiments for fourteen of those years.

Now there were some breakthroughs with this line of experimentation, resulting in some modifications that led to superiority in some structures but the compromise experienced led to deficiencies in other performances, due to these changes. The connection between your activities at that time and the subsequent physical conditions you have endured lies in the area of symbolically crippling the intuitive side of your physical being, symbolically, leading to the physical outpicturing, for you drew upon that nature at that time to guide your hand and mind in this path of experimentation.

We would lead you now to this understanding as to resolution of this situation, should you choose to do so, leading to the result you have sought for so long. We begin in this way. One moment please.

We would have you spend time addressing your core nature, your true nature, the center of your being, the Christ within, whatever term you choose, and acknowledging this pattern of memory in your make up. For it exists as vital at this time as it did when it began. These patterns do not fade with third dimensional time for, in truth, they are not created third dimensionally. They are recorded in that reality of your nature not limited to such things. As you proceed in this direction, from a heart centered motivation, give thanks to life for the freedom to explore in this way, regardless of outcome, acknowledging that you no longer have need of this course of pursuit for experimentation, at least in this manner, and announce that you are through with this. Profess ownership of all that has transpired as a result. Take this ownership to the core of your being and allow it the freedom to return to the source of life, the creative fields, for re‑assignment. These structures, these patterns, are at this time no longer needed and they have completed your original command for their existence. You must do this, acknowledging the reality and the ownership of every memory and response that is triggered for its return to its creator (that being you) by this declaration. In truth, what is transpiring is all of these patterns set in motion and their results still exist and are vital and are looking for opportunity to continue their mission. Finding no external opportunity, they outpicture in your body.

Now then, we alert you that as you proceed in this way and you make true progress, you will gain insight into and understanding of the dynamics of all that has transpired, the forces of creation, the planes of creation, the gift that life has given you. Offer all that you have gained in service to life with sincerity and commitment.

As you have need of, and the scenario unfolds, you are welcome to pursue further understanding from this source. We bid you and wish you complete success in this endeavor for it is a measure of your mastery, dear one. We conclude at this time, being the Brotherhood of Light. Namaste.

May 5, 2000 A                                                                 Copyright © 2016 by Joshua Ross

This is a question received from an individual, responded to by Janu and the Brotherhood of Light, and presented here to provide a more personal connection to these journeys. The response given is directed to that particular individual, and is presented for research purposes only. All health concerns should be referred to a licensed healthcare professional.

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